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  1. 31KnotBurke

    So... Italian Cruisers

    Wait... Nobody is even talking about Alberto Di Juice-ssano? She is an absolute monster! I'm single-handedly balancing the CV scourge. T4 is my favorite tier since it suffers none of WG matchmaker f$%&-all bull $heet. She has turreted guns, decent AA, a fighter, secondaries (novel for a T4 cruiser), torpedoes...and the handling...my God, the handling. Nothing can run from you. She's incredibly tough to air-drop-torp with her insane agility. 39 knots of pure thoroughbred Italian excellence. She really is the complete package. She's also very good looking! I won my first 13 matches with her and currently have an 88% WR in 31 matches. My best plane swatting total is 38. Italian AA is bad they said! Build: PT, PM, DCCA (1) EM (2) BFT, SI (3) AFT, CE (4) -> 19 Juice can easily dev strike any DD with less than 10k HP. My first priority is always to join my DDs and hunt the enemy DDs. My AA provides early cover for my guys, too. The ship is a joy to play! Just keep away from BBs. She has almost no armor whatsoever. My only complaint here is her "A" hull technically has a better AA suite, but you lose a lot of handling and HP to get more AA. No thanks. Also, as I mentioned last month in a bug post, her AA is not historically accurate, either. Still the gem of the line for me. /31KtB
  2. 31KnotBurke

    Italian boats player verdict?

    Don't talk to me like I'm the only one. I like the ships..I can make just about any cruiser work...but this is another level of poor design.
  3. 31KnotBurke

    Italian boats player verdict?

    Hey all: Well I was really looking forward to Trento. I don't care much for Tier 6 in general but I liked her looks, and I was a very damn good player with both Abruzzi and Duca and figured her play style would mesh up with that. I'll just stay this: Trento is really bad. I mean really, really bad. I posted a couple months ago that SAP and smoke was a terrible gimmick and I got lit up like a Christmas tree for it. Even Notser is trying to be polite in his vids and I think he feels that these are trash. Trento's surface detection is entirely too large. Tier 6 and 7 BBs handily outspot her. She cannot stealth torp. Isn't that a trait? The AA is OK, at least I did fine with it....but if you fire at anything but max range at distracted targets you WILL be deleted. My experience is like many others....pop smoke and I'm still detected. SOMETHING isn't right with the smoke. On top of that the smoke doesn't last long enough to effectively disengage unless you are the extreme limit of detection. Its really, really hard to do good damage in Trento. I'm not trying to get to 100k...my average is 44k, and that is no easy task. She basically stays pinned to the flanks and spends matches running. Honestly, there really is no reason whatsoever that Italian cruisers cannot have defensive hydro. I'm fine without AA as fighter is fine, but hydro is a cruiser tool. I don't understand the logic. In 12 games I've somehow managed a 58% WR but only 27k damage. Its really not been fun. Normally I would sit back and call the devs a bunch of st****, moronic, fu**alls....but I won't do that. I don't know what goes through their minds sometimes. I just wish we could drop the gimmicks and find a nice balance on class lines rather than national lines. Duca and Abruzzi are really fun to play. Tough, but fun. Trento is just not fun. Genova is an outright disaster. I was looking forward to Tier 4 but now I'm not so sure. I shouldn't be forced to play 8-10 to have fun in any line of ships. The line seems to be a failure, I'm sorry to say. /31ktB
  4. Hey guys: Thanks for checking this out @SireneRacker. While I understand that WG is not necessarily seeking to be historically accurate, if Tier IV CVs are going to continue to be a thing, then I would like to see this historical AA battery. I know the difference between what WG envisions and what I am proposing are small, but they aren't game breaking. Her AA will still have short reach and her DPS will also not be overwhelming. Her AA will still be "bad" as a national flavor, but at least she can defend herself a little bit. /31
  5. Howdy and good evening: Looking over the stats of the Tier IV Italian cruiser Alberto di Giussano and watching a couple of testing vids have disclosed an issue with her light AA suite. Firstly, her "A" hull AA seems to be better than her "B" hull suite, which makes little sense. Also, neither of her suites has any historical bearing. To the best of my knowledge and referencing various books on Italian cruisers, Giussano never fielded 40mm QF AA guns. The 4x2 13.2cm MG mounts on her "A" hull are historically accurate, however, she fielded these at the start of World War II, along with 8x1 20mm/65 Breda 1939s, which are featured on the "B" hull. Presently in-game her "B" hull features 10 x 20mm, in four twin and two single mounts. This is historically inaccurate. Proposed change: Giussano "B" hull: Aura near: 8x1 20mm/65 Breda 1939 @7DPS per mount, aura total of 56 DPS, from 0.1km to 2.0km (reduction of two guns) 4x2 13.2cm Breda 1931 MGs @ 8.5DPS per mount, aura total of 68 DPS, from 0.1 to 1.5km NOTE: The 1931 Breda is a license-built copy of the French Hotchkiss M1929 mount, which is featured on the Duguay-Trouin already in the game. The mounts of the Duguay produce 8.5DPS per gun, while Italian guns produce 7.875DPS per gun. My proposal unifies these figures to the higher figure. Total continuous DPS: 114 - very comparable to her rivals at Tier IV, gives her a bit of teeth vs. Tier 4 CV threat Giussano "A" hull: delete 4x2 13.2cm Breda 1931 MGs, transfer to "B" hull. Leave 40mm QF guns. A hull will have extremely weak AA suite, as it should. As a side note, the only place I could find a reference to Giussano fielding a 40mm QF AA gun was in [edited]. It seems like her AA mount configurations are copy-pasta from a competing game with the same ship... GJ Wargaming! Source: Stille, Mark. Italian Cruisers of World War II Osprey; New York, New York, 2018
  6. 31KnotBurke

    Testing Ark Royal in Killer Whale

    Hey all! Really good thread here. I bought the Ark Royal and have really just started getting into CV play. My first ten Random games were terrifyingly bad. The enemy just all pretty much stayed grouped up which greatly punishes ARs weak aircraft. At the limit of my frustration, someone on Reddit suggested AR was really good for Operations. I will sheepishly admit I have NEVER played a single Op in my four years in WoWS. Welp, I loaded Arky into Killer Whale and proceeded to experiment. Needless to say I have Killer Whale down to a science. I'm averaging 150k per match, with a best of 199, 882 damage. I tried level bombing and rockets at first but stick almost exclusively to VTs. The weak AA on most ships is a huge plus, and the fast regeneration is really amazing. Ark Royal is a murderwagon, for sure. I did find her level bombers excellent for killing soft shore installations. Forts shrug off her bombs, not worth attacking them. The play can get a bit repetitive but your team will always find a wrench to throw in the works and sometimes may need a carry. Overall, I took some lessons learned into Randoms, but I still prefer the Operations. Its a lot less frustrating than Randoms I know for 100% certainty the bots aren't cheating/modding/being salty. Ark Royal is pretty darn good after all. My $.02
  7. WG: Seriously....can you just stop flipping your [edited] switch on? Just dispense with the gimmicks already. After watching just about every video about the new Italian cruisers, they don't look fun. What is wrong with following the Duca model....fast, nimble ships with anemic but FAST HE and reasonable AP shells, slow but long-ranged torpedoes, and hydro/DFAA on the same platform? Are the Duca and Abruzzi the strongest ships out there? No. Are they fun to play and reasonably balanced? I think so. STOP trying to decide what is fun. You obviously can't figure that out. START listening to your players who PAY you for a change. /31KtB
  8. 31KnotBurke

    Wichita - We're Not in Kansas Anymore

    If you're feeling feisty, try mounting the Secondary Battery Modification in Slot 3. Mind you, I'm not saying spec for secondaries, just mount the module. With flag your sexy single-mount 5"/38s now reach out to 7.6km, which is really not much below your concealment. I've gotten three CQEs in my Wichita in the last week. You can easily surprise DDs with your stealth and radar, and the added secondary range/accuracy is amazing for delivering surprise buttsexx. I love my Witchy-witch. My WR over 150 battles with her is 64.49% and 61k damage. She is the ULTIMATE ambush predator. I love her so much! /Burke
  9. Now that the names have been changed, lets get hydroacoustic search back. In my mind, there is no reason whatsoever for these ships to not have hydro. At the MINIMUM give the Tier IV hydro since it won't be getting fuel smoke. I can live with these ships not having DFAA, but even that is barely living. How about a 50% DFAA, or even 25%. These shells better be the finger of God if we have to give up cruiser tools for them. /Burke
  10. 31KnotBurke


    I'll tell you what they did...they lost me. I'm out. Done. Not one more penny. Uninstalled. Waited three years to play this, enjoyed my 2+ years, spent hundreds if not a couple thousand. I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU F---ERS ANOTHER DIME. Drop DEAD. /Burke out
  11. 31KnotBurke

    Premium Tier VIII USN CA: Wichita

    Crzyhawk: I'd be fine with that so long as she gets all tools together: DFAA, hydro, plane all on the same platform. I don't need SHS, I make Indy work fine with Mk19 and US angles. A better Indy with 27mm armor and better concealment is still a buy for me.
  12. 31KnotBurke

    Premium Tier VIII USN CA: Wichita

    These nerfs now make her Tier 7. She can nicely complement the Indy. Honestly, Wichita was the last "Treaty" cruiser and should be Tier 7. Leave her 27mm plate, Mk19 AP ammo, nerfed concealment and plop her into Tier 7. She would make more money for Wargaming as a Tier 7 anyway. Also: Measure 12 Modified premium camo When (tm)?
  13. 31KnotBurke

    New Bote: USS Wichita

    WG - PAY ATTENTION! This is the camo we want. My Wallet is Waiting (tm).
  14. 31KnotBurke

    New Bote: USS Wichita

    Hey guys: I'll just add more hype. Wichita has one awesome-looking flag.... Wichita When (tm)? Tooooday baby..... Measure 12 Modified Camo When? Flag of Wichita, Kansas /31KtB
  15. 31KnotBurke

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Yubari

    Just had a 7-kill game in my Yubari .... my second 7-kill, the other in an Arkansas Beta. Sinks include Wyoming, Kuma, South Carolina, 2 x Kohlberg, Karlsruhe, and an Arkansas Beta. Yes, she is broken, but in the right hands she can be downright lethal. One thing I love about the Yubari is her fast-firing, quiet, and ACCURATE guns. Of all the ships I have played, the Yubari has by far the most accurate rifles. /31KtB