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  1. Yes, I think they are now balanced.
  2. JdeMolay

    Ranked Battles

    This, lol
  3. JdeMolay

    Chat ban rules

    This. Play a CV and burn your Karma down.
  4. JdeMolay

    Lets Talk French DD Builds

    I have played the Mog in ranked and watched it played by super unicums on twitch as well. ( I am up to Rank 4 with a 63% win rate in it). I have tried several captain builds especially with the free respec this week, and in my opinion IFHE is needed for cruisers and BB's. I do not take concealment and use the 4 points for a complete gunboat build. It seems to work the best IMO.
  5. We live in a world of snowflakes who always are victims. Your ban was weak it is just part of the new "snowflake era".
  6. Then the Russians would have NO ships.,lol
  7. JdeMolay

    Critical insults

    I have to agree with A_Burning_Sensation here. You need to be at least capable of contributing something to the game to keep from ruining it for others. If you have ground out a ship, yes, you are entitled to play it by WG's rules, however that does not exempt you from criticism if you are so bad you ruin the gaming experience for your team. If someone says something to me (negative) in chat, If there is a chance they might be right and not just raging, I do check their stats and consider their criticism. There are consequence for being really terrible in any game. Some even deliberately play poorly. I for one do not think there is enough salt and criticism directed at really awful play and players. Go out to a country club or golf course and expect to play with high level players just because you have a set of clubs. After you show that you cannot break 100, notice how you will be a pariah even in a non-online game. I once had a good player jump all over me for not staying with a cap in a close game which we lost. You know what? He was right. The salt was deserved and was good advice to which I hope I learned something.
  8. JdeMolay

    8.6s "Random bundle" - 1,000 doubs!?!?

    Some people have to cling to that "victim" mentality to justify their small lives. Really, some of you broke diks that gripe and do not want to pay or play ( as in a grind) just feel entitled to something for free. You really need to get an education or a job, and get off your buttocks and quit playing online video games if costing a little money offends you. My country club bill is over $600.00 a month and I don't spend near the hours there as I do at this game. An hour and a half of a worthless movie cost $15.00 bucks and then you have nothing. Really get off your butts and improve your life and finances, and quit worrying about someone else spending a little money for their enjoyment.
  9. JdeMolay

    More and More Passive...

    I agree with the above,
  10. Co-op really? You really don't want to have to do anything do you?
  11. Please do NOT get rid of the win requirement. It encourages team play which we need more of. We do NOT need any more participation trophies.