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  1. Judge_Doom

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    Not making excuses for anyone and by the way, just who the hell are you to decide where someone should play whether it be Randoms or CO-OP, or whether someone should stick to lower tiers. Fact check, its not your game, you do not own it and you are certainly not in charge of others or what or how they decide to play this game. Your problem as it is with many in this GAME is that you believe that it is some sort of true competitive sport, when in fact all it is is a game, no more no less. Normally I would not even bother to waste my time responding to some self entitled [edited] that thinks that its their game and others should not play certain venues or tiers just because the [edited] does not like it, well to bad, so sad for you, you either adjust to it or stop complaining about it and go find something else to play. This GAME will always have those that do not give a rats [edited]about stats and either just play for fun or for some unknown reason are unable to get better yet still enjoy the game to the best of their ability. So you would rather have it that everyone on your team is of the same level of ability as yourself thereby not allowing others that are either under or over your ability to play, that goes without saying is selfish. Your analogy of TK'ing is way off base, there is always right and wrong, no one has said anything about those that are being complained about breaking any rules and going around TK'ing....but I suppose according to your analogy, someone with a low win rate that may also be spending their time and money should not be allowed to play for their own enjoyment simply because they have a low win rate. So sorry that not everyone on the planet rises up to your step stool level of 'I'm better than you so you cannot be allowed to play with me'. As for the win rate issue and totally getting rid of them, think about it....if no one knew what the so called sub whatever win rate player had for stats, then everyone would think they were just having an off day and no one would be the wiser or get bent out of shape over GAME stats that mean absolutely nothing. People take themselves way to seriously, each should just enjoy the game however they see fit and stop blaming everyone else for what battles they lose, here is a thought, maybe that so called sub rate player had no real effect on the outcome of the battle, maybe it was you, maybe you did not 'carry' hard enough, maybe you did not contribute that little extra that made a difference, oh wait, I digress, its never the complainers fault, its always someone else's fault. Its always easier to point fingers than it is to man up and accept responsibility.
  2. Judge_Doom

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    How about instead of making excuses and slander about intelligence, what if those that have a very low win rate simply do not care about win rate and are simply out here to play and enjoy themselves as they see fit. This is suppose to be about our own self enjoyment and to not be out here to please others as they see fit. Its their game, their time, their money if they spend any, not anyone else's. Wish they would totally eliminate win rates altogether, might make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Just saying.
  3. Judge_Doom

    when does WR start to matter...?

    Simple answer....don't let it matter, just play your game and enjoy it to whatever level you can. If you start worrying about win rate it can become a distraction and do more damage than good to yourself and your game.
  4. Judge_Doom

    Any particular way to play the Aigle well?

    Got one In a crate also, took her out once, did not like the feel of her so she is now a port queen for a bit of time. Good luck with yours!
  5. Same here, I am going to get Musashi, but as far as Kronstadt is concerned, I am just not convinced its worth the expense no matter what you use to get it.
  6. Judge_Doom


    4 million, how about 7.4 million? Someone show me how to post screenshot and I will....but I am sure there is someone out there that has way more FXP than all of us put together... DANG! A BILLION credits! thought I was doing well with 300 million +....feeling very poor right about now...
  7. Never understood Warships thinking about limiting clan size to 50, World of Tanks clan size was 100 members, never was an issue of being to big or to small, seemed like a nice round number and even then some clans ran sub clans.
  8. Judge_Doom

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    It would eliminate a lot of issues, stat shaming etc, if all individual stats were kept private and only viewable by the individual player and were not able to be posted in any way whatsoever. Of course there will be an argument about doing that by those that believe that 'game' stats are a reflection of how wonderful a person they are in real life and how much they contribute to society with their 'game' stats, or that 'game' generated 'stats' somehow have monetary value. And do not forget the 'epeen' factor, which in reality does not mean squat!
  9. Judge_Doom

    Like watching paint dry....

    Like watching paint dry....its more fun to watch grass grow, even more entertaining to count ants.
  10. Judge_Doom

    Top 5 Rarest Premium ships?

    Makes me winder just how rare they truly are....I purchased the MO shortly before it went off sale and it seems that many have it as I see it all the time in battle, Belfast, Kutuzov and Gremyashchy plus Imperator Nikolai, got all 4 of these so called rare ships in Santa Crates over the past couple of years. To me, to be classified as 'RARE', it would seem that a ship would be offered one time, for a very VERY short period of time under very VERY special circumstances, and then never offered or to be had again under any circumstances.
  11. Judge_Doom

    Almost had a stroke - 19pt Capt went missing!!!

    See....now I have to log in just to check and make sure my 19 pointers are still where they are suppose to be.
  12. Reading through this thread, its deja vu all over again. Players grind to have enough FXP and Steel or pay real money to convert FXP to have enough in game money to purchase ship, WG makes sales and money, everyone is happy (temporarily), then out of no where WG decides to nerf ship, players are unhappy and rightfully so, players pitch [edited], want to be compensated for nerf to prized ship. WG's reply, to bad, so sad, but we already got your time and money, sorry, no refunds. Or, all you hear is silence, the sounds of crickets. This happens way to often with this company and if we are going to play this game we all should be aware of it and expect it to happen to all of us in one way or another at some point in time. I refer to it as the 'Bend over factor'. Eventually, WG is going to bend all of us over and take advantage of us in one form or another.
  13. Judge_Doom

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    OP...not sure if this will help or not, but here goes....I'm a PVE/co-op main, I plan on getting both, DM and Worchester, the one thing that I notice is when there are DM's and Worchester's in co-op battles, it is extremely rare if any of the DM's are still alive at the end, Worchester's on the other hand of the ones in battle are usually still alive at the end. Now, I would have thought it would have been the other way around, was under the opinion that DM was a stronger ship and therefore would have better survivability, yet it simply has not been the case. The reasons why, are a mystery and subjective to various opinions, I am sure. It could be operator error....it could be that its simply because the battles I see them in are co-op and the BOTS fight differently. Either way, thought I would toss that info out there for you, as I said I plan on getting both and I am real close to doing so. It will be interesting to find out for myself where the flaw is. God luck with your choice and good luck out there on the high seas.
  14. Judge_Doom

    OK, OK, Just a Few Santa Crates

    Had purchased a 20 pack of the $1. crates when this seasons sale began and I have to say I was severely disappointed, it was extremely obvious that this years sale and goodies were lacking big time compared to previous years. Needless to say the amount of money spent on them this year compared to years past was very VERY low. Just an added note: I keep reading all the bunk about you have better chances at getting ships if you purchase the higher priced crates, I have to strongly disagree. Over the past couple of years I have received 20+ Premium ships through the crates and they have all come from the $1. dollar ones, not once did I get one through a higher priced crate.
  15. Judge_Doom

    I just put my cat to sleep

    OP...my heart breaks for you. Personally, I have two cats and two dogs and each one is a member and part of my family, my dogs each have their own medical issues, so as you can imagine I am at the Vets office more than I want to be and more times than I can remember I have been there when someone is having a member of their family put to sleep, not only is a heart wrenching experience for those that are having it done, it is heart wrenching and breaking for those of us that are witness to their pain. Hang in there, the pain will fade in time, the memories will remain and hopefully you can over ride the bad memory of this experience with all of the good memories that you had with your feline family member.