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  1. I wouldn't worry about co-op. It is a brain dead play method. I think they want to see what the ships will do by themselves without any skill or thought.
  2. JdeMolay

    Birthday disappointment

    I received NOTHING on my birthday, which was recent, so you cant complain.
  3. JdeMolay

    How to Deal with One-Sided Losses

    ^ This
  4. JdeMolay

    Suiciding CV

    I am moving on. I am just wondering after continuing to see the player we all know [snip] that has been doing this forever if it does any good to complain to WG
  5. JdeMolay

    Suiciding CV

    This was NOT a PVE game. It was a tier 10 Random. And just to make it clear, I am not referencing skill. I am talking about deliberate suicide by a Midway. He never launched anything, just charged into a cap and was focused.
  6. JdeMolay

    Suiciding CV

    This is much more than bad play. It is intentionally throwing a game and grieving.
  7. JdeMolay

    Suiciding CV

    So I just got out of my second unfortunate battle this month with one [snip], who seems to find it funny to suicide in his tier 10 CV by driving straight into the enemy team from the start. I also had the good fortune to be opposite [snip] as he runs off to a corner and does not participate. My question from these events is: Does WG really even care about the extreme violations of conduct? I know the latter has been reported and video'd many times and yet he is still in the game. We seem to worry more about a minor chat violation than conduct that ruins the entire game. Thoughts?
  8. Feelings get hurt much?
  9. Happened to me twice yesterday and WG kept warning me and turning me pink o I just quit and played [edited] till they get their stuff fixed.
  10. Subs are broken and do not fit in the game. WG is forcing us to waste our playing time (and premium time) on a sub beta test. We should all be reimbursed.
  11. Homing torps are complete [edited]. Why don't we give all ships homing torps, homing airstrikes and homing shells then absolutely no skill is required and we can all get "feel good" awards. P.S. I am tired of seeing many long time friends leave the game because of [edited] like this.
  12. JdeMolay

    Bad play due to changes in torpedoes

    This illustrates the " myth" of co-op being more friendly than real play. The players in co-op are like piranhas willing to cut team mates off, block torps and any other method to backstab a team mate. I only play it to get familiar with a new line or to knock snowflakes or medallions off. Every time I do I shake my head in disgust at the "play".
  13. JdeMolay

    Johan de Witt rocks!

    Trying what. Someone who says something like this " I have an exceedingly low regard for people who 'main' CVs." , has issues in the game and life.
  14. JdeMolay

    Johan de Witt rocks!

    No nerves affected. I just try to understand players with emotional issues transferring them to the game.