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  1. z9_

    PTS 0.10.7

    Earn 2,000 XP in Ranked and Co-op Battles playing a Tier VI submarine. Wrong. It's 2,000 'BASE' XP for the next group! Earn 4,000 XP in Ranked and Co-op Battles playing a Tier VIII submarine. Wrong. It's 2,000 'BASE' XP for the next group! Fight three Ranked Battles playing a Tier X submarine. Can't do that unless you first reach the 'Gold League'. Complete two or more shipbuilding phases at the Dockyard. Probably wrong. (and not shown in game, which is sadly normal.) It's too easy to buy 2 phases. There are two 6-part combat missions, each pay 1 phase. That's prolly what you need to do to get the container. Played one T6 co-op battle with submarine. Sank a ship & a sub. Damaged a ship. 7 torp hits. Only 33k dmg. 1st place. 392 base. Never went underwater. Conclusion: It's ok. Not sure how it will play in pvp, & I'm not gonna try here. This whole thing is a mess. Partly due to translation errors, Partly due to way too much work for those Community Tokens. I'm gonna sit this one out. Good luck guys.
  2. z9_

    The Match Making Lie

    I don't question there are fellow players that could fill the "shill" description (an objective assessment would be they just have a different opinion than yours), what I question is they get any "special in-game treatment" for just sharing opinions on a Forum... CCs are indeed binded for some sort of quid pro quo which is of course understandable, as any healthy relationship it must be positive for both parties, there's no point on keeping a relationship if it doesn't fulfill your objectives. You'll love this.. (I just remembered. Forgot about it years ago.) Remember WoT? Remember how big it was? Remember all those fan websites, that today's players claim never existed? A lot of companies tried to copy WoT's success. I had a short-lived interest in website design (templates ruined the internet, don't care any more) and I was cruising the job postings for website designers. Saw a lot of this.. Wanted: Website creator. Job Description: Will be responsible for creating and maintaining 20 different 'Fan Sites'. Will be working in our offices, and given 'exclusive' interviews with developers, etc. etc. etc. There is no level companies won't stoop to.
  3. You're probably playing every day, and collecting the 3 containers. WG has the coal tightly regulated. Leave the game for a week or 2, come back and you should find all kinds of coal in those containers. I had to leave for 4 months recently, and when I came back I got 2 SCs from resource containers in 1 week.
  4. z9_

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Noise in the data. The graph plot is a smart way to eliminate it, and several different players/styles will also help. But for those who are just curious.. 1. The number of different color ribbons makes a difference in credit earnings. I.E. 1 each of 10 different ribbons is worth more than 100 each of 3 different ribbons. (Would take too much work to figure out the exact parameters.) 2. Kill stealing is still a viable option. Given the same base xp, having more kills will increase your earnings.
  5. Scientific charts, graphs, datamining, etc. No thanks. I'll stick to my 'Voodoo Instinct'. Anybody who's actually played this game knows that Musashi earns more credits than Pommern, Georgia, or JB.
  6. z9_

    Does wows have a shelf life?

    Or if some bored teenager decides to make one. Every year it gets easier & faster to make a quality game. One guy recently got a $500,000 check from Epic to continue working on his game. Game looks great, and his only previous experience was as a texture artist. Last I heard, WoT was up to something like 1,000 tanks now.
  7. z9_

    The Match Making Lie

    No. You can tell by the age and the dialog what's going on. It's the same as watching a live stream. You give these guys too much credit. Not every utoober is a Mighty Jingles.
  8. z9_

    The Match Making Lie

    I have found that this generally works best when a game is new. Make a utoob channel and promote the game. Get some followers. Ask the company for access to progression items that you don't own yet, because you want to demonstrate them to your audience. That's usually easy. If the company deems it worthwhile, they will place you in the special matchmaking section, and they probably won't even notify you that they did it. I've detected it a couple times by pausing videos to get the lineups while the player is checking his in-game progress.
  9. z9_

    The Match Making Lie

    Individual research will vary. It's the overwhelming body of evidence that matters. I did the research to figure out if it was just me being screwed. Turns out most people are getting screwed. It also turns out that shills and press accounts get special matchmaking. Marketing 101. A game looks more appealing when the person demonstrating it is winning all the time.
  10. z9_

    The Match Making Lie

    We've known this for a long time, but it's great to see people do their own research.
  11. z9_

    I like brawls!

    3v3 is great. It's completely different than 7v7 Ranked, which is completely different than 12v12 Random. I'd still like to see more Space Battles and Rogue Wave though.
  12. z9_

    PSA: New Code

    Still working. Thanx.
  13. You forgot to mention that console games have built-in aimbots bcuz those thumbsticks are whack.
  14. Casino poker machines are regulated by the state (unless you're on Tribal Land) to be an honest game. Video games are completely unregulated, and are rigged 17 ways from Sunday. Check out 'Dynamic Hit Boxes'. That's a cute one. Or maybe EOMM: Engagement Optimized Matchmaking. Here's an oldie but a goodie:
  15. z9_

    Replay Controls cheat sheet

    Thanks. I'll try it again. Windows 8.1 shouldn't make a difference, also on Aslain, but thanks for the heads up on M$ wired keyboards. After a few years of wearing out those expensive keyboards & gaming keyboards, which only lasted about 90 days, I stumbled onto a box of HP keyboards for $2 each, but they felt very heavy. Bought one. Lasted for 20 years. Currently on a used HP keyboard someone gave me, been working for 3 years now. (The only thing I miss is having a mute button on the keyboard, which is really the only thing I used a lot on those gaming keyboards.) HP makes an affordable mouse, but I haven't tried one yet. Currently using a generic mouse I found at Target for $6. Lasts about 2 years. Logitech mice last about 3 months. Razer mice last about 9 months.