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  1. A few ships that need to be fixed

    If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it will be a great dinner
  2. A few ships that need to be fixed

    Iowa guns 9 × 16 in (406 mm)/50 cal Mark 7 guns AL guns 9 × 16 in (406 mm)/45 cal Mark 6 guns NC guns 9 × 16 in (406 mm)/45 caliber Mark 6 guns Mas guns 9 × 16 in (410 mm)/45 caliber Mark 6 guns So three are all the same ship with little change to armor and AA, As far as whining Im not just asked a simple question and go a canned answer to it,
  3. A few ships that need to be fixed

    So with this logic all M16 are the same even so they are all different M16A1 M16A2 M4 AR15 are all the same with a little change to them but are all the same, So the four BBs said are all the same as far as main guns but different ships as far as Armor belt and AA. But I still have not gotten a decent answer to why the Mut has above torps or not all four other then WG does not do fix mounted tubes. S
  4. A few ships that need to be fixed

    Sorry Duck do you have something to say that is not a insult? If you do then say it, other then you trolling you need to stop.
  5. A few ships that need to be fixed

    Well since we are now insulting each other " By the logic you are displaying, Iowa is the same as the three T8 battleships. After all, she only has a few changes to armour and AA, right? yes lets go with YES same ship as other three. If this was true " The version of Mutsu that appears in game comes from before that refit. " why is there no below water line torpedo tubs ?
  6. A few ships that need to be fixed

    Japanese battleship Mutsu The ship was also fitted with eight 533-millimetre (21.0 in) torpedo tubes, four on each broadside, two above water and two submerged. Around 1926, the four above-water torpedo tubes were removed and the ship received three additional 76 mm AA guns that were situated around the base of the foremast. SO Mut should have fixed tubes below water line or none at all. As far as look at the three T8 they are all the same with a few changes to Armor and AA guns. SO all the same ship.
  7. A few ships that need to be fixed

    Ok then why do we have three T8 US BB that are all the same? one grind two premium, Its people like to play them and that's they only reason to have that many in game. So G needs to have the choice of what guns you want to have. As far as fixed torps the Mut does have fixed torps since it can not shot torps behind it as KII or Graff or many others can, you have to turn ship outside of a 90D.
  8. A few ships that need to be fixed

    Have to say [edited] on this part Hood's torpedoes are fixed mount, and WG has expressed that there's been some difficulties in including fixed mount torpedoes before—There's also the precedent it sets, since so many of the low tier battleships historically also had fixed mount torpedoes set into their hulls. Since other ships have fixed mounts " MUTSU " for one, so that cant be the reason. Gneisenau's guns represent a planned upgrade that never happened to the actual ship. The 11 inch gun version exists in game as Scharnhorst, a tier 7 premium, Never happened so should not be in game. If we are going with planed then a lot of ships need to be changed to fit planed ( things that never happened ) refits. Belfast had torps and needs to have them in game or have a choice to have them mounted minus the 1950s upgrade.
  9. rip all sub haters

    will be the death of the game.
  10. A few ships that need to be fixed

    Here are a Few ships to start with that need to be fixed to keep in with the true specs. HMS Belfast: Missing are the 6 x 21-inch ( 533 mm ) torpedo tubes. HMS Hood: Missing 2 × 2 – 21-inch/ above water torpedo tubes. Gneisenau: needs to be changed to 9 × 28 cm/54.5 (11 inch) SK C/34, not the 3x2 that it now has.
  11. Yeah your right, Im not that good to think Im the I in team or even the best, my stats like yours don't mean a thing, you being a hide and scrap player probably do have better stats but still cant play worth a dame on a team. I bet a lot of teams carry you. Now not getting in a fight with a troll like you.
  12. Funny I see you think you are one of them players that think they are the team. Compare lets compare, you sitting back at base sucking, me out fighting for the team not thinking I am the team or even the best, so once again you talking has nothing to do with a thing since your only good at insults and trying to be the best troll.
  13. Sorry play the Graf Spee (with a ten point cpt not a uber 18 point like he has ) pretty much same ship and do well even with its crap armor and bad long and mid range crap guns. So yeah he needs to stop hiding at base and play it the way its meant to be played.
  14. I think if you played the ship as it was meant to be played and not be a base sitter like so many random players do, you might get a better feel for a great ship.