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  1. Boggzy

    With all the money WG makes...

    Hi, everyone We carried out a routine server restart at around 07:00 UTC or about midnight Pacific Time, 3am Eastern. Sorry for the trouble, but sometimes the servers need a moment to chill :D https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/hot-issues/35903/
  2. Boggzy

    Short Notes on New Botes: Bajie

    Will you guys laugh if I say that not everything we add to the game is directly tied to money? Some things, like Steel and Research Bureau Points, are more about rewarding those who play long-term with goals, rather than directly encouraging the expenditure of money. *Cue the cynical responses*
  3. Boggzy

    Poor USS California...

    The reload rate is slow compared to other T7 BB's because her salvo weight is enormous. You can use this fun website to quickly compare ships and their characteristics: https://shiptool.st/ Then also check the shell ballistics for that big AP salvo... You can see that California has a combination of several factors - 2nd highest AP salvo weight, accuracy, range, and ballistics, that all make her an excellent sniper. The tradeoff is that she is slow and that she has a long reload. The reload is slightly worse than Florida and Sinop, though her shells are heavier than Florida's and there is no comparing range/accuracy to Sinop. If you're not a fan of the heavy-broadside / Sniper style that the American "Standard" Battleships bring, you might enjoy Gneisnau, Prinz Heinrich, or Renown'44 as they are much better suited to close-quarter slugfests.
  4. Boggzy

    Poor USS California...

    She's designed as a sniper, which is why she has a large salvo weight, good verticle dispersion, and incredible ballistics. She can't be good at EVERYthing...
  5. That was quick! This was fixed just hours before I mentioned it. @Ahskance also mentioned it and it was adjusted. Please note that not ALL missions are available in AE mode, but the vast majority are.
  6. Hiya, While there certainly will not be a micro-patch, but things like this can be adjusted. We will pass on your feedback about the DY missions not being available for Airship Escort Mode. If I'm speculating here - I suspect that it was not considered since the DY missions were created back in October or November for the December Dockyard. Airship Escort was not on anyone's mind when that happened, so it's possible that this is something that could be added. Thanks!
  7. Boggzy

    Lost In Translation?

    @Shandar2169 I will contact CS and inquire. Can you DM me your Ticket# please?
  8. I think we'll have some updates on that in '23
  9. Captains! The Treasure Hunt event comes to a conclusion on today's NA Community Stream as we draw the winners of some incredible physical prizes put up by our partners! Everyone who participated in the Treasure Hunt and earned Treasure Tokens is already entered and we will draw the lucky winners tonight on our stream - Live! Some of the prizes include an OMEN Game Desktop, and XBOX Series X, and even a Gaming Chair! For those of you that did not take part in the Treasure Hunt - worry not! The NA Community Team will have prizes that you can win as well just by showing up and enjoying the show. We will raffle off some bonuses and maybe even a Ship Container or two. Join Boggzy and Konception as they spin the wheel to see who uncovers the buried treasure! 5pm Central US Time on our channel: https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships
  10. Boggzy

    new patch is pretty buggy

    There is a known bug where the music from the Santa's Crate Window will continue to play outside of it's area.
  11. Boggzy

    So, I bought the Schroder

    It's actually not that big or ungainly. I keep seeing people call it the same hull as Agir / Siegfried - but it's not. It's more maneuverable on it's own and with the speed-boost it can do a lot more. I almost always take prop-mod over rudder, but I might try rudder as I find myself running down other DD's and cruisers and needing to swing my nose alot. It's actually a fair bit skinnier than it's two "sisters". Also, I'm seeing people mistaking the dispersion of the secondaries. It has the same base dispersion as the Preussen / GK line.
  12. Boggzy

    So, I bought the Schroder

    Have to disagree with you here. Schroder's agility is not even in the same league as Agir. Schroder has a 15% speed-booster on a German Large Cruiser. That's pretty bananas. Not only that, it's on a Large Cruiser that specifically is bristling with secondaries, meaning you can chase and "lock down" ships in your secondary range and guarantee kills in many cases. Like a number of other DY ships, Schroder takes some time to find her strengths, then get good at exploiting them, but the speed-boost is a game-changer for something with that much upper-hull armor and that many powerful secondaries
  13. Technically they could, yes - but what I don't want to do is flood the server with a few specific ships in the case of "just a few rentals" and trying to add many rentals to that many accounts is a prohibitive amount of work.
  14. Right? There is something oddly satisfying about getting a unique number in an ocean of uniformity and being like, "This is my bounty account. There are many like it, but this one is mine".