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  1. Full Site on phone option?

    Same issue. I find the newer forum layout much less efficient in general than the previous.
  2. Premium ships

    So TWA has an interesting model that mitigates this: your commander must be the same level or above the tier commanded. Due to this, you can’t buy a T8 premium and play it if you don’t have a commander at the same level and you will have to wait until you can play it... although you can still purchase it in the premium shop.
  3. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    I would recommend a system similar to the program for referrals that run in WoT, which I think was successful. In order to help new players along, the following could be instituted: 1. Players should be able to invite a friend a friend via the website interface or from dropping into a section in game similar to looking for a division 2. The handshake from the refer a friend should be grant bonuses for XP/credits earned (10%) 3. This program should be tied to a reward ship the player that recruits or mentors a new player in order to provide incentive to the new recruit. Potentially have it tied to the new recruit as well. 4. Recommend similar construct to WoT program, where the reward ship is granted after the new recruit reaching their first tier 10 ship. 5. In addition to the main reward for reaching tier 10, offer stage rewards for reaching each tier below that, accomplishing certain tasks (accomplishments in battle or mission types), and and profile levels.
  4. Pigeon, wouldn't this seem to indicate that ranked is not already toxic? While chat would potentially take it to a new level (which I think is your point), the overall environment of ranked is already overall not a positive one. I personally don't mind, as it is expected due to the competition involved in ranked and that is expected because of human nature. Not that this is the case all of the time, but let a DD hide behind BBs, cruisers broadside for days, or BBs hug map edge and watch the chat explode. I guess my point is that the toxic environment you want to prevent from developing is already thriving. I think the main problem is a large delta in skill that the current construct permits. Due to the random nature of battles, this can overwhelmingly stack the deck in favor of one team (which is ok, but adds to frustration). Adding in measures, such as those stated above, can help reduce this frustration that tends to lead to the negative chat. Reducing the rank spread that MM uses to form battles may help some, and since this may increase wait times, it could be coded so that it only turns on if the current queue times permit. Another idea might be different requirements to win or lose stars, such as win/loss. The current afk screen and top XP shield is a step in the right direction, but I would like to see something that prevents the ability to get carried to victory by the team consistently. Perhaps the top two XP earners of losing team and bottom two of winning do not lose/earn stars, provided that a certain threshold is met (minimum XP earned, for example). Anyway, just some ideas...
  5. Potatos

    pretty funny!
  6. Dragon Flags

    Which one???
  7. I love using that in the DM.... 2-3 sqdns of aircraft vaporized before they even are able to attack....
  8. Forts on Hotspot

    I feel your pain. Those forts barely miss either. I was surprised by the forts recently too. I must say that bastion is the mode I like the least.
  9. The santa gift

    To be honest, I'm not certain what point you are trying to make. You should reasonably expect that the low tier Emden has the highest chance of appearing. It's simply a game of chance. Buy a ship if you don't want to deal with the risk.
  10. Ichi is not a bad BB. Took me a while to warm up to it. I definitely don't like it as much as arky and Nikolai, but it's fun also.HE is pretty effective in it at range, especially against other BBs.
  11. Realize that everyone has a different situation. Sure, it'd be easy to get Graf Spee from missions. But, people have work, families, holidays, and other things that are priorities over a game. This may make it impossible for some to complate the the missions.
  12. Or hopefully WG will go to a single common free xp and premium currency across all 3 games...
  13. Payment issues

    Having the same issue here specific to all Black Friday bundles on WoWS. Unable to purchase using Amazon payments.
  14. Scharnhorst or Tirpitz?

    For what it's worth, the Scharn is my favorite ship in game. Very forgiving ship, and an absolute blast.