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  1. The_Black_Death_Whale


    Exactly ! To think people would argue otherwise Same people who prolly want better radar for "balance"
  2. The_Black_Death_Whale


    Im talking T-X torps you pestilent children NO DESTROYER IS SHOOTING TORPS AT LOW HEALTH TARGETS unless they danger close .... why would any DD launch on a nearly dead target ??? Just to waste torps?............... we have guns too , did you know that? I should have known better then making this thread , its nothing but the same weasels that troll everyone's simple suggestions in EVERY comment , EVERYDAY! Have you fools nothing better to do? You have all replied to my comments in the past the very same group.... its pathetic you're still doing it ! IF IT ISNT KILL STEALING THEN SURELY YOU WOULDN'T MIND INTRODUCING THE MECHANIC THAT PREVENTS ME FROM SPOTTING FOR YOU ........................ SINCE IT WAS YOUR KILL ALREADY RIGHT ???? YOU HAD HIM SPOTTED RIGHT ???? Trash
  3. The_Black_Death_Whale


    No no no no , Im talking about torps CLEARLY about to hit , so yes there is absolutely kill stealing
  4. The_Black_Death_Whale


    DD's need the ability to switch off Radio/Spotting similar to AA For the love of god , if you play in a BB or a CA PAY ATTENTION Stop shooting vessels that have [edited]dozen torps CLEARLY about to hit!! I am so sick of getting kill after kill stolen away from greedy savages shooting at ships that will be dead in <10 seconds There are SOOOOOOOOOOO many other ships to shoot at PLEASE STOP SHOOTING AT ONES THAT ARE ALREADY DEAD Radar is bad enough and this is yet another contributing factor as to why such few will play DD at high Tier WHY is this so hard to understand?????