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  1. yes CA/CL/BC are harder to play but you can get good results playing. You may not score as much damage in as BB, but you can over time. there play style is very from line to line just read up on the play style and watch some youtube videos of some cruisers and that may help.
  2. DeadIyArT

    Italian cruiser Tech tree

    You are wrong! in so many places. First the British cl line is good, had fun grinding it. Basing any thing off t5 game play is just bad. Right now have the Italian T5-6-8 and love playing it, been doing well in it to boot :) not sure how the t10 going to play from the t8 but if they made the t10 play just like the t8 i will total love this line 100%
  3. I like the line so far. Currently have tier 5/6/8. I find my self playing well in them. The hard thing about the line so far is when to swap SAP for AP. so far the t8 plays like a zao that can't start fires and a mino, because you have to aim your SAP shell at superstructure of the ships. You will struggle to fight bb but if you play smart you can win. Slow torp speed can work for you because the detection is low. would not recommend any bb trying to chase the itialy line down.
  4. DeadIyArT

    Un Nerf the Khab

    would be nice to see them bring the khab back in DD fold. right now my french t10 dd can do every thing the khab and more.
  5. yep a heal solves every thing. i think you miss the point of the discussion
  6. yep right now with legendary module i can make 14.6km vs 15.7 and the turn is absolute crap. Just uninstalled the mod because it making the ship unplayable atm
  7. the title says it all really, with the introduction of the new french DD it has push the khab out of it spot. The french DD has better range/ better torps /better concealment / better manoeuvrability / better damage does not take full damage from bb ap. since the buffs to groz the khab has fallen into a hole in the meta ATM, and need to some serous review from the devs. Look at giving its torps back and increasing its rudder shift time again.
  8. DeadIyArT

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    I played my dd yesterday and I really like engine sounds it makes. and for thoughts that have heard what open rocker engines sounds like it was very close to what that.
  9. DeadIyArT

    Flamu was right - Colbert is Nasty!

    that not alot of damage for a t10 cl.
  10. DeadIyArT

    steering bug

    that all ready been truned off
  11. DeadIyArT

    steering bug

    OK i have done several test and i keep getting the same results. Well heading for land and using port/ stb keys Not hard to port/stb. The issue is when you hit the key once it will go hard over not half over. This is an issue well trying to do some maneuvers in tight areas. usually ending up with the ship beaching. Wargaming please fix this asap it is game breaking.
  12. DeadIyArT

    Seriously, WG? [rant]

    Sounds like your pc not running min spec. never had the game issues my self. been playing since closed beta. Try to send a ticket in
  13. DeadIyArT

    Favorite T10 Battleship

    my favorite t10 BB I think is a toss up between the gk and monti.
  14. DeadIyArT

    No subs please.

    Those are the same players that drive an a straight line and sail broad side to every ship. So let them whine and be salty. there bad game playing does not mean this class of ship could not fit in the game.
  15. Got her love her. she alot better the the azuma. just I guess the ship not your play style.