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  1. Judge_Doom

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    Was not aware there were any 'Top Clans'. Always thought there were just a lot of clans and some of them had players that failed in real life. Therefore all they had left was their e-pen, so they always make attempts to flaunt it. Thing is, no one really cares. Once they are a loser in life, they are always a loser in life.
  2. Judge_Doom

    Sound Fix Needed or Option

    Seems as though everyone is having different issues and opinions, if anything my sound is great, a little loud perhaps but other than that it all sounds better than it did.
  3. Everyone no matter what their reason for leaving might be should post their reasons here on the forum openly describing what it is that is driving them away. If those that decide to leave just go poof and disappear without reason, then who especially WG is going to know why. There was no drama in the OP's post, they simply and calmly described their reasons for leaving and left it at that and I have to say it has been one of the more reasonable explanations for leaving. Taking the attitude that nothing is going to change is a defeatist way of looking at things and means that if you take that attitude then no matter what WG decides to throw at you, you are willing to just smile and accept it, no matter how wrong it may be, that in itself is wrong. We all need to stand up to WG and voice our opinions. The continued loss of long time devoted and paying players will only spell the ultimate demise of this game, attempts at silencing them will also spell the demise of your game and enjoyment as well so try to remember that the next time you want others to remain quiet.
  4. Judge_Doom

    Not trolling here. Is cheating going on?

    Simple answer....if this was in PVE, then of course there was cheating going on, it runs rampant among the BOTS, they have no scruples, no morals and simply do not care. SKYNET!
  5. Judge_Doom

    Co-op needs awards and more missions.

    What gets me about these conversations when it comes to those that play co-op/PVE or those that play randoms/PVP, is that its always the same....co-op always gets attacked in one form or another by those that play PVP or are judgmental about co-op in general.....while PVP/randoms is never attacked by those that prefer to play co-op....we in co-op respect the right of others to play the mode that others choose to play.....would be nice if we in co-op got the same respect in return.
  6. Right now I would say that my biggest personal challenge is to remain interested in the game. My goal is to keep playing what little I currently do on a daily basis. I'm at a teetering point, if I stay on this side of it, I'll keep playing, if I tip off the other side, even just briefly, I am afraid that will be it for me.
  7. Judge_Doom

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend

    Strange isn't it? Get kind of a weird feeling every time I see or hear someone wish...'Happy Memorial Day', we are not celebrating per say, we are actually paying homage and respect to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of us can have these holidays among our other freedoms. As it stands, I for one would not know what else to say when it comes to this weekend and the actual day, so for now I suppose it will have to suffice until someone can come up with a more fitting saying. To my brothers that have served, salute....to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice throughout time, thank you, you are never forgotten.
  8. Judge_Doom

    Containers and Supercontainers

    Super Containers are still a thing? Been so long since I have gotten one thought they were a thing of the past and long gone.
  9. Judge_Doom

    Babylon 5

    I've been watching it and enjoying it, but good lord!!!...compared to todays sci fi, its really kinda hokey hokey, but good!
  10. That's where I noticed it, is with my own ship, some days they will seem to just be held back and not zooming through the virtual water as they did the day before. Of course you know this as fact? You have absolute undisputed proof that nothing has changed...yep, of course you do. Looks as though everyone in this thread is speaking in terms of 'seems' or 'feels', with the exception of you, why is that? Never mind, its unimportant.
  11. Judge_Doom

    Babylon 5

    Got one of those Amazon Firesticks about a week ago and while checking things out a couple of nights ago, I remembered this thread....well, guess what I have been watching from the beginning. lol Ah yes, the memories!
  12. Judge_Doom

    Okay...you win WG. I'm done with CVs

    Trying to understand your post...are you saying that just because someone does NOT play CV's their opinion does not matter or therefore has less value? Isn't a fact that everyone no matter what class of ship they play or do not play has a stake in what direction this game or what direction any class of ship takes due to the fact that everyone has a stake in the game? Everyone is affected by every class of ship and affected by changes to every class of ship, each nerf or buff affects everyone's game play whether they play those affected by nerfs or buffs to any class of ship, right? Its not about 'fragile little feelings' (your words) which is a type of comment seen all to often on the forum as nothing more than a snarky useless comment.
  13. Kudos to all of you that have replied to the OP, its really nice to see others offering help and helpful suggestions rather than stat shaming someone asking for help!
  14. Judge_Doom

    My co-op wish list

    Absolutely!!!! Lose the mercy rule!! Death matches only! Lose the 30 second timer. Make sure every team is human only, no matter how much time it takes to set them up. Stop the BOTS from suicide collisions and beaching themselves. Have options for 8 v 8, 8 v 10, 10 v 10, 10 v 15.....Easy...Difficult...Hard...Insane.
  15. Judge_Doom

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Its not that the skill gap has increased or still exists or gone, there will always be skill gaps in every type of ship played and at every tier....I see it as the rework has somehow managed to widen the skill gap in such a way that makes it more evident and easier to see or more noticeable. It has created a giant void in between one or the other, either the CV player is really good or the CV player is really bad, same as CV's are a really good thing to play or CV's are a really bad thing to play. There seems that there is no 'in between', no middle ground. When something is easier to see by so many, it becomes focused on and creates more of a opportunity for so many more to complain about. WG needs to figure out a way of closing the gap just a little thereby making it less noticeable and with that a good majority of the complaints will go away. With that said I am moving away from the entire conversation about CV's, its starting to make me ill.