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    play world of tanks firsts then as a tester in world of warplanes a clan commander for a clan of 60 members called black flight squadron ranked 14th in the NA server for three yrs and look forward to being a tester for world of warships Served in the United States Coast Guard . 80 to 86

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Played wowp and was a beta tester for that game.i commanded a Clan called Black flight Squadron  60 members strong  .  for three years and we were ranked 14th in the NA server Got into these games when i found out about war of tanks in a tv ad and from there on i was hooked .Served in the Coast Guard for 6 years and of course ship interest me and love sub games as well i play World of Warplanes as a Closed beta tester the games are well design and nothing brings up your game when your facing real people in the battlefield so look forward to seeing the game develop into a great game and hope wargamers will take me in as a tester