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  1. LcdrSwizzle

    Graf Spee main gun range

    Part of my point, is that the other German BB's and Cruisers get the spotting planes. I think it would not make her "op" if she got the spotting plane she historically deserves. Great comments above from all, thanks! <edited> Even with a spotting plane, her main gun range will be much shorter than Scharnhorst. She has the same 2nd's as Bismarck and Tirpitz and her range is MUCH shorter. I understand that she has to be nerfed because she can't be a tier VII, yet she should at least get a better "nod" to what she could really do.
  2. LcdrSwizzle

    Graf Spee main gun range

    I do think that the Graf Spee should have greater main battery range, and that it's secondaries have also been "nerfed" from what they could do in real life. However, I do realize that "game balance" is important. So, here's a thought about a change to that ship: Right now, it can only carry a Fighter. What about letting it carry a Spotter as well? Thanks for the upcoming discussion!