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  1. Me either, I am assuming my invite got lost in the mail.
  2. If you still need help, I would like to join, Sounds like fun. At least your dying for a reason. :P
  3. I am not sure if you still need people but I would like to help out with this.
  4. Wadcutter71

    Results - First Month of Twitch Crates Link

    I get about 1 a day, they usually show up at around 7pm ET. I have gotten 3 once, and then a dry spell for a few days. I usually have a stream up 24/7
  5. Wadcutter71

    Thanks Support Team

    To whomever it was that helped me with my account issue, thanks. I can't find the email so I don't know your name, but I appreciate it. I worked CS for a while, and I didn't think enough people said it back then, and you probably don't hear it enough even now.