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  1. Andreas_Jager

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    Rocket planes need to go. CV's risk nothing. At least a DD goes into harm's way to launch it's torps. Meanwhile, Mr. CV sits in the back and launches plane after plane. It would be different if you lost health for every downed plane.
  2. Andreas_Jager

    AA too OP. Needs nerf especially Halland AA

    Anything that makes a CV's life harder gets my vote. AA has been nerfed into the ground, time to nerf CVs.
  3. Andreas_Jager

    What rewards to expect from the soviet tokens?

    Well, at least we are getting superior ships from the World's finest navy. The Soviet Navy crushed the German and Japanese Navies. Never forget that.
  4. Andreas_Jager

    Battleships Hiding

    What the blue blazes is the deal with BB's running from a push like scared little girls? Seems more and more they leave the cruisers to deal with the enemy push while they hide. You guys seeing this or is it just my rotten streak of luck?