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  1. As the title says, I have allowed it to expire. I've always been supportive of the game through the purchase of premium time, crates, gifting to others etc., etc.,. yet for some reason buying more premium time at this time just does not seem to feel right, so I let it expire. Cannot seem to put my finger on any particular reason for not buying more time. I'm a very casual player, one or two battle per day, a few more than that on the weekends, time allowing. Currently have more credits and free xp than I will ever need not to mention there is nothing I really want to spend it on. So.....what does it say about me? Am I dissenter and becoming anti supportive? Finances are not the issue. Should I feel guilty for not spending more money on this game? Maybe I am getting cheaper in my old age or maybe it is because the game itself has gotten cheaper and more expensive at the same time. Wallet is closed.
  2. Judge_Doom

    For Sale

    This has gotta be a joke...right?
  3. It is the only map that I will get 3 or 4 times in a row during the course of days playing.....hate that map!
  4. Judge_Doom

    I hate slow American BBs

    and then you get into the higher tier 30 knot BB's and hate the slower and lower tiered ones even more.
  5. And then there are those of us that do not have very much steel, or do not care about getting it, but we have mountains of coal....and some of the ships we may be interested in getting are bought with steel....why not put a price on each ship as to how much in steel and at the same time how much in coal and open the purchases up to everyone.
  6. Judge_Doom

    Remove CO-OP mode

    What WG needs to do and has always needed to do, is to remove that stupid 30 second timer so teams have enough time to fill up with human players. When they brought it about they were told at the time that it was one of the dumbest ideas to come forth from WG.
  7. Judge_Doom

    Why I Bought a lot less containers this holliday

    Don't consider myself a 'whale' when it comes to how much I spend on xmas crates....with that said, my average in years past has been $450. and another $100. spent on gifting and helping others out...this season I spent a total of $73.50, so yep, they got a lot less from me as well....their loss, not mine.
  8. Judge_Doom

    When will 200% first win end?

    Personally....wish it would never end....or it would happen more often....really gives me incentive to play more.
  9. Judge_Doom

    Do you have a 20pt Captain?

    Currently sitting on 2.4 mil and I've not seen the offer....starting to wonder about this entire thread....
  10. Judge_Doom

    New Premium Account rules?

    Quite frankly this entire thing about having us purchase separate Premium time for each game is in a word, crap. All it amounts to is another WG money grab scheme. It totally goes against what was promised when this game came out and was part of the attraction to it, Premium time, Gold, etc would be able to be used cross game....which guess what...turned out to be another WG lie, what a surprise. I get the differences between the Premium times and how they are used, however, instead of making it complicated, they should have just left it as you purchase one and its good for all.
  11. I've been playing submarines since almost day one of this game, every time I take a DD out, its very quickly under water, so they have to be submarines!
  12. Judge_Doom

    Penalty system is a joke...

    Yep, yada yada yada....blah blah blah.....and then there are those that purposely will get between you and your target so that they purposely get hit by your torps....oh but lets not forget its your fault because they are your torps...sorry but that argument does not hold water.
  13. Judge_Doom

    Sound Fix Needed or Option

    Seems as though everyone is having different issues and opinions, if anything my sound is great, a little loud perhaps but other than that it all sounds better than it did.
  14. Everyone no matter what their reason for leaving might be should post their reasons here on the forum openly describing what it is that is driving them away. If those that decide to leave just go poof and disappear without reason, then who especially WG is going to know why. There was no drama in the OP's post, they simply and calmly described their reasons for leaving and left it at that and I have to say it has been one of the more reasonable explanations for leaving. Taking the attitude that nothing is going to change is a defeatist way of looking at things and means that if you take that attitude then no matter what WG decides to throw at you, you are willing to just smile and accept it, no matter how wrong it may be, that in itself is wrong. We all need to stand up to WG and voice our opinions. The continued loss of long time devoted and paying players will only spell the ultimate demise of this game, attempts at silencing them will also spell the demise of your game and enjoyment as well so try to remember that the next time you want others to remain quiet.
  15. Judge_Doom

    Not trolling here. Is cheating going on?

    Simple answer....if this was in PVE, then of course there was cheating going on, it runs rampant among the BOTS, they have no scruples, no morals and simply do not care. SKYNET!