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  1. In a VERY special KOTS-themed episode, the boys and girls from team [KS-A], made up of clans [-TKS-] and [R-SKY] discuss that process and how it felt to pull off a surprise win over one of NA's finest in their first match. Furthermore, SUBS ARE COMING TO RANKED and superbattleships are going to be your summer! Get on board. YouTube: Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-079-KOTS-Team-KS-As-Moment-to-Shine-e10dco4
  2. On a VERY special episode, Borla and Boggzy shoot on the opening day of KOTS XII, whether Leroy Jenkins was first a man or a meme, and bring Feuerja in to discuss the proper way to ruin people's lives in the new Tier 10 KMS CV "Max Immelmann". YouTube: Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-078-Max-Immelmann-with-Feuerja-evpvu0
  3. Do not be fooled by the Imposter Ashley commander in-game because the real ASHLEYakaASHLEY is here to talk Twitch Teams, fundraising, alternate game-modes, and why she hates the Danae! YouTube: < Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-076-Will-the-Real-ASHLEYakaASHLEY-please-stand-up-eu7ojb
  4. Very special guest Statsbloke talks his own podcast "Statsthonk", changes to King of the Sea, and what it realistically looks like to be a new player to WoWs in 2021. BONUS! He will be casting a special tournament on Weds 7th April 1700UTC / 1800BST / 1900CEST - RAF vs Royal Navy show match on my Twitch, co-casted by Flambass! Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-075-Statsblokes-Warship-Podcast-eu3ste YouTube: https://youtu.be/x1qU0WCC9Po
  5. On a VERY special episode, Boggzy and Borla have the pleasure of sitting down with Community Contributor, Twitch Streamer, KOTS Caster, YT creator, and all-around awesome guy ViirtualSenpai! Topics range from Canadians vs. Americans to memories of the CC Summit in Russia to whether or not he does voices on Family Guy. Anchor: <https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-074-Mr--Steal-yo-Girl-ViirtualSenpai-etbb5j> YouTube:
  6. In his first solo episode ever, Borla leans on the boys from [DALE] about botes and Nascar and why Dale Earnhardt is worth forming a clan around! YouTube: https://youtu.be/4oclVLSSWvA Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-073-From-TASH-to-DALE-esrkfs
  7. The_Brain spends a little time discussing his team behind "The Best of Twitch" on YouTube, trading film school for neurobiology, and what it's like to navigate media platforms. Oh, also Flamu was ejected from the CC program and we're totally not gonna talk about. YouTube: https://youtu.be/BOXWIpCq6OY
  8. She declined the interview. Big sad.
  9. **Episode 070: The Denarmo Interview No One Asked For** We've been asked to get him on, and now he's finally here! Reigning King of Wows-memes Denarmo himself talks about his origins, his influences, and the realities of being a content creator! YouTube: https://youtu.be/OyFi0NylSZQ Anchor: <https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-070-The-Denarmo-Interview-No-One-Asked-For-er14p2>
  10. This is a good point - I also wish I could have asked. I think I wanted to keep the questions more in tune with KOTS organizing, administrating, and what to expect from the future. I was surprised he wanted to talk about Dead-Eye frankly :)
  11. Capt.Bon and Reis of [NOCAP] NA and [NOCAP] EU talk master classes, homegrown tournaments, and the Italian BB line. YouTube: https://youtu.be/aavmRMFDfQE Anchor: <https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-069-NOCAP--Kill-All-eqnrme>
  12. The King of Coop, MR. CONWAY stops by the add a human voice to the buyout of King of the Sea by Wargaming. Unrelated, Boggzy and Borla ask him if he's familiar with a little skill called "Dead-Eye"... TIMESTAMPS: 01:35 - Meet Mr. Conway / from Paris to Prague 10:01 - WG buys KOTS, How did it come about? 13:04 - Sponsors for KOTS? 17:00 - Ship bans for all Servers 22:04 - No. Thunderers. 24:12 - Pasta BB's in this KOTS? 25:40 - Survey results published 27:51 - Best way to give feedback 31:38 - Oh Hai, Dead-Eye 34:58 - Spreadsheets and Borla's Monster Dog 36:50 - How WG tracks skill choices 38:40 - Bans for Clan Battles 41:15 - Future of Supercruisers 42:49 - SINK A SHIP 44:25 - KOTS halftime show? YouTube: Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-068-MR-CONWAY-on-KoTS-Buyout-and-Skill-Rework-eqhrvg
  13. The captain skill rework has been out for nearly a week now and the battle lines are being drawn as BB's start to sit further and further out to make use of Dead Eye. Boggzy invites Doyl3 of [O7] Devastating Strike to discuss his skill guide and frequent co-host Borla of clan [KSC] to find out what all of these new skills mean for the meta of randoms and competitive and why you DON'T HAVE TO CAMP IN SPAWN as a BB ... Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-066-Captain-Rework-w-Doyl3-of-O7-epetv9 YouTube:
  14. Hold My Beer and Non_Sequitor of clan [YOLO] discuss their homegrown tournament called "Saturnalia" and a little about their history along with a first impressions of the new Commander Skills Rework! Saturnalia Discord: https://discord.gg/uYJ6KfB3tU [YOLO] Discord: https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR
  15. In the first episode that features English and Spanish, Boggzy is joined by reps from clans [-BN-], [SUR], and [FURIA] to discuss a growing call for a Pan-American line of destroyers. LATAM CC TalleyRand goes over the details of a highly detailed proposal made in the forums. YouTube: Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-064-Pan-American-Destroyer-Line-Proposal-ep0r7d