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  1. Ya she probly move to t8 for the CL tree split. she probly get radar or smoke. her armour will not change and her hp will go up. she will probly act like she did in closes beta before all her nerfs.
  2. the problem is not as bad in the lower tiers its more in the upper tiers. As for the bold DD spotting a mino i really have no problem with that the problem i have is with the fact getting that ship to start to move is like watching a fully loaded dump truck try to start moveing forward. Mean wial the enemy bb go mine mine mine and your one shot. I presonaly play the ship aggressively, i will have to change my play style. i also do well in the ship, by no means am i unicom player but i have gotten kraken unleshed a few time in this ship and have above avarage win rate in this ship.
  3. How is this a self defeatist attitude? Just bring up a valid point about how this class of ship plays and how it was balanced. as you work you're way up the line to the top tiers you're citadel moves up above the water and you're start speed decrease same as you're stopping distance. but in return you're rate of fire increase ie glass cannon. unlike a destroyer you do have a citadel and can be easily one shot. and now that regard regardless of if you pop smoke you still have 20 sec cool down so let's say you shoot that 18km if spec of detection range you have to wait 20 seconds before you pop smoke. 20 sec is along time to wait when you have 6 + people looking and firing at you.
  4. Ok i get how wg does not want BB and CA sitting in smoke firing but come on really wg you need to take a hard look at british 5.4 km from smoke. This was a pretty good nerf to this class of ship that hole play style revolves around shooting from smoke. You could give it a bone here ie speed from stop to go incress like in the lower tiers or lower the citadle below the water line, there for you dont get one shot. I feel in the next few weeks where going to see the mino drop in win rate and damage done by alot
  5. i really hate how they are making this a t9.Musashi is the sister ship of the yamato and she is of the yamato class battle ship. if there going to make her a t9 they should make the yamto one too. and make the super yamato BB.
  6. Looks good for a second ca line and cl line I like how you worked the buffalo in there.
  7. Had two games in the past few days and had some odd results. The first game that made me scratch my head was yesterday in my Mikasa t2 BB i rammed another Mikasa but did not damage on impacted. We got stuck to eachother and we started taking damage over time, but that could have been are secondarys. I die becuase of lower hp at the time of a ram. I will try to get the video posted here but last time i tryed that it did not work .
  8. Lol it sounds like me and my Hindburge. Did well in my roon but for the life of me I can't get wins on the hindenburg for the life of me.
  9. I think you should make yourself clear. Are you saying that radar is not a deterrence to DDs who are trying to cap? Yes, passive play has always been a thing, but that doesn't prove that radar has not taken the situation further. And they already have the necessary game mechanics for making land masses impenetrable to radar. If you read what I say from the first post about radar. You would have seen that it's game mechanics need some work on ,but you got defensive. I am well aware that not all consumables are equal. That why I have 2 of the three t10 cruisers spec for radar. It seems your putting words in my mouth. As for the Missouri I don't care about that ships win rate it falls under a unique cadigory like the flint and the arkiensa beta and reward ships. NOT every players going to have one and the ones that do usally are good players. Yes the Missouri is more easier to get then reward ships but new players will not have access to that ship for some time because of the free xp gap. So it data as a hole is not as accurate as a ship down a line. ie not [edited]meny green players playing it. Yes khab where able to reliable stealth fire. They did not have the wiggle room like the gearing did. that fine not rushing into cap. I know I hold off before going into cap to wait and see where the radar ships are. Saying from experience sitting behind a island to radar one cap does not do me much good. it usally takes my guns out of action for to long just for one dd or two if I am lucky. Here Sonar doesn't have 9 km range that can cover a whole cap like radar can. And no, you don't have to rush the cap. However, when a cruiser is or could be behind an island at the cap, the risk vs reward is being hugely imbalanced. And that's fine, if you're ok with passive gameplay
  10. Sonar doesn't have 9 km range that can cover a whole cap like radar can. And no, you don't have to rush the cap. However, when a cruiser is or could be behind an island at the cap, the risk vs reward is being hugely imbalanced. And that's fine, if you're ok with passive gameplay. I never said sonar cover the cap and has the same effect. I said the game mechanic is the same, It covers a area in a circle same with aa same with view radius the same as sonar. Then push around the back side of the cap no bunch up in a cap point. Radar does not make passive game play. Passive game play has been like this before radar ever cap around. I like my dd and i like my cruisers ie. moskiva 11.9km radar it lets me do my job of hunting dds. with out radar they would not do there job well. yes seeing through islands is b.s. but until they over haul the game mechanics your tough out of luck and have to deal with it like ever one else. Yes, I do agree that DDs should not get things like DF or hydro. However, none of those have as much of an impact as radar does, and if you don't understand this, you need more high tier experience. If you don't know why win rate is important, well, then you don't realize the point of the game is to win, and that winning more defines a better ship. Right now the most games i have played in tiers are high tiers. I HAVE ALL THREE t10 cruisers that have radar! in fact i have 10 t10 so yes i know the high end game play very well. I know the mechanics of it and how it works and what impacts it has on the game. And as for win rate on the BB ship you where talking about Missouri, i could careless about it win rate as a ship. Again, risk vs reward is imbalanced. I don't see why you can't comprehend this concept. Also Khab could never stealth-fire effectively, so I don't know what you're talking about. Lets see you shot your gun they see you. Ok they shoot there guns back at you. DD should not get less of detection time then any other class. And yes khab/ and gearing where very good at stealth firing. It seems your butt hurt about radar i get it some CA or BB radar you and killed you. read the map see where the ships with radar are move away from them. If you push caps early be ready to bail from them, have an escape rough planed. Radar is here to stay and i am glade it is.
  11. 123 and 5 I would say would be wrong. 1: yes radar can see through islands but so can sonar. its a game mechanic that they will have to over haul to make work. So probly not any time soon. Seeing as clan battle seems to be there main focus atm. A big thing for me when playing my dd or cl is see what ship has radar in the loading screen. and thing ok what are the odds of him being at thus cap. nothing says you have to cap in the first 2 mins. 2: bb are not the only ships having skills that would normally be a ca/cl skill aa radar hydro. DD and have been dipping into this roll too AA/radar and hydro. as for win rate for the ship I could careless. 3: Top tier BB dispersion has not change much as you go up tiers the only thing that has change would be modules you can install and capt. points. you don't see much t5 running a 19 point capt. 5: gun bloom is even through out the board 20 sec for all. simple you shot be prepared to be shot. not more stealth firing as the days of old. at first I hated this fix, it sure has made the game more less of a camp fest. Rember the invsable khab you never could spot and keeped lighting you on fire?
  12. i like my shima the most but i do like my gearing too. just started to play the groz again after its feel much need buffs
  13. Lol that true but it still does not have a citadel. so it's still a dd
  14. I am think z-52 or Khab.