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  1. If I am not here I am on Xbox most likely playing Destiny 2. Gamertag is Zodiac A17, (weird huh?), if you also play Destiny 2 (or others) on Xbox as well.

  2. Glass cannons are more glass than cannon in this game...

  3. Back from boot camp, so much to catch up on...

  4. So many events...

  5. I can download patches at lightspeed but the install is that of a turtle.

  6. I have some free time again!

  7. I want to like carriers...

  8. Now I have to decide what line to focus on...

    1. sherman255


      Scharnhorst :)

    2. Zodiac_A17


      I will when it's released!

  9. Despite what the whiners may think, WoWS is still in its Beta phase... There will be improvements.

  10. Great games for me, my team snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Bad games for me, my team clubs seals as if it were going out of style.

  11. The lag is real!

    1. alion


      Have you tried WTFast? It is supposed to be a gamers network. I couldn't get it to work. Maybe you can.

    2. Zodiac_A17


      I appreciate the info, and I will try it. However, I believe this lag to be Wargaming server lag, I have filed a report on their lag reporting forum in the bug report section already.

  12. The grind is begining to get to me... But that's my own fault.

  13. I cannot win a match on Saturday nights either...

  14. I cannot win a match on Thursday nights.