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  1. I feel this is going to effect BB/CA pushing ability. no longer are they going to be able to be bailed out by a dd or cl with smoke because of this nerf. I really feel WG going after the wrong problem here.
  2. what the hell you guys so i cant make the game fit the screen atm and i loads in windowed every time
  3. just had a a few matchs but it lock these ships out after and never gave a battle results. so i logged out and now i cant get back in.
  4. I have a few question. 1# will you make next season t10 or t8. I know you want as many players play ranked as you can. Ever thought of making a split league one for lower tier and one for high tiers? #2 What going to happen with the sister ship to yamato, (musashi) ranked reward ship or campain? #3 what are you going to do with the buffalo its been some time since it was modeled?
  5. I did my on my hindy
  6. its an arcade game
  7. well its somthing to look forward too
  8. I am not sure where your getting 30% player base out of. I would more like say 5-10 % base.
  9. how can you say its balance because you never made it to t10?
  10. montana is a super strong bb so i would say there will be tons of them.
  11. your making a mistake here looking at the stats of regular random match here. have you ever gotten into the 3am pac time t10 match before? 5 ships all t10. i have not had one in some time my self but you get some intresting results. these ships preform alittle diffrent once there is less people. for instance shima are really strong tward the end of a match if still alive in random battles, that when there magic works from them the most. i still stand and say t10 rank would be the best thing for ranked battles
  12. i agree t10 would be the most intresting season yet. i really think wg made a mistake tring to find the happy zone for players to play rank battles. over all i do think t10 is the most balanced tier there is. yes there some odd ship that is easy mode
  13. shima wont be usless the ship going to do well in ranked. the gearing might not fair as well but she hold her own.
  14. we really dont know how the khab going to handle in smaller groups. she not good at capping so she might not work as well in ranked
  15. T7 was a horrible rank session not just because of premium but because that tier of ship feels like pubescent teenager phase for ships. your ship starting to feel strong and able to do stuff but you can't. That why most of the t7 premium ships did so well is because they really did feel like they lacked a direction in terms of ability.