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  1. The Toxicity recently?

    I heartily agree with the above.
  2. Karma

    If your Karma is too high you are appeasing potatoes.
  3. Karma

    My goal is to have a negative 100 Karma. Only shooting for negative Karma are you truly free.
  4. Stop Being Useless!

    I have gone to playing a lot of dd games lately. It seems that they (like BB's) are focused for a lot of rage. I have been raged at for not charging into a cap with two enemy radar ships on the other side of it. Occasionally you get a helpful comment, but more frequently not.
  5. The Toxicity recently?

    Nope there is far too often a dead player who yoloed into the middle cap at the beginning was focused and spends the rest of the game spewing about no support and everyone else being pansies.
  6. Karma

    I do not think Karma should be used for anything other than trying to control toxic chat. I have been neg repped for strange things; playing too well , setting too many fires; hitting someone in smoke ( they thought it was a hack), not surrendering immediately and suiciding once the rest of the team was dead. So I NEVER trust Karma ratings.
  7. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    The streaks are very frustrating. I do think div's help smooth out the streaks.
  8. Not sure if superstructure is different from Yamato but the Musashi is very easy to burn.
  9. CV Hell Day

    I for one really enjoyed playing against the Cv's today
  10. Very good and thoughtful answer.
  11. Pity party? Really? You try to point out something that seems unique to a ship and ask if anyone else experiences the same, and all of the butt hurt egos come out with their attempts to denigrate. Maybe I should ask if there are really that many wounded ego's and failed lives out there that they cannot respond to a question civilly and intelligently.
  12. Thanks for proving my point about reading comprehension, lol. Now have a happy new year!
  13. I do just fine with her thank you, I guess reading comprehension is just not your game.
  14. I guess I need to post some links for reading comprehension courses with a new thread. The thread was not about how to play her or start fires , it was about how the citadel seems to extend to the very tip end of the ship.
  15. Yep its been three months since I have seen a super container. I think they are extinct.