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  1. BTed72

    Introducing Neustrashimy, the cockroach

    Thanks for sharing your look at the Gun Build on the Neustrashimy. I always saw her as a Torpedo build only, as she does it quite well. As you stated in the video, Neustrashimy is versatile enough that you can make a variety of builds and tactics both benefit situations but also change and dictate how others will react to her. @Destroyer_KuroshioKai, do you have a favorite build for her yet? Is there a build you would recommend as the most "user-friendly?"
  2. BTed72

    The Iowa Diet Plan

    @Beausabre, the third locks would likely not have been ready well into the '50s. After the war, there was not likely that there would be any major benefits to enlarging/adding to the canal zone at the time. I did find an article that spoke specifically of enlarging the Panama Canal for US BB's. http://www.czimages.com/CZMemories/thirdlocks/tcindex.htm Other than the next step in post WW 2 CV's, what else would they have that was that large?
  3. BTed72

    How to Epicenter

    Thanks for creating this thread to help DD players on epicenter @Destroyer_KuroshioKaiGreat video that highlights the need for map awareness in addition to the capping situations for both teams. DD's come into each battle with a long list of strengths and opportunities in which they can help their team succeed. Yet one mistake can lead said DD to be a a ripple in the water as it is sunk. This is multiplied in ranked when the numbers of ships are cut down even more than a standard random battle. @A_Burning_Sensationconcern over players not reading the available information even before the battle begins is a solid bit of concern and advice. If you do not understand who and what you are facing that can be a recipe for disaster. If you are unfamiliar or just need a reminder on how best to "Read" or "take inventory" of the enemy's compisition@Ducky_shot put together a solid guide on a basic approach for this.
  4. BTed72

    For Sale: PCH-1 USS High Point

    Though it is a tragedy to see the condition of the USS Highpoint, it highlights how difficult and expensive it is to upkeep museum ships and other pieces of "Living History." According to the wiki article, the original cost of the USS High Point (PCH-1) was 2.08 million dollars. You would likely need just as much to get her to run again if not more. If the goal was to bring back her "Spit and Polish" and just keep her as a Museum ship she would still need close to half, roughly 1 million dollars, to refurbish her. The sad truth is that sea and weather will always wear down these pieces of history. It takes a concerted effort by the devoted museum staff's to stave off the damage incurred by simple day to day existence. And if any of you have the desire and funds to bring the USS Highpoint from this state, more power to you and please let us know you are taking this on. If that is a wee bit out of your price range, but you still want to support museum ships look for one in your area to visit and see how you can support it. Be it a massive Iowa class battleship, such as the USS New Jersey, USS Wisconsin, USS Missouri, or the USS Iowa herself to a smaller Canon Class Destroyer Escort like the USS SLATER (DE-766) every and any visit would be appreciated and keep them from ever sharing a fate like that of the USS Highpoint.
  5. BTed72

    I got a coupon. Need advice.

    Congratulations @Whiskey_Rebel, Eugen is a solid choice with enough versatility to give you plenty of flexibility in how you best employ it. Please let us know how your shiny new ship works for you and your thoughts on her, please!
  6. BTed72

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    First off, congratulations @ihsasum, on both ranking out and coming up with a different way to employ the Mahan for this season of ranked. A few questions for you: As you sacrificed the normal or expected spotting role of a DD for your "Mini-Atlanta build" did you ever find the lack of spotting a hindrance at any time? How did your teammates respond to the unique "Mini-Atlanta" play style? What ships were your primary nemesis, those that were hitting and hurting you the most when you did take fire? Or was it more a case of when you were hit you relocated quickly enough? Again, Congratulations sir!
  7. BTed72

    I need to stop going on Reddit.

    A gun mount of almost any scale size would not capsize this "Vessel" it would just sink it by weight alone. Maybe an uzi..... Good laugh though @Wows_Nightly_Newsthanks.
  8. Having a ship, a vessel of "Diplomacy of force" as per British cabinet of the timeframe, be armed to the teeth with various offensive capability rather than for a specific target does make sense for the time period. The US response for the cruisers, going AA heavy, was in direct response to their experience in the Pacific. The Royal Navy had more than a few centuries of "Gunboat diplomacy" as well as facing a wide variety of challenges. to learn that having a bag of varying tools was to its benefit. And the British Mark IV and Mark IX were good torps for there era and need.
  9. Very well said @Shoggoth_pinup. You bring up a skill set that I am seeing more and more DD's beginning to do. The concept of "Screening" is to provide protection for ships or just to curtail the freedom of movement of the red team. This can be most effective when your DD is unspotted and you are lighting them up for your own side. Being that "phantom menace" can cause hesitation and indecision by the red team. It also provides your own team with more information that can lead to intercepting a push on your CV or an unprotected cap. Just my thoughts Screening, simple yet effective and something you can do regardless of the tiering of the match.
  10. BTed72

    Exeter worth a buy? July 2019

    I wanted the Exeter before she was even released due to being the York Class Heavy Cruiser ever built. Yet when I took her out for the first time I was happily surprised.The guns hit hard and the heal is a solid boon for tier 5 cruiser. To me, that is the best combo of a ship with an interesting history combined with a solid cruiser for the tier. If you like Furutaka, you will like Exeter. And I completely agree with @alexf24 and @Khafni in their observations.
  11. BTed72

    Bad Apples

    I believe the OP question has been answered and we have now devolved into side topics including Vulcan logic, Sabot the shoe and its cultural meaning vs Sabot the ammo type. This is the definition of a derailed topic thread so I am closing it.
  12. BTed72

    Tour of USS LST-325

    Thanks for bumping this @Rabbitt81, but more importantly thanks for the fantastic pictures and your taking the time to share them.
  13. BTed72

    DD candidates for Tier 7 Ranked Sprint

    @Patosentado, were there any DD's that did work for you? Now that Ranked sprint is over does anyone have a specific ship that was there "GO-TO" for the event?
  14. BTed72

    Positive Thinking

    Nicely stated @Skyspartan Appreciating the team as a whole and playing to your ship's strengths is, for me, much more fun than looking at the negatives. A good example, Was just in my Helena and a DD dropped smoke right in front of me, allowing me to rip an Atlanta apart with little to no damage in return. Great move by the DD, and I made sure to take advantage.
  15. The Helena for me as well. I had forgotten how awesome 152MM can be with a solid captain. Also, all the fire you can spread. :D But that is the key though @Lert, finding those ships that for some reason are eccentially your "spirit animal" when you play it though you never would have guessed.