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  1. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/history/a-look-through-time-french-cruisers/ What were the names of the French battleships that had their project canceled due to the outbreak of the Great War? Lyon and Lille ______________ What offsets the long main battery reload time of the new French cruisers? Main Battery Reload Booster consumable ______________________________________ What is the displacement of Marseille? Above 30,000 Tons _________________ Reward: 3x French Riviera camos. Farther down the page is a combat mission chain you can unlock. ---------------------------------- There is also a Weekly Combat Mission here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/the-longest-night-of-museums-2022-7/
  2. It's a lot easier just to log. And that way you get the real world numbers.
  3. z9_

    11.6 Update and Made of Steel Permacamos

    My guess is that it will come with both, the camo & the bonus package. (Like a ship with a slot) They haven't announced that the steel camos will be going away.
  4. z9_

    PTS Full Stack Boosters

    Same here. Not a lot. As for the next lower levels, I'll be breaking some of those down. I'll keep the top ones. Something might change in the game and then it would be great to have them. But for regular grinding, I don't like the pressure of having so much stuff stacked. If I have 4 great battles & 1 blowout loss, instead of being happy at the huge progress, I'll be traumatized by losing all those hard to get boosters and I'll be screaming at my teammates for causing it, even if I stunk too.
  5. z9_

    Opening containers in PTS

    Opening TYL containers on PTS. The longest it ever took me was 18 battles. I was on 18 for the first time when this PTS started. 1st container (#19) was a SC. 25x 160% Credits. So now that that was done, I wanted to try some of the new containers. 2nd container was Camouflages. But I got a SC instead! 100 Sierra Mike. 3rd container was Camouflages. But I got a SC instead! 50x 40% Credits. 3 super containers in a row! Would be great if it's a bug that carries over! (Not likely).
  6. z9_

    PTS Full Stack Boosters

    Just woke up and it hit me. Mosaic camo explains the high flat xp. Only used it 5 times on live server and the results were phenomenal. Hovering the mouse now only shows "Bonus Package". I had the max 7200% booster. That makes sense. Seems very high to me. Almost like a bug. Been playing PTS for a couple of years & the BXP generally mirrors what you see on the live server. But in this case it doesn't matter. Any 1700 BXP game would pay that much, and it's not likely to see any adjustments based on the test server results. Everything generates XP. Even how much time the battle took. You win the battle, you finish on top, and you get nothing. That's why everyone keeps screaming about blowouts. You can earn more in a loss than you can in a blowout win. And if you're in a blowout loss? You can earn more in Co-Op! Don't scare me like that!
  7. A little strange. FXP no longer matches XP. XP matches CXP. Something I've never seen before. Didn't do well but managed 1700 base somehow. For 1700 base, the FXP looks about right. The flat XP looks about right. The credits look like the best I've seen. I have notes on the old system somewhere, but I'm not gonna dig them up. Anyhow, this should give you an idea. Now that I think about it, on the old system a FXP stack would get me about 15,000 XP & 12,000 FXP. (Prolly less than 1700 base.) I would only see 40-50k CXP when I did a CXP stack. So I 'think' that the large flat XP result is new. I could be wrong.
  8. z9_

    Say it isn't so...Say it isn't so...

    I missed those. Competing in what? Competing for my affections. Dasha 4EVA!
  9. z9_

    Why is the Neptune so bad?

    I gotta say, of all the WoWS utoobers out there, you got the best music, hands down! (I always get into the vibe!) Interesting how you were able to get so close without getting wiped. In Ranked, the torps were so slow that eveyone saw them coming. I got a few hits but not many. I'm also ranked out and waiting for next Sprint. I tried to delay it, switched from Musashi to Alaska but it won even more! (Tested all my prem ships and those 2 made the most credits, so that's what I'm running.)
  10. z9_

    Why is the Neptune so bad?

    That's interesting. I tend to jump past T9 and go for T10. The reason why is credits. T10 with a permacamo pays more credits that T9 with a permacamo, and doesn't cost much more. Even in the tank game it was a lot easier to unlock stuff than it was to get credits to pay for it. I also have a lot of 'special' ships on T10, and it took a 'special' person to come up with that idea. A coal ship on T10 is 'special', but a coal ship on T9 is a premium ship. It's annoying when you're setting filters and you forget that distinction. Prolly the same guy that came up with the idea to call T11 whatever the heck they call it. I already forgot.
  11. I wasted time figuring out where I was gonna put him so I would get the correct skills, but when I got him he had 12 pts & no skills. (Costs 20k ECXP to retrain him.) I also didn't have to play another battle or restart the game, as per instructions.
  12. z9_

    Why is the Neptune so bad?

    C'mon bro, T10 is the easiest tier. You also get to club T8 and there's no clubbing in return (at least until T11 gets more populated) I still say that for me, Neptune is a lot more fun than Minotaur. And I'm not worried about T11. In it's present form, it doesn't make sense. Unless you own every single ship in the game, your credits are better spent elsewhere. I'd rather buy coal from the auction house that to waste it on a T11 ship.
  13. Working as intended. (I'm sure you've seen that before). You need to dump Randoms and go to Ranked. The games are shorter so there's a lot less stress. (For me, coop = 8 battles per hour. Ranked = 4 battles per hour. Randoms = 2 battles per hour because I have to take a break after every game and walk around.) And it turns out that the forums were right! (It happens sometimes). Silver league is the place to be. In Bronze you're overloaded with guys with 300 battles experience & 35% w/r's. In Silver, even the low stat players are mostly competent, and the blowouts happen less often. Yesterday I had 5 wins in a row, and the underdog team in each battle. It's a heck of a lot more fun that Random is.