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My name is Zach, I generally go by Zodiac online, and my gamertags/usernames are generally Zodiac A17 in some form. I got the name Zodiac from a callsign that was given to me in an USAF simulator I participated in when I was much younger. However, I am not as original to use the name "Zodiac" so I add the "A17". I was "self" employed machine operator/ jack of all trades. I say "self" employed because it is a family business and I am the next of kin so I did, and still do, partake in "big" decisions. Jack of all trades came into play because I am mainly a processing machine operator but, will do just about everything else at the shop as need be. Currently I am employed by the Department of Defense as a junior enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. All my hobbies are expensive: recreational shooting, archery, Warhammer 40K (the physical tabletop game), video games, anime and reading. I shoot firearms when I can for recreation, hand and long guns. Personal favorite firearm is the M14, but generally like all military guns. I like archery but haven't been out in awhile, my local range finally finished renovation, but I haven't had the time to make it out there. I have hundreds of infantry, several dozen tanks, and a few aircraft models for my 40k collection. I play Space Marines, Space Wolves, and Imperial Guard. I have also previously played Chaos Space Marines. I have one fully painted army, I am working on a larger second Space Marine Army in the Ultramarine colors, but I am still building the infantry and have only test painted a squad at this time. I play many video games on many systems. I have a Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and a gaming PC set up at the moment. I have boxes of older consoles going back to a NES. I am most active on my Xbox One and PC, but increasingly so on PS4. Just upgraded my PC so I'll be enthralled with it for a bit. One of my cheapest hobbies thanks to subscription based services is anime, I enjoy watching anime leisurely, some series I like to get involved and follow a story but most of the time I like to sit back and relax. Some anime that I have enjoyed are, Upotte! (as I like guns), Kancolle, Girls und Panzer, (I like history, ships, and tanks), and other anime such as Sword Art Online and Log Horizon (I appreciate as a gamer), and mecha, any Gundam series (there are exceptions), Aldnoah.Zero, and Code Geass. And finally, I really like history. My favorite periods are the American Revolution, and World War II. Being I like all manner of guns, I also have a great interest in war machines. I like the individual stories of people from the revolutionary period, and I am in awe of the scale of WWII. I particularly look into USMC and subsequently the USN exploits in WWII, mostly Pacific, but there are some cool stories about the USN in the Atlantic. But, I also just appreciate reading and learning anything from WWII, not to neglect any faction in the Pacific or in Europe. I also just like reading about war, especially little known wars, or wars were details are obscure. The Banana War, Russo-Japanese War, and even the Korean War, or the early Vietnam War when it was the French and the beginnings of the Viet Cong. I do not know as much as I'd like, and my memory is odd, I'll forget something that is common knowledge, and remember a skewed small detail. I have several out-dated history novel volumes, but they still have solid facts, and with the convenience of the internet I can look up mostly anything I want.


Yeah, I generally like to use an actually image of myself. But they're becoming dated and I don't have any good recent photos of me. So now my profile pic is of Iowa from Kancolle, she, Amatsukaze, and Akitsushima are some of my favorites from the universe.


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