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  1. Titus_Pullo_13

    Well the trial was nice... but I'm out

    The same advice others gave to me, I'll pass on to you. Don't be in a hurry! I burned as fast as I could to a Tier 9 ship but I had a lot more fun at Tiers 5-7. I'm sucking at Tier 9 probably because I don't have the experience. My only complaint are the hypothetical/fantasy Russian ships that had no (or VERY LITTLE) service history but somehow seem to dominate the game. If realism is important, why not adhere to actual ships? Watch YouTube vids. Ask questions (try to ignore some of the players that think they are demi-gods and everyone else is a filthy noob). Most people are helpful.
  2. Titus_Pullo_13

    BB's Like the Fuso?

    Thanks... big help
  3. Titus_Pullo_13

    BB's Like the Fuso?

    Thats good to know. Does Yamoto have a good kill ratio overall? How do you look up the stats? Thank you!
  4. Titus_Pullo_13

    BB's Like the Fuso?

    I really enjoy the Fuso and I'll be playing it for a while. But, looking towards the future, what other BB's perform like the Fuso? Fast, good acceleration, long-range guns, decent re-load time, good shot pattern. Fun to drive. Poor AA and torpedo protection. Any higher tier BBs from other nations perform similarly? I don't know if I want the Yamoto. It seems like a big, slow target with very slow turret traverse time. Thank you
  5. Titus_Pullo_13

    How To Tell When A Match Is Lost Before It Begins

    May I ask where you got this data?
  6. Titus_Pullo_13

    Alaska or Agir?

    Thanks for the assessment. When I see the Alaska in a game, I wonder why not just use a BB instead? Sure BB is slower but better protection. Its good to hear a first hand experience.
  7. Titus_Pullo_13

    Alaska or Agir?

    Do u still like Alaska after u played a while?
  8. So much rancor, condensation and elitism by some members.. Are they aholes because they have over 10,000 games and have an inflated sense of importance or are they aholes in everyday life too?
  9. The only fools are some of you negative, angry little imps. Did you spill your Captain Crunch on your keyboard and momma asked you to move out? ignore activated.
  10. Forums are pretty new to me too. Want more ways to ridicule me? I'll give you lots of material. What is your problem little girl? Need a hug?
  11. Poor little angry troll... not worth the effort to answer you.
  12. Well, my scores were low and I was playing more of a support role. I definitely contributed but I didn't create much damage. Thanks for the comments
  13. The only thing rotten is you overthinking and your snarky demeanor. When I started WOW, I treated it like an arcade game, I didn't pay much attention to anything. Now, since the pandemic [edited], I've played obsessively and realized its a lot more complicated and more nuanced than any computer game I've encountered. Also, I'm grinding to a top-level now because soon I wont have the time. I'd like to have one top tier ship I worked for before I slow down my gameplay. IWoWS is magnificent but it's also unnecessarily convoluted and counter-intuitive at times. In my view, it's absurd that there are 3 different kinds of XP. Why not name the items three different things terms? Its also silly to me that Ship XP is useless (unless you pay cash to convert to free XP) after a certain level. I didnt get this picture because it goes against logical thinking. "What's even more baffling is that he's ground all the way to the Buffalo and yet he's still asking whether researching it will automatically trade his Baltimore in" No, that's not what I said. I thought of XP as a consumable number and I didnt realize they were points that were accumulated towards achieving the next ship in line. I didnt pay attention in the past. Acquiring the next ship wasn't a goal or a big deal. I just played when I had the time and hit "purchase" when the option was available. I said "But I will still have Balti.. its not like I'm trading it in? "and it was the other member who said "you wont be trading it "" and I just didn't answer him. I'm glad this forum has the "ignore user" feature. Looks like I will be using it.
  14. Agreed that my stats are mediocre but they have a sharp upward trend over the last month. Off to a good start so far.