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  1. watch the video WARGAMING provided .. its all there clearly defined.....
  2. Fool_of_a_Took

    I like the teamwork submarines bring.

    im not sure if anybody answered you, didnt see anything,, but there is no command to shoot backwards,, just look behind you and fire the same way you would aiming forwards... the rear tubes will fire then... hope this helps...
  3. Fool_of_a_Took

    Is this a chat ban

    this isnt true.. i started at a 3 day ban..
  4. Fool_of_a_Took

    Is this a chat ban

    I had a 5 day last month.. apparently the shortened form of Japanese is a chat bannable offense.. the first 3 letters and destroyer after it..
  5. Fool_of_a_Took

    Please fix bots shooting at submerged subs

    yea, I took my secondary built PEF in also,, and secondary's were shooting at a submarine submerged to 80 meters... had to shut them off when a dd came to finish the job..
  6. Fool_of_a_Took

    Submarines Pros and Cons - Initial Impressions

    No arming range on Sub's torpedo's ,, one just point blanked me...
  7. Fool_of_a_Took

    Beast made of Steel mission

    You have to stun the Spider and DD down the T-rex fast as you can ,, when the spider cast his total annhilate spell hide behind a barrel..
  8. Fool_of_a_Took

    Fun Sucked out of clan wars

    this is fake news... sap rarely bounces .. and its very easy for anyone to do 15k salvo's.. even me.
  9. Fool_of_a_Took

    Ranked Battles and Arms Race

    hehehe,, actually,, had awesome great teams all the way thru,, If the cruisers actually support the dd's getting the buffs.. everything goes well. .that was a lucky season for me.. very lucky
  10. Fool_of_a_Took

    Ranked Battles and Arms Race

    It took Took , 18 matches.. Venezia is a beast .
  11. Fool_of_a_Took

    tier 10 german BB kurfurst

    Full secondaries,, for mission directives in Co-op.. easy peezy
  12. Fool_of_a_Took

    When is WG going to fix shells falling short?

    would this have anything to do with when you have 2 ships in the reticle and your guns lock onto the ship closer to you although your aiming at the back one? i often have to SHIFT key out and back a couple times to lock on to the right ship..
  13. Fool_of_a_Took

    Your favorite midtier ship?

    DeGrasse !!!!!! her shot pattern so tight at range, could put her 9 guns thru a basketball hoop at 15 km...
  14. Fool_of_a_Took

    people in ranked have no clue how to play the game

    Tri-Hard should just take a Italian cruiser to ranked,, and be fully unhappy .. feel my pain...
  15. Fool_of_a_Took

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    I like Duckyshot, he bought me a sub. to citizen 9's twitch channel. and i didnt even notice till the next day so i didnt have a chance to thank him. So Thank you Duckyshot.