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  1. 0 for me. After bring ripped off last Christmas buying WoWs boxes versus WoT boxes, and again with this spring with another type of box I'll never buy WoW boxes again.
  2. bigbear72us

    WoW Crates vs WoT loot boxes

    Also, got a tier 3 or 4 tank for free.
  3. bigbear72us

    WoW Crates vs WoT loot boxes

    You are right about me rounding off the figures.
  4. bigbear72us

    WoW Crates vs WoT loot boxes

    Not entitlement, but value for my dollar.
  5. This is my first Christmas with WoW and around my seventh with WoT. My $75 in WoW crates got me the following: 19K in coal (must of been on the naughty list), 3700 gold, and the rest flags and camos. $75 in WoT loot boxes provided the following:. 2 newly released tier 8 premiums, 1 newly released tier 6 premium, 5 newly released styles (permanent in WoT), 5 million in credits, 18k in gold, and 50 days in premium time. The difference between the two has left a sour taste in my mouth when it comes to WoW and will be very apprehensive about any further purchases when it comes to any sort of box/crate promotion.