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  1. ultima_oNe

    Most kills, least time

    Aww man, no one else wanted to post bragging posts ?
  2. If camo had benefit, other than looks now... I'm sure ppl would use them. However at the cost of credits, most won't. I don't care either way now. There's some permanent camo I would like to have. But some are 8000 doubloons....for no benefit. At most I can see is something like 2000 doubloons for a camo, just because some give extra sounds, graphics and was someones time to do. Some that are "discounted" and are for 100 to 200 doubloons, i've picked up a few, just because those ships I play A LOT. Otherwise this promotion to use camo's will fall on deaf ears mostly. And from the comments here...already has.
  3. ultima_oNe

    Most kills, least time

    I'm just curious, the most kills in the least time. Time starts from First ship sunk, to last ship sunk. Time limit of 3 minutes. I had a game with mino, was 4 ships in just over 1 minute. Which I thought was impressive. Then my Agir said "hold my beer" 4 ships in 10 seconds.
  4. ultima_oNe

    New year certificates - where to exchange ?

    @tank_grrl Theres a mod that lets you see all premium ships, etc It may help your issue. Its in wargamings Modstation. You can set it to be vertical or horizontal
  5. ultima_oNe

    New year certificates - where to exchange ?

    @Magnus_Lux It was changing the interface UI to larger. Should have been able to scroll down or drag the screen down to get to it. Or like I had said above, it should have been up on top. But thanks :)
  6. ultima_oNe

    New year certificates - where to exchange ?

    Before I could see and click on it. Thats why I thought it was either broken or ran out of time I had to change my interface UI scaling. But someone should have checked that. WG is really slipping in some of the more important QA checking Like indestructible modules. Torp aiming. Etc
  7. ultima_oNe

    New year certificates - where to exchange ?

    well thats a problem then, no way to scroll down that exchange should be at the top not hiding...
  8. So I have 5 of the certificates. It used to show an exchange option in the santa crates. Not showing anymore Where / how can I exchange the new year certificates ? Since the notes said until end of 10.11 Thanks
  9. ultima_oNe

    The Christmas Tree Event isn't Co-Op Friendly

    @Crucis not sure where you read this was co-op friendly ? I think the tree on webpage was a bit too vague... Should have said, MOUSE OVER THE ORNAMENTS ON THIS PAGE or something like "come back to the page to check up on missions on the ornaments" I was expecting something in the game.
  10. Well i'm participlating...but where is this ornament tree ??? Not finding it anywhere. Not in armoury. Not showing in missions. so where is this tree ?
  11. Why would the IFHE rework affect their base pen ?
  12. Ya because its a new commander. I can manage without LS for awhile. Its annoying. But if i'm in that bad of a situation...well probably not getting out alive anyways. ;)
  13. This caused a bit of a issue in a chat. Because IJN gunboats are suppossed to have a 1/4 value applied to their gun caliber size. 100 /4 = 25mm The person involved said no its 1/3 100 / 3 = 33mm The ingame client is showing 30mm as the HE pen value, without IFHE. So ya something weird is going on.
  14. ultima_oNe

    Shiratsuyu is Unplayable

    You are running into better players. You will hit torps far less than at lower tiers. Because people learned their mistakes. Plus higher tier ships tend to turn a bit better. You're up against the same issues I did when I got to that ship. Part of issue is when and how to use the torp reload booster. Once you fire your torps. You hit the reload booster. Fire off 2 more sets. Spread your torps out, to cover target turning etc. Or pick on 2 different targets. With spread out torps. I still see many players use the torp guide line only and...all torps miss. All following same path. I would always hang onto the torp reload booster for the oh crap moment. Happens so rare...I gave up. Using it right away gave better damage results. It's also harder to deal with the CV and high loss of HP. Don't get up front. You're a side attacker, hidden.
  15. ultima_oNe

    Nomogram Dynamic Crosshair notes

    The type of crosshair you use matters not. 20 into or 30knt. Static you have to be zoomed in fully for it to work. Dynamic you can zoom out and it will work. I can hit targets 20km+ out with dynamic no problem. As for the OP question. The wider bars are 30knts. Closer bars are 20knts.