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  1. DeadIyArT

    "No CVs, no subs" game mode.

    It's call tier 1
  2. Got luck on getting the new tier 9 IJN CL (Takahashi) on my first go. And played a few games in it and boy is she bad. The only thing worth note worthy of the ship are it torps and the fast turning guns. It turn like a brick it speeds up like a brick. I am trying to figure out why such a stream line ship plays like a battle ship. All I can think is some dev forgot to change over the model from Puerto Rico? It's gun turn fast but it's reload on pare with 283mm guns on Gouden Leeuw at 15sec. It's got paper armour and can be citadel really easy from any BB or large cal. CA. IT has 150mm gun not 155mm gun so even with IFHE you can't pen the magical 38mm of larger ships. I think WG should bring this whole like back to the drawing board and postpone this line launch until they fix this line. How did this crap get passed internal testing and ship testers?
  3. DeadIyArT


    Any sub on surface or periscope depth does it full speed. For German sub are slower then usa sub by a bit. And can be detected by hydro. Once under 30m to max depth there speed is half. I wish they would increase the Dearing hydro to 5km
  4. DeadIyArT


    Any dd with hydro is a good counter to sub. Sub are easy to fight once you know there machines. there are lots of guides on youtube.
  5. I would recommend reading about sub mechanics that they released with subs. There also a ton of youtube vedio on how to fight subs. Because there all ready a mechanics in place to show where a sub is if they ping you.
  6. DeadIyArT

    Not happy with subs

    Yep the meta of the game has just changed officially with the sub class. and I think I like this change it really put big spin on grouping together and having dd/ support ships screen bigger ships. If the big ships let there dd/ screening ship die because of sitting in the back there fare game for subs.
  7. DeadIyArT

    I had a Feeling! : )

    Got the same ship on my first roll too. Not sure about the ship 150mm gun even with IFHE still can't pen 38mm armour.
  8. the I-56 has 2 mins dive time. it also has 7km detection. one 140mm gun with sap that does 1.8s reload and at 700m/s with 8.5km range and the shells float like the USA DDs. Well the black has 5x 127mm guns 2.9s reload and 792m/s speed. Getting close to losing a gun fight with 100% health would be really hard seeing as the black has radar and smoke. I have a feeling the Black was spotted and the sub team was assisting with killing the black. Unless we get a replay or some screen shots there no way to tell how this fight went out. So yes i will laugh at the black for almost losing a gun fight to a sub with 1 gun and bad detection
  9. HAHAHHAHAHAHa you almost lost a gun fight to a sub with one gun!!!!!! in a black hahahhahahhahaha . Screen shots or it never happen
  10. DeadIyArT

    fix the indianapolis

    The Indianapolis is very much still playable ship for her tier. i would say she is one of the stronger t7 ship because of her radar.
  11. You don't you run. And you out run them every time
  12. DeadIyArT

    Submarines in Random Battles

    I would recommend you look on youtube on how to fight subs. There really easy to kill and every class in game has the ability to kill them. There not God mode once you know how to fight them. They are annoying to fight if you get caught in a bad spot by your self. I like them in the game they give dd another role in game and take away pressure to go cap to.
  13. Dd with sonar are the easiest way to hunt them. And cl with both radar and sonar.
  14. DeadIyArT

    11.9 subs, What??????

    Woot subs going live!!
  15. DeadIyArT

    Sherman x Vampire II

    I have both and I would say the vampire is a better solo boat. And the Sherman is a better platoon boat. Vampire has creeping smoke that can both be a blessing and curse. Has better concealment and a speed boost unlike British DD. Vampire can get out of trouble alot more easer. Vampire has 5 torps that hit hard Sherman has SAP can eat any dd alive with speed. It has the same sonar range as the Vampire. And worse concealment that makes sneaking up on dd alot harder. has bad torps that really can't be utilized easily.