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  1. Yes because I'd like to get your account and sell it to someone on the Chinese server.
  2. Ran into @LadyTorpida last night while in my Yamato. Poor Fletcher stood no chance against the 460's. "Whoops"
  3. Haven't you already quit the game twice now? And like sold all of your ships, dismissed your captains? Or is this a different Aakula?
  4. I assume I'd only have to do this once and it would keep the name after every patch I re paste the skins? Can you also recommend me an unpacker?
  5. Hey Tanz, I've been trying all of your Bismarck skins to see if they will work with a new skin folder collection I've been working on, but for some reason the Bismarck is the only ship in game which the in game camouflage won't remove. It Appears to only remove it if I select any other in game camo other than the two permanent ones that were unlocked during the campaign. Anything that you can think of that would cause it?
  6. You're at this point, asking and answering your own questions. That's not the intended purpose of the thread.
  7. Unicum can be defined the same way as it is defined by Warships.today (luckily someone has already posted that). However, I'll point out a few things to help you out: In your opinion one may consider what you average to be good, while others don't. That is exactly why this help desk uses WT, since it is a database of averages between you and other players. To those who are on the top end of the system and thoroughly understand the logic to how it works, and what needs to be done to attain it (and sometimes use and abuse it), it lets the players who pose the question find out answers from the top players. Now, as far as your "priorities" while playing the game though, they can differ all across the board, from game to game. For me, my priority is to stay as effective as possible for the total 20 minute game duration. I don't want to be at the wrong part of the map where I assume no action is taken place (however, this in itself can be different, as you may be able to snag a free cap and flank the team). You say you want to mainly damage battleships, however, since we all know they are some of the most heavily armored ships in game, you should spend more time on focusing cruisers and destroyers to assist your team, and only worry about a battleship when he gives you a good target of opportunity, or when your team can collectively focus down a target one at a time. Focus fire is the key to eliminating ships in a game. You'll see it in competitive matches where the team calls for a specific ship to die when they extend themselves, and typically they go down rapidly as the entire team is focusing just the one target. You're looking at W/R in the wrong terms. Imagine luck doesn't exist. A saying I like to use personally is that "Luck doesn't exist. Luck is for those who go out and fail to achieve their mission." Therefor, luck is left for those who wish they can be aided by their own faults. This is all from Allan McNish. Instead, look at other's W/R in terms of those who understand how a game can/will play out and attempt to put their full effort into making sure they come out on top. Many games can easily be won by one player, however, that is not to say that these games are easy in itself. I just wouldn't simply discount it for a matter of "someone being lucky" 67% of the time, because it's a measured statistic. Luck should be random no? Everyone can have an opinion (and we all know the saying about them) but that doesn't mean it's a just opinion or fair either. In this case, you may be heavily overthinking it based upon prior instances that you have read/seen/heard about before. Just because you think it is does not mean that it is.
  8. Except you can't give det flags to the whole team.
  9. Bump.... since ya know, it's kinda getting a bit ridiculous.
  10. Hi Tanz, long time-no see! I was wondering if you could help me out. I've recently acquired the Missouri in-game, and sadly I've got no skin for it. I notice that the turrets and the 5-in guns maintain their colors from the Iowa. I'm curious if I could have your Missouri skin from the C hull Iowa, work for the Missouri by changing the name. Hopefully i could keep both the C hull Iowa and Missouri both sharing the same skin, but with a different name for the two files? What do you think? Could it work?
  11. This. And if you feel compelled for some reason that no one is asking for, to be more, I don't know, "nice?" in chat, then you've got priorities wrong. Just play the game and you'll be fine. Don't worry about the chat, and don't worry about anyone else. You're first priority should be about improving your own gameplay, not worrying about how others perceive you in chat.
  12. Deep inhale... Deep exhale... If you cant beat'em, join'em. Cant join'em, then better yourself if it's that much of an issue to you. So many of these clan shame threads are completely one sided, and often times the OP or those who agree with the OP refuse to even get to know the "enemy" they chose to fight against.