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  1. yea,, slipped my mind that theres more countries than Canada,, lol doh....
  2. 4.5 hours actually.... i just travelled it in 1 day..in Canada i guess is should say
  3. Fool_of_a_Took

    World Of Pirates.

    i used to play world of pirates.. it was a fun game.... but you get zerged pretty easily..
  4. Fool_of_a_Took

    Appreciation for CC and Retired CC’s thread

    The General was never a CC,, he was too effin Toxic !,, and was told so when he applied.. lol.. but yes he is the most entertaining warships streamer of all time !! " LOOSE" ...
  5. Fool_of_a_Took

    How to play Riga?

    thank you very much.!
  6. Fool_of_a_Took

    How to play Riga?

    thank you very much,, thats what i been doing.. just gotta get my degrasse aura back in me i guess.. heheheeh love that ship with all my heart
  7. Fool_of_a_Took

    How to play Riga?

    hey,, on the other side of the same note..... how is the chappy and its line best played? island hiding? open water like french cruisers? ive been trying open water.. but i get penned no matter how much i angle... ty in advance for any advice..
  8. Fool_of_a_Took

    Can`t log in

    servers just went down 5 minutes ago.. not sure why
  9. Fool_of_a_Took

    So are we going to tell WG no for RU CVs?

    I think Gimmicks keep the game interesting,, and i for one welcome russian cv's ( it wont change the amount of cv's we see,, the same cv players will just have something new to play with) , and most definetely welcome submarines,, and maybe in the future PT boats,, minelayers.. and anything else that sounds interesting.. id like to see civilian fishing boats out there also.....
  10. Fool_of_a_Took


    unless its the Arizona,, thats just a fun nostalgic ship to drive...
  11. Fool_of_a_Took

    Are Venezia guns simply pathetic?

    What in Crom's name are you babbling about... I do all my cruiser Cit's directive with the Venizia.. 6-10 cit's at a time.....
  12. Fool_of_a_Took

    Players we Don't need in the game

    yup me too !! lolol
  13. Fool_of_a_Took

    Was the Benham ever put up for sale?

    she's my absolute favorite ship.... great way to start the morning,, with a cup of Hot Java and 32 torps in the water simultaneously..
  14. Fool_of_a_Took

    Mouse's Take on the Short-List Fiasco

    they make nice gift's for your friends for xmas ... even 30 premium signals is nice.. but these ppl spending hundred and hundreds of dollars on gambling crates is a little off the wall...
  15. Fool_of_a_Took

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    I feel your pain Brother,, Im -28 wins this week .. cant even get a win in my Benham lately,, and that thing is a flank carrying machine......