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  1. CV strafes OP?

    the only problem i have with strafe is the high amount of damage it can do. They should make it a de-buff to enemy planes slow + confused state like aa buff. I also feel its a little glitch too, because of the animation some time don't render right. I was chasing some fighter with my fighters then boom there all gone?? it did not show the animation for turning around and strafing. It just went from run to strafe a 180 degree turn in a second.
  2. It was my mino until the smoke nerf
  3. I would like them to bring some of the old maps they have edited to death.
  4. Detonation needs to go

    Yep then what are you doing to prevent this from happening? with all though flags you should be immune. I know every ship has a different chance of detonation. and the more shoots you take to you're magazine the more your rate goes up.
  5. Detonation needs to go

    I have a feeling you're not seeing detonation every few game but devistating strikes.
  6. Detonation needs to go

    Are you talking about the British CL last puff of smoke? If so that was a bug, where at medium speeds it would only give 1 smoke puff out of the two it should have given.
  7. Detonation needs to go

    This is dumb. WG all ready see detonation as fine, they are not going to remove it because of few people whine about going bomb in there ships. I personally like the mechanic of the game. Ya it sucks being killed by it but it's also fun doing it. there are ways to reduce you're chance and pro active game play to reduce your chance of being hit by shells.
  8. Arkansas Beta Secondaries

    I can't wait to put my 19 captian in spec for secondary spec in..
  9. New Maps

    That one but the first version on that one back in closed beta and open beta
  10. New Maps

    I really want to see the old version of ice map come back before the 3 version of the map we have to day. the one back in beta ever one can rember. the small ice field on the right and the big Island and the left and the middle open
  11. It was supposed to be based off of gun cal. Size. But as we can see it changes alot for one gun cal. Size. Take a look at 152mm in the RN CL line. Over all I think this change was unneeded. The only place I can agree is that having a BB point blank and fire it's guns in smoke was dumb and not be spotted. I hope they look at all CA/CL! and do some work here and reduce spotting bloom well firing behind or in smoke. It has hurt aggressive game play for DD/CA game play as well as CL/CA game play.
  12. Look!!! Who we have here?

    Damn I was hoping they would have put the buffalo as another t10 ca off the baltimore. and put the wichita as the t8 in the ca line.
  13. Detonations

    from world of warships wiki Detonation Detonation in World of Warships is caused by the ignition of at least one of the Magazine modules of the ship. Historically, they are where the powder charges and ammunition for the main artillery are stored. In game, sufficient damage that causes one magazine to explode results in the destruction of the entire ship regardless of how much health it has remaining. Causing Detonation The Armor Viewer in the Port Screen can be used to show the locations of the magazines, such as the ones on the Admiral Graf Spee. To cause a detonation to occur, damage needs to be dealt to the magazines, which are found underneath the primary turrets and/or primary artillery. In other words ships, like Novik, that have non-enclosed rifles behind blast shields have magazines located beneath the deck. Damage to the magazines can be caused by penetrating damage from direct hits by armor-piercing shells, splash damage from high explosive shells, or even torpedoes if they hit close enough to a magazine below the waterline. Detonation Chance It should be noted that there is no situation in the game that warrants a 100% detonation chance. With that said, certain actions or choices will increase the probability of Detonation; a few of them are highlighted below: As stated above, taking damage to the magazines will increase the chances of detonation occurring. When a magazine loses all of its hit-points, the chance of detonation will increase to its maximum native value. Note that this is still below 100%. Each ship has its own metric for calculating detonation chance based upon magazine hit-pool. Therefore, by this logic, aircraft carriers can never be detonated since they have no magazine. Each ship has its own armor value for the magazines, therefore ships with thinner magazine armor will inherently have a higher detonation chance. Mounting either India X-Ray () or Juliet Whiskey Unaone () signal flags will increase magazine detonation chance. Detonation Damage As stated above, the occurrence of a magazine detonation will also detonate the entire ship; resulting in a complete depletion of the ship’s health pool. To further emphasize: even the detonation of one magazine is enough to cause an explosion of the entire ship. Juliet Charlie Mitigating Detonation The chance of detonation can be decreased in three ways: Mount Magazine Modifications 1 as the Upgrade for Slot 1. This will decrease the chance of magazine detonation by 70%. Mount the Juliet Charlie signal flag; this will decrease the chance of magazine detonation by 100%. In other words: the magazine will not detonate if this signal is mounted on the ship. Another way to reduce the chance is by armor angling. This tactic consists of pointing the bow of the ship at (or angled towards) towards the enemy. Certain ships can similarly angle point their sterns towards the enemy and prevent detonations as well. Many detonations are caused by presenting the flat side of the ship (aka "sailing broadside") to the enemy; angling a ship will help reduce this possibility. (Angling can also greatly reduce the chance of citadel damage. This is why players will notice when shooting at or aiming at a ship it will turn in or away reducing the angle and ability to detonate and/or hit the citadel.) Its been some time back well i think back in the closed beta archives one of the devs hoped on and exsplaned it more detail. Your magazine diffrent for ever ship and it location too. Its location and Hp and chance of detionation is only server side if i do recall. Yes RNG has 100% chance in this feature in the game but it can be medigated so it does not happen often. I like its in the game it a fun thing to do to some one and i laugh my [edited]of once i get detinated because of the chances to do so are rare.