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  1. Ahh.. the kiddies. It's actually a lot easier than you think. 10 years ago they didn't have smart phones. 25 years ago the web was just gearing up. You don't need any of that crap. There are plenty of jobs that pay cash. You're not forced to work for the corporation. There are plenty of landlords that take cash. You're not forced to rent from the corporation. A used laptop and free WiFi is enough to play this game. Completely untraceable. However, American cities are now coated with cameras. And there's no workaround other than leaving the country. If you want a great laugh, check the recent news for San Diego streetlamp cameras. The city council paid for thousands of 'smart' streetlamps, and didn't even know that each one had a high res 24 hour video camera in it. You can't make this stuff up. The incompetence of our leaders is truly staggering. (It was a cool story though. A homicide cop figured it out when searching the scene of a crime.)
  2. The latest is, they're gonna shut off your electricity and water if you don't get the tracking chip injected into your hand. I already have a well. Guess I'll have to buy a generator.
  3. When I was a very young boy, I went to a family reunion. There were about 50 men there. a lot of them had fought in WWII. I'll never forget what they told me. The biggest thing they learned from the war was, "Don't get your name put on a list". You are probably familiar with a more famous story, that starts out with, When they came for the Jews, I didn't say anything because I'm not Jewish. It's the same story. There's a reason why everyone is trying to tie all of your media and social accounts together, and it is 'not' for your benefit. It's about getting your name on a list. Am I paranoid? Not in the least. You see, they already know me. Very well. I fought them for years. It's for your benefit. The 4th amendment is there for a reason, but you have to constantly fight for it. Freedom isn't free.
  4. It's not about watching streams, it's about the 4th amendment, and the lessons learned from WWII.
  5. z9_

    battleships are now 2020 wimps

    You're comparing the real life military to an arcade video game that was designed for 10 year-old boys. You don't think that's a bit of a stretch?
  6. z9_

    WG, please buff the Lazy Susan!

    They also need more than 1 priority filter. AW had a 'reserve' filter, so you could hide the vehicles that you never play. Hard to believe they didn't copy that years ago.
  7. Ok, after looking at the original post, I speed-read all those pages, and it looks to me like you've all missed the elephant in the room. To get his data, he's using Potato.exe Look at the pictures. You'll see some dark gray bars on it. Those bars represent players with hidden stats. Potato.exe does not take this into consideration. Example: Potato says Team 1 is 50% w/r. Team 2 is 50% w/r. But if you look at Team 1, you'll see that 3 players have grayed out stats. If those players have 40% win ratios, then Team 1's w/r is nowhere near 50%. The data is flawed from the start, so the whole report is flawed from the start, and I find it hard to believe that he missed this fundamental error, so I'm calling total bullsnot. The question for me is, this same guy keeps making these bullsnot threads claiming that WG is the one true Messiah, so is WG paying him $30 per hour to spew this fake dribble to the masses?
  8. z9_

    Hiding stats

    Where have I heard this before? Someone referring to an entire group of people, using this language. Oh yeah, now I remember. You're a stat racist. That's a new phrase for me.
  9. I don't know what a queue dump is, that was a co-op battle. I can't help myself, they're so shiny! I still haven't played any of those 5 ARP ships. Don't need that stuff, just pure greed!
  10. z9_

    Playing against CV's

    Judging from what I read in these forums, if you play the Halland you can shoot down all the planes before they even leave the deck.
  11. I'm not claiming it happens in every single match. I'm just saying that it happens a lot. I just had this match: You can clearly see that it is flooded with premium ships. 6/9= 66%. Maybe not 80-90%, but as we like to say in the construction industry, it's 'close enough for government work'.
  12. This^. To do a sub-forum correctly, it would have to be titled "CV Haters", and that wouldn't look good to the executives. And if you're gonna do that, might as well make a sub-forum called "Rants". Now the problem is, remove the CV haters and the rants, and now there's nothing left to go into General Discussion.
  13. That's interesting. I see it a lot. Co-op all the time. Randoms mostly the night games, but still plenty of it.