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  1. Qckslvrslash Gaming - Videos

    To celebrate France making the World Cup final have another great French performance
  2. Qckslvrslash Gaming - Videos

    Nothing as satisfying as having a huge first game in a brand new ship. Although due to extensive experience in the USN DD line this really just felt like hanging out with an old friend.
  3. Qckslvrslash Gaming - Videos

    We were losing it is stream the whole game. Just seemed random event after event. Seveah coming away with the win made it all the better
  4. Division Bug - How do I play clan battles tonight?

    Good to hear it resolved for you
  5. This seems to work for those who got locked out during the server issue last night. Go to Wargaming Webpage Bring up account management Under Access Control go to sessions Click Complete to any Active World of Warships Sessions You should now be able to get back on. This worked for several friends however does not appear to fix the issue of being stuck in a Division. Please comment if this works for you to determine if it an actual solution
  6. I appear to have a fix that worked for a friend of mine
  7. Division Bug - How do I play clan battles tonight?

    same for me. Little worried about clan battles as I am our caller. I think WG just needs to reset their servers. But haven't noticed the issue
  8. Unable to Division

    I am unable to as well. It shows me in a division with two people in a match yet I am not. I can launch games but not join anybody
  9. Qckslvrslash Gaming - Videos

    Some people want to set the world on fire. And a well played French Cruiser definitely has that effect on people https://youtu.be/UmpKu19tHzU