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  1. DeadIyArT


    what?? its call the mini map look at it. Cyclones are the best for cruisers with torps get the jump on BB. Yes your spotting goes down but 8km max but your damage is unaffected. cyclones only hurt Sniping BB and the odd dd that run into a radar CA.
  2. DeadIyArT

    Newbie's First Coal Ship (requesting advice!)

    Wait do not pick up a T10 ship. I would highly recommend not getting a T 10 ship until you unlocked a T10 and have some battles in one. You will be cheating your self. T10 Game play is a lot different then other tiers. Also spending steel on a T10 coal ship is just wrong spend it on steel ships.
  3. DeadIyArT

    British ships

    Your loss. You really cant judge a line until you make it to T10. Yes some of the CA are painful but there T10 a jem.
  4. DeadIyArT

    Radar Yueyang with unique upgrade

    rounds every 4s standard doing 1800 HE damage max. With BFT 4*.10=0.4 With UU 4x.20=0.8 0.8+0.4=1.2 4-1.2=2.8 60 / 2.8 =21.428 21.428*6=128.568 RPM 128.568*1800= 231.4k If you land ever shell pen and did max damage. Unless my math is off. With gun set up that better then smaland, you can have 2 gun firing at all times, well the smaland would have to give you a broad side to fire both of them. With the speed better then smaland you can run it down. once i unlock the UU i will give it a shot to see if it works or a bust and waste of time.
  5. Almost got my Unique Upgrade for free on stage 4 right now. Been looking at since its UU updates, run with radar and (Surveillance radar mod 1) UU & BFT. I think this thing could be a monster DD hunter with good torps to boot. I think it could compete with Smaland. It would have would lose stealth but get a 7.5km radar with 35sec duration. with a reload time 3s with BFT and add AR it could go down even more.
  6. Shut up! Some of us do want them
  7. Me too love the game style she give for a DD
  8. Me too. I love my Darning And i like the Haida it would really be a nice love child between the two of them.
  9. But its only one 1x4 launcher so at most 8 torps. And deep water torp are normal not an issue because of spread and distance between them
  10. not sure sounds just like a Akizuki but with deep water torps that can ONLY hit BB and CV
  11. Link from dev blog https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/90 Looking forward to Vampire II Daring with Creeping smoke and drum roll engine boost. Would bet its going to be 2mill free xp New Pan-Asian DD Sounds like alot of fun Some Italian BB Japanese Tier IX battleship Hizen Will be the Dry dock reward for this year X-mass event https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/89 "Snowflakes" During the celebration of the new year, players will be able to get traditional holiday bonuses on all their ships starting from Tier V. Now you can "shoot down a snowflake" or either by winning the battle or by gaining a certain amount of base experience. Starting with the update 0.9.11 this rule will also apply to a bonus for resetting a branch in the Research Bureau. "Snowflakes" on all ships of Tiers V-VII will bring 400-750 units of Coal, VIII-IX - 75 units of Steel, and on Tier X ships you can earn "Santa's gift" containers, from which with a certain probability you can get one of the many premium ships and other rewards.
  12. DeadIyArT

    Any idea what resource will be kitakami?

    That just a matter of perspective, for the FDR. CV>BB and from the rounds of testing i have fought against they have been toned down alot. Toxic game changes alot with the new release Ie: Smol with all the 12km radar that have been release. Same go for the Kitakami it was 100% OP once first released reason being OP was the Torp meta at the time and with some other mech at the time.
  13. DeadIyArT

    Any idea what resource will be kitakami?

    lol been stock up on resources right now sitting at 2.2 mill free xp /3.3 mil coal /16.8k steel/ RB can be really easy made so not to worried
  14. DeadIyArT

    Any idea what resource will be kitakami?

    Well i hope not. From the game i have seen them play in game as the last testing they where doing they did not seem Op by any means but a little weak. Watching dd trolling them and get one shot with there low hp.
  15. DeadIyArT

    Alaska or Anchorage?

    both. Anchorage is going soon. and i dont see the alaska leaving any time soon