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  1. DeadIyArT

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    I have 22. 19 point captains
  2. /stomp my feet and through a tatrum because I don't get my way
  3. DeadIyArT

    Anyone tried Hakuryu short arm torps?

    would not be shocked they nerf the Hak. to the ground and there alot of unannounced nerf they did to it. from plane speed well using boosted to slow down between drops to less responsive control well dropping.
  4. DeadIyArT

    Alaska or Azuma?

    Are they both 1 mill free xp?
  5. Yes there is CV in almost ever game, by no means i am asking for people suicide cap. Just played the last several game and the theme of capping is only for DD is SO SO WRONG!! The last match i played in there where only 2 DD in the game both die in the first 5 min. No CA/CL or BB would go to any of the cap. Even when they where uncontested with cover, forcing me to go cap as a CV. Even playing my DD today i cap out 2 of 3 caps make it halfway through the match get destroyed and watch the team camp the spawn well the other team moves in and caps all the caps. At this point in the game all the DD have died and we get BB bow tanking out side of the cap and ca sitting in the back sniping. OK that my rant. DD are not the only class that can cap, if you see a cap and it safe to cap do it!
  6. DeadIyArT

    Citadeling a Moskva from Edinburgh

    if the moskiva is not bow tanking her Armour is bad. I have citadel the side of the moskiva in my t10 dd's. granted that citadel with low calibers is still low damage
  7. DeadIyArT

    Lol 15km radar on Soviet tier VIII-X BBs

    One why are you so butt hurt about the roma its a good ship, if you right! 41% fire chance is good for t8. and 15km radar "labeled in BB/CV only" on the sight seems really bad seeing as there going to be tons of cv after this rework.
  8. there are tons of video out there explanation how the game mechanics work. War gaming put some out there too!! there well done https://worldofwarships.com/en/media/tag/how-it-works/ worth the watch! you can also find other video out there on youtube.
  9. DeadIyArT

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    Good thing I got it for free. it not a bad ship so far playing it.
  10. all ready have my 1 million fxp for her
  11. DeadIyArT

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    I don't know about you but i already have 2 nation done. Had a monster game in my Kronk where i made 2 million. I going to be done half way today.
  12. lol that alot of water pumping through the ship. ether that or its sinking
  13. playing the first wave of PTS. I found the CV game play to be fun, learning how to lead drops and not lose your hole squad was a learning curve. I found it hard at times because of the newness of game play but, with a couple games in it was do able. I could see getting damage on players ships be harder to do then the bots i played against. The RTS game play that was is in the game did not fit the game it self, skill cap way to high. Buggy as hell plane animation and the shear influence that CV players good vs bad had on a match. I can see lots of AA tweaks to the game in first half of the year.
  14. my predictions for 2019 are...... - RU BB tree - RN CV tree - RN CA tree - Italian CA tree - Italian BB tree A few new map. hopefully a night map ;) and tons and tons of CV/AA tweaks and hopefully 30v s 30
  15. I have finish off all other DD line and trying to decide what line next i have three left UK/German/Pan Asian