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  1. Sir_Apocolypse

    Update 0.7.9 - General Performance and Feedback

    We had our clan port fully unlocked and now we only have 89k oil?
  2. Sir_Apocolypse

    USSR wants compensation

    Yeah, I'm just sitting outside the game for a bit....we'll see what happens in a few more minutes.
  3. Sir_Apocolypse

    USSR wants compensation

    He is probably the same as the rest of us. Full restart here, checked game files, ran a co-op, a random...can't create or join a division since the server crash.
  4. Sir_Apocolypse

    USSR wants compensation

    Done the same as everyone else...stuck in a non-existent division....
  5. Sir_Apocolypse

    LittleWhiteMouse - Mega Ship Review Guide Page

    I approve! (Poor Lert...still trapped in a 'box', but then we can't have a black cat chasing around a LittleWhiteMouse too much now can we?)
  6. What's on my mind? I prefer to think a skull, skin and hair.