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  1. Bad day...until....

    lol I've been having a terrible time today as well until i switched to DM.
  2. Des Moines as it currently is performs just fine. TBH I have noticed the same "stubby barrel" effect, but any visual change should not result in the changes of ballistics for the DM. The only buff that would be nice for the DM to receive is a buff to its armor plating to prevent lolpens from 406mm guns.
  3. KillClub

    hoooooooo boy this is some good stuff
  4. Is it really a PSA when it affects.... no one? If your attempting to swing the mindset of an online, f2p game let me know how your theory crafting goes then. Whether you think it's right or not, you're still going to be drowned out by the masses on the opposite end of the scale.
  5. I rate 5/7, an almost true masterpiece
  6. I don't know what's more funny, seeing Timmy being posted on the forums going ballistic or posters thinking that they're forum moderators, lol
  7. Unlike several of the unicum clans out there, we're an open recruitment clan (for now till we reach max capacity most likely) to anyone who meets our requirements.
  8. It worked enough for 4 teams lol
  9. Flavour of the Ocean

    I didn't know General Discussion was the new Clan Recruitment section? But i guess if both Salty and sour are full of rerolls and cheaters they'll just make a 3rd clan for more fodder in Clan Battles... Maybe name it, Taint, or something like that.
  10. It was before I got to the rank 5 bracket. I never run det flags till then but when i saw that happen I just said no.
  11. Saw this happen in ranked last season. All of them happened on my team so I quit after that. Simply wasn't going to put myself through that again.