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  1. Some people have to cling to that "victim" mentality to justify their small lives. Really, some of you broke diks that gripe and do not want to pay or play ( as in a grind) just feel entitled to something for free. You really need to get an education or a job, and get off your buttocks and quit playing online video games if costing a little money offends you. My country club bill is over $600.00 a month and I don't spend near the hours there as I do at this game. An hour and a half of a worthless movie cost $15.00 bucks and then you have nothing. Really get off your butts and improve your life and finances, and quit worrying about someone else spending a little money for their enjoyment.
  2. JdeMolay

    More and More Passive...

    I agree with the above,
  3. Co-op really? You really don't want to have to do anything do you?
  4. Please do NOT get rid of the win requirement. It encourages team play which we need more of. We do NOT need any more participation trophies.
  5. JdeMolay

    How to Epicenter

    i enjoy the different play style of epicenter. The games pace well and are dynamic.
  6. Stop you are making me cry thinking about all the baby seals and their ordeal in this game.
  7. JdeMolay

    Done complaining......just done

    Wargaming designed this game just to facilitate a big conspiracy against you. Didn't you know?
  8. Problem is you have no clue and really can't comment, at least intelligently about the evolution of the game for the past year. Pure speculation, no experience. No no one buys anything you say.
  9. Bad logic, as i trust what a former player or coach has to input because they have been there and therefore have demonstrated some knowledge of the game. You have not. This was no more an ad hominem attack than having a business require credentials before hiring you. So if I asked you to produce a diploma before I hired you and you couldn't produce one, would you claim I was ad hominem attacking you? lmbo. Sorry you don't get off of this...you have no credibility.
  10. It's not a form of ad hominem. Crucis said that you don't have any credibility because you don't play and he's correct. Why do you think sports networks are loaded with ex-players and coaches? Because they played, and therefore lend credibility. I could go on with many examples of this. You have zero credibility.... and I really don't understand why you bother to whine and cry on these forums if you don't play unless you are just a troll.
  11. Yeah, that's right absolutely no defense except: 1) Altering course frequently. 2) Sailing behind your own dd's to use them for torp spotting. (using teamwork) 3) Sailing behind cruisers for torp spotting 4) Paying attention to being detected suddenly when you shouldn't be. 5) Paying attention to last known position's of DD's 6) Knowing playing characteristics of certain dd types. (example: shimi's often flank wide) 7) Paying attention to your targeted indicator changing from 1 to zero 8) If torped before, paying attention to probable reload time of the dd's torps. 9) Using consumables wisely, like hydro, spotter plane if you have them. ( if you don't see # 2 and # 3 above) 10) Equipping torpedo vigilance if it's a frequent problem. Yeah, you are right...absolutely no defense.
  12. ^ THIS. CV's are no longer OP.
  13. Yes its a game, if they cant handle getting up-tiered in an arcade game, maybe Candy Crush is suitable for the snowflakes. Please stop enabling snowflakes.
  14. Nope, i wanted to deal with number 7 which is the big myth being perpetuated by the CV babies.
  15. Good question. Snowflakes is my guess.