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  1. Tier X Cruiser balancing issues

    No nerf should be done to any of the ca/cl @ T10. only buffs.
  2. I have never had a problem with t8 bb in t10 matches. it's alot hard for t8 ca to be in t10 matches but still not that bad because if you do it right your walking away with lots of xp
  3. Lol good bye planes. good bye dd ;) fires and death 10,000 needles :)
  4. middle channel work but i requires alot to do so. 1. you need to see if they split there forces to one side or the othere.. 2. have a few ships push one side 3. make sure all the ships have cleared there base 4. make sure no one is spotted going down middle until half the team over there 5 . push on the side from the back where your other force is holding off 6 it does not take half the team to push middle only a few heavy hitter and support. yep in pubs it does not work alot. I have a few friends and we team up and we have won the game doing this. it require alot of communication to make it work plus and aggressive red team to push past there cap.
  5. looks like they will be finish the IJN DD split line.
  6. major FPS loss well swaping between menu screen

    Geforce GtX 1060 3gb driver version 391.35
  7. normal run at 60fps but every time a menu bar gets loaded it drops to 1fps and freezes for a few seconds. Any one else having this issue? gpu drivers are up todate running a 1060 so my gpu not to bad. never had this issue before too
  8. Adjusted US CL shell ballistics?

    i have a feeling the cl line will have a flatter shell arc
  9. one of my favorite prem ship out there and to boot i got for free. Total worth it if you want to spend money on it.
  10. CV strafes OP?

    the only problem i have with strafe is the high amount of damage it can do. They should make it a de-buff to enemy planes slow + confused state like aa buff. I also feel its a little glitch too, because of the animation some time don't render right. I was chasing some fighter with my fighters then boom there all gone?? it did not show the animation for turning around and strafing. It just went from run to strafe a 180 degree turn in a second.
  11. It was my mino until the smoke nerf
  12. Quick Poll: New Ships or New Maps

    I would like them to bring some of the old maps they have edited to death.
  13. Detonation needs to go

    Yep then what are you doing to prevent this from happening? with all though flags you should be immune. I know every ship has a different chance of detonation. and the more shoots you take to you're magazine the more your rate goes up.
  14. Detonation needs to go

    I have a feeling you're not seeing detonation every few game but devistating strikes.
  15. Detonation needs to go

    Are you talking about the British CL last puff of smoke? If so that was a bug, where at medium speeds it would only give 1 smoke puff out of the two it should have given.