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  1. Michael_Gary_Scott


    DDG(X) Article by USNI News
  2. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Best looking modern warship?

    I think the Freedom LCS class looks cool looks-wise, but it is unfortunate they have that class-wide major engine design problem that is still being worked on.
  3. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Naval and Defense News 2020-21

    And here is a successful Kalibr launch by the Marshal Shaposhnikov.
  4. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Naval and Defense News 2020-21

    The Marshal Shaposhnikov, an Udaloy class destroyer, recently test firing the newly installed Kalibr cruise missile. I think this failure was one of several tests because I am pretty sure I saw videos of successful test firings as well. It happens.
  5. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Naval and Defense News 2020-21

    I might be wrong but, I think Russia is going to claim the Arctic like China claims the islands in the South China Sea...
  6. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Naval and Defense News 2020-21

    Interesting satellite image of what might be a new missile corvette being built in Iran. https://news.usni.org/2021/03/29/irans-new-missile-corvette-could-reshape-irgc-naval-doctrine?fbclid=IwAR061j8gIqzx8Qjn6I1EzNiTL4E7eLfaMC0Z89vHxhLUd8rPB_N8WshkcUU
  7. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Naval and Defense News 2020-21

    I wonder if the Russians are far above the US and Canada's ability to use the Arctic to their advantage. Their fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers keeps growing. I'm no submarine warfare strategist, but it seems like a good idea on their part. https://www.rbth.com/science-and-tech/331738-worlds-most-powerful-icebreaker A Wiki about their current fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear-powered_icebreaker#Vessels
  8. Michael_Gary_Scott

    UFOs off California Coast 2019

  9. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Naval and Defense News 2020-21

    Germany is buying 5 x Boeing P-8A Poseidens for Anti- Submarine Warfare. They can cover the North Sea and Baltic Sea areas better I think and assist NATO forces elsewhere with it. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/poseidon-germany-buying-plane-kill-submarines-180239 The article mentions that Germany also intends to sail the South China Sea to guarantee freedom of navigation there. They intend to send one of their frigates, something they have not done since 2002. Hooray for another Boeing sale, a small win for the U.S. economy. Hopefully they can also show that they can get their quality back together again. (i.e. recent 737, 777, and KC-46 issues) Not sure what the best way to kill or detect submarines are, but the P-8A Poseiden sounds pretty cool in this article. https://www.businessinsider.com/us-navy-p8a-poseidon-sub-hunting-aircraft-features-sales-2018-5
  10. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Naval and Defense News 2020-21

    That 360 degree Combat Information Center looks really cool. Like a Star Trek bridge other articles say.
  11. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Video: Life Aboard USS Ohio (Boomer Sub)

    The U.S.S. Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Georgia of the class, were converted into conventional cruise missile boats in 1994 unfortunately, but it is kind of cool that they can now launch up to 154 x Tomahawk Missiles onto a target. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio-class_submarine There are nuclear warheads for Tomahawks, so that might be kind of fun. The Navy is also developing the SLCM in the future that can be nuclear-able too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomahawk_(missile)#Munitions http://www.ausairpower.net/Tomahawk-Subtypes.html https://www.defensenews.com/smr/nuclear-arsenal/2020/02/21/the-navys-new-nuclear-cruise-missile-starts-getting-real-next-year/
  12. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Naval Legends: Bespokoyny.

    It's a nice thing to see that all 4 x Iowa Class battleships are museums here in the United States. I was a tour guide aboard the U.S.S. Missouri myself long ago when I lived in Hawaii. It was an honor.
  13. Michael_Gary_Scott

    French Aquitaine Class FREMM Frigate

    Though the video is advertising FREMM frigates in general it shows a lot of clips of the French Aquitaine Class FREMM Variant. It is kind of a nice ship to gaze upon.
  14. Michael_Gary_Scott

    End of the USS Ticonderoga CG-47

    I hope they will make her into a museum somewhere.
  15. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Russian Admiral Gorshkov Frigate

    Is this the frigate standard to beat right now? Neat animation showing how it defeats torpedoes and attacks submarines.