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  1. I thought that you Co-op guys were kinder and gentler to each other.......
  2. JdeMolay

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    PEF is already completed here.
  3. JdeMolay

    Ramming mechanic is broken

    You prove Gump correct "You cant fix stupid"
  4. JdeMolay

    Ramming mechanic is broken

    Since you seem to be "challenged" trying to understand, let me try this. The ramming mechanic is black and white. Two BB's of similar tonnage for example, touch and they are both dead. Shell damage by contrast takes into account angle, velocity, distance from target, where on the ship did they strike, and the ships armor at that point, among others. Ramming does not it is black and white...just not done well. Sleep on this , I am sure you can get it.
  5. JdeMolay

    Ramming mechanic is broken

    Reading comprehension wasn't your best subject was it?
  6. Well, there are better ways of handling that. i tell my wife that the game will be over in 10 minutes and I would love to help her.At the end of the game or when you die go help her, kiss her on the cheek, pat her on the butt and say "Thank you for your patience' Everything will be fine.
  7. JdeMolay

    Ramming mechanic is broken

    Read the post above yours for a little enlightenment.
  8. JdeMolay

    Ramming mechanic is broken

    Finally, an intelligent response!
  9. WG needs to put a little effort into fixing the ramming mechanic. When a BB with under 1000 health can barely touch a healthy (same tier BB) at a very low speed i might add and both die it is broken. A very low speed bump would NOT sink a healthy BB. It needs to be fixed someway to account for damage based on speed, where contact is made etc. Right now its not in line with any other tactic or mechanic of the game.
  10. JdeMolay

    Disciplinary penalties...lol

    You must have a reading comprehension issue. Try a remedial course.
  11. JdeMolay

    Disciplinary penalties...lol

    Hitting the DD while in Binoc mode did it. It was 1900 damage.
  12. They are totally screwed up. I just finished a battle where I was assessed one and turned pink after bumping into a BB..we scraped sides. Then later a DD sailed in front of me while I was in binocular mode and I grazed him. He didn't die, not that much damage from one accident. wth wargaming you ignore blatant AFK's , teamkillers etc and turn someone pink for this? I don't really mind the two game pink penalty, it just seems screwy.
  13. JdeMolay

    Z-39 Smoke & Hydro

  14. JdeMolay

    How to Republique (Tier X French Battleship)

    I can totally second what Kongo Pride said. His build totally turned my Republic around. In the two games since following the above recommendations , I have had a 250K damage win and a 209K damage win. Thanks @Kongo_Pride !!!
  15. Play Warthunder, no such Elitism there.