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  1. Not very excited about this. 1. Already have the Graf Spee, and have enjoyed it for years. 2. The last "shipyard" event was so heavily in favor of those who spend money, it was demotivating since my budget is too limited.
  2. Swizzle757

    Graf Spee main gun range

    Part of my point, is that the other German BB's and Cruisers get the spotting planes. I think it would not make her "op" if she got the spotting plane she historically deserves. Great comments above from all, thanks! <edited> Even with a spotting plane, her main gun range will be much shorter than Scharnhorst. She has the same 2nd's as Bismarck and Tirpitz and her range is MUCH shorter. I understand that she has to be nerfed because she can't be a tier VII, yet she should at least get a better "nod" to what she could really do.
  3. Swizzle757

    Graf Spee main gun range

    I do think that the Graf Spee should have greater main battery range, and that it's secondaries have also been "nerfed" from what they could do in real life. However, I do realize that "game balance" is important. So, here's a thought about a change to that ship: Right now, it can only carry a Fighter. What about letting it carry a Spotter as well? Thanks for the upcoming discussion!