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  1. Officially, a cruiser that burns like a Battleship is a "Large Cruiser", regardless of gun caliber. Stalingrad, Agir, Alaska, Harlem, JohanDW, and Gouden are all "Large Cruisers". Personally, when a cruiser that burns like a battleship ALSO has large caliber guns, I tend to refer to them as "supercruisers" like much of the community does, but this is a colloquial term used by the community and not the term World of Warships uses to denote a cruiser that burns like a battleship. Possibly, but not officially yet. CB in naval parlance refers to "Large Cruiser", while CC refers to "Battlecruiser", but we do not use it internally the way we use CL, CA, BB, CV, DD because we are trying to keep things less complicated in this manner. That does not mean, however, that it cannot change in the future. If enough Large Cruisers are in the game to the point where being designated CB instead of CA is deemed more helpful than confusing, it may happen. Generally speaking, there are only 5 classes of ship in World of Warships: DD - Destroyer CA - Cruiser BB - Battleship CV - Aircraft Carrier SS - Submarine "Battlecruisers" is a term telling you something about the characteristics of a Battleship. If you are an aficionado of internet Naval History you will encounter a long and somewhat arbitrary argument over whether things were every truly "battlecruisers" or whether they were merely battleships. Every person has their own way of understanding and succinctly describing the characteristics of a ship, so there will be some variance. We're still people . For example, I will refer to the new German BB line as Battlecruisers, because that is the fastest way I can reference them and the way they should be played: HUNTING CRUISERS. I will refer to the Repulse as a Battlecruiser because it's fastest, poorly armored, but still possesses Battleship firepower. It's job is to chase down and sink cruisers, which was the Battlecruiser role in real life. They are still battleships for game mechanic purposes. Cruisers and destroyers have variances too - the Zorkiy is basically a light cruiser, but is still technically a Destroyer. The Khaba, Kleber, and Ragnar all push the boundary between DD and CA/CL because they perform more akin to what a light cruiser does than the majority of DD's. They are not CALLED CL's because DD means they have no citadel and have specific standard times on their DCP consumable. There was no reason to avoid referring to "Large Cruisers" as "Supercruisers" until the introduction of Superships, when the language began to get confusing. Annapolis is a Supership Cruiser, but not a "Supercruiser" in the way the community understands it: burns like a BB. Stalingrad is a Large Cruiser, often called "Supercruiser", but is not a supership. We're in the process of making sure things are as clear as possible across our upcoming publications and where it comes up in-game.
  2. The French CA's are fast, mobile, and hit extremely hard. They do not tank well and don't hold up under sustained fire, so camping with a ship like this is not a play-style that will find you much success "Battlecruiser" is not an official term in World of Warships that translates in to something specific. We have cruisers and battleships as classes and each brings with it a set of actual game-values. For example, Battleships burn longer and have slower reload times on their damage control party than cruisers, but also longer action times. "Large Cruiser" is a term we use to indicate a cruiser that also possess' the burning characteristics of a Battleship, but still maintains the DCP action time and reload of a cruiser. This is the official WoWs term, but people often refer to them as "Supercruisers" like Alaska, Stalingrad, Agir, Siegfried. "Battlecruiser" is a term that historically meant a ship that was the size of a battleship, possessed the weapons of a battleship, but lacked armor to increase speed in order to keep up with and engage cruisers. In WoWs, an example of a ship that fits that profile is the T6 Repulse: having weak armor, high speed, and BB-caliber guns. The German BB line ending in Schlieffen is another example of a BB that is often called a "Battlecruiser", while the Siegfried also fits this bill but is designated as a Cruiser. Then there are also "Light Battleships" that possess all the characteristics or a Battleship, but just seem to be downscaled a bit. Dunkerque and Strasbourg are examples of this - with weapon calibers that are still BB, but are relatively small and quicker than other BB's. Scharnhorst also fits this bill as it is a Battleship in terms of armor layout, but possess' a gun caliber that you might find on a Large Cruiser.
  3. Oh, I see. Apologies then, I thought the implication was outside sites as I know how important they are to a lot of folks. I'm afraid I can't agree that the stats are going to become "false". Multiple types of game setups have existed for a long time now and stats include those. Modes like Epicenter, Standard Battle, and Domination all influence the length of a battle and your stats along with them. Your random battle stats have always included the stats from those modes and Arms Race will too so I don't believe stats will experience a major difference with the inclusion of Arms Race.
  4. @IfYouSeeKhaos We've actually discussed this. One of the things to remember is that independent data-tracking sites like wows numbers are not affiliated with WG or World of Warships. They are purely fan-sites, so we don't based our decisions around how it will affect them, generally.
  5. Thanks for your patience, OP! I’ve learned that, during the transition period after the separation of Lesta / WG, players and clans on NA/EU/ASIA servers may still be matched against CIS server clans for things like Clan Battles or Naval Battles for now. Thanks for asking about this and I hope that makes it a bit more clear.
  6. Boggzy

    Atlantico Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    He's not kidding - it's against the EULA to intentionally grief an allied player's game by trying to pin them and prevent them from playing. Send a CA ticket with a replay and include that the NA CM's suggested it.
  7. Boggzy

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    Yep! Once you play a Tier 5 you are in the Danja Zone!
  8. Respectfully, we make enormous efforts to incorporate historical reality into our game at every step of development. However, at the end of the day this is an arcade game and cannot be restricted by the bounds of pure historical accuracy. Nearly every ship at T7 and above would have radar if that were the case. The ships themselves have been enlarged by what I believe is a factor of 3 just to make things more appropriately visible. The speed of the ships and the distances covered are also adjusted to make sure you don't spend 3 hours covering the 20km to reach a target. This is video game reality. You may not agree with how some of the end results are when it comes to the attributes of a ship, but you should be aware of the amount of research and care that goes into the process. One last thing.... at some of the engagement distances that actually happened in WW2, the shell flight times were around a full minute. I don't know about you, but I don't believe I would EVER land a shell that had a 60 second lead time
  9. Oh, no kidding? I remember hearing about Ajax and Achilles frequently in naval history battles of World War II. I had no idea that Achilles was actually part of the commonwealth contribution to the war.
  10. Boggzy

    HMCS Huron's Initial Performance

    I'm afraid that's not really an option at this point. Huron will be a Tier 7 Commonwealth destroyer similar to but different from her sister-ship, Haida.
  11. Boggzy

    HMCS Huron's Initial Performance

    But we're not making a Tier 8 ship. We are making a Tier 7 ship.
  12. I myself don’t know much about the New Zealand Navy. Any historical ships that come to your mind?
  13. Boggzy

    HMCS Huron's Initial Performance

    Part of the reason Haida is a little too good for her tier is that her conceal is head-and-shoulders better than that vast majority of other T7 destroyers. I’d wager that anyone familiar with Haida knows just how strong that makes her. Huron should be an excellent version of a Canadian Tribal-class that fits within the T7 balance spectrum better than Haida does. Trade crawling smoke for a heal and trade a little concealment for better dpm. Voila! Similar enough for a Haida enjoyer to take out and immediately feel familiar but different enough to have a new experience. I, for one, am looking forward to it!
  14. Boggzy

    Anzac Day – Vampire and Perth

    I’ve just asked if the winners were posted somewhere or if they were just credited. Let you know when I find out!
  15. Boggzy

    Does Viribus Unitis need buff?

    Duly acknowledged You get my point though. VU doesn't have a special matchmaker and suffers when uptiered just like anything else does.