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  1. No and now several battles later it starts recording again.
  2. I was in a Jervis, I'm pretty damn sure that's eligible, did you bother to read my initial post?
  3. yep it is still enabled, did not record 2nd match pink either
  4. Im pink for 2 battles, just did 40k dmg in jervis. Needed 20k, battle was not recorded...wth and no i did not turn pink that battle, i turned pink the battle before.
  5. DrwTrippy


    The deal is WG makes idiotic Arbitrary decisions that continually break the game like changes to BB AP. I'm to the point where im about done with this game, WG, and the garbage it has become.
  6. DrwTrippy

    Password is not saving.

    I have the same issue with WGC. Hey Wargaming can we get a response on this please
  7. Yes, i just used mine to buy it tuesday. No problem.
  8. When trying to redeem earned crates i keep getting Transaction error and then cannot use game client. At which point I cannot leave the container screen and must ALT F4 and restart the client to play.
  9. DrwTrippy

    Transaction error

    I am having the same issue. once yesterday and twice in the last 10minutes today on my stream.
  10. DrwTrippy

    Detection bug

    no i have had several instances where i was dark and in smoke with no detection warning, something is wrong
  11. DrwTrippy

    USSR wants compensation

    Yeah i had restarted my client atleast a dozen times. Finally Freed me up, I can now play all battles and join/create divs.
  12. DrwTrippy

    USSR wants compensation

    So since the server crash wile in Cb, I can no longer play any battle mode, Cant Create/Join Divisions. On top of that 2 of my ships are locked out, one says in battle, the other says ready in division. Sure would be nice if we had an update regarding the issues from WG.
  13. DrwTrippy

    clan battles extension for tonight?

    And i still cannot launch a random battle
  14. DrwTrippy

    Server Issues

    I cant even start a random battle
  15. DrwTrippy

    Server Issues

    Unable to dismiss or leave division. WTG WG!