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  1. Unlike several of the unicum clans out there, we're an open recruitment clan (for now till we reach max capacity most likely) to anyone who meets our requirements.
  2. It worked enough for 4 teams lol
  3. I didn't know General Discussion was the new Clan Recruitment section? But i guess if both Salty and sour are full of rerolls and cheaters they'll just make a 3rd clan for more fodder in Clan Battles... Maybe name it, Taint, or something like that.
  4. It was before I got to the rank 5 bracket. I never run det flags till then but when i saw that happen I just said no.
  5. Saw this happen in ranked last season. All of them happened on my team so I quit after that. Simply wasn't going to put myself through that again.
  6. Well it's one of the camos (like the Mikasa, Aurora, Diana) that look good so I'd definitely love to keep it.
  7. I'd staright up quit. No way in hell do i need cancer from both War Thunder and then see it come to wows.
  8. It's the white, premium camo. I was curious if I could essentially find the file for it, save it, and then add it to the res mods content/gameplay/etc file that I have amassed from you and a few others.
  9. Hey Tanz, I've got another question for you. Picked up the Konig Albert last night just for the fun of it, but it's actually got a great camouflage for it and I don't want it to be removed from the camouflage remover mod from Aslains. Is there a way I can go into the game files and find the skin, and add it to my skin collection? Thanks, Swagger
  10. If you're here to have fun, then by all means enjoy the game in whatever way you want to. If you're wanting to improve, there are countless resources available to you in both text and video where you can watch and listen to how other players do so well. Streams and YouTube would be where I would start. It lets you see first person what they're doing and what they're thinking. Enjoy the game, and do what you want to do. Take any advice when given if you truly want to improve.
  11. It's not elitist if everyone has the same opportunity in game to do the same things that the top 1% of players can do. You saying that you won't ever see a benefit from this is only left on your behalf for not actively trying, instead you find it easier to come on the forums and complain.