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  1. DeadIyArT

    T10 DD Lines Grinding Priority

    Here what i can give. Groz. good multi purpose ship with really good guns ok torps and tons of constables IE. Worcester lvl khab. cl with lack of range. get a heal or a smoke not both :( good fire ark/ large cal. guns for a dd has NO STEALTH/ FF from hole red team/ Can be killed easy if players have good aim Gearing. was a gun boat now is really good torp boat/ can fight off most dd at close range/ bad speed/ good stealth shima. good torp boat/ crap guns/ good stealth/ does not do well vs dd Harug. crap stealth/small cal. guns = IFHE/ relocate issues/good ROF/ shima torps/ LARGE ship
  2. I love the passive aggressiveness of this thread...lol CV are changing it no longer RTS CV Vs CV and plane numbers should not matter. If it really matters to people, make a constable to reload planes from off shore. But i feel that would make it more micro manageable just like CV before this change.
  3. I agree. Most of the issues players have is lack of knowledge on game. Lets face it there a lot to learn in this game. It is not a simple game where point aim click, ever class ever nation handles different, every nations a little different. Then you got map knowledge and awareness where to go how to support you're team. I have been playing this game since closed beta and have unlocked 17 t10, and i am still learning this about the game.
  4. DeadIyArT

    Submarine Tech Trees

    i could see them adding a 3 plane squadron with the new cv mechanics
  5. DeadIyArT

    Submarine Tech Trees

    WG plz add I-400 Class submarine. sub CV would rock.
  6. DeadIyArT

    T10 free play meant to be impossible?

    I have no issues making credits on my t10 even with out premium time
  7. I think you have gotten a few thing mixed up here. this is not a skill every ship get it with out spending capt. points. This has been in the game since closed beta it's not new. yes it let you know you have been spotted but like wot there is still a small time delay in that. it does not give an unfair advantage to any class because all classes get it.
  8. DeadIyArT

    Unlimited planes the line in the sand

    What are you talking about no there class has limited ammo. Other then cv. planes = ap/he
  9. DeadIyArT

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    I love all my bb let's honest BB have been in a really good spot for some time. There nerf list has been short compare to the other classes. ok maybe not cv yet.
  10. DeadIyArT

    complaint about MM [edited]

    It is an arcade game.
  11. DeadIyArT

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    It sounds like you got alot to learn about game mechanics and game play. over exsending is a big factor and mini map awareness is a big factor too. if you lose a 1v1 fight to he spamming ca/cl you got out played or over extended your self. Sniping in the back is just being lazy and not really helping your team. look at your team go with support ie radar cruisers if possible or dd. counter DD play in a BB. look on the mini map see where what dd was spotted and where? what is there effect range on there torp? speed up slow down turn right turn left more? pick up vigilance or install module for increased torp spotting range? go with a buddy nothing like a dd or a cruiser to spot a dd for you?
  12. DeadIyArT

    CV Rework Thoughts & Observations

    My biggest issue so far with the cv re work is the ability not to get full control of your ship. you should be able to toggle between the two of them. Drive ship or fly planes set your plane on an auto course like you can with your ship. We'll you stear your ship to safety. I know it's early viewing of the rework but that would go along way.
  13. DeadIyArT

    What would constitute as "damage farming"?

    From my experience damage farmers are usually player that refuse to play the objectives and snipe from long distances. We'll not putting them self at risk at all. most notably BB sniping from spawn. I once seen one dd hold of 4 bb and 2 crises because they did not want to take a torp it. well the red team was hard pushing the othere side of the map. They are the people at the end of the match last alive in the spawn zone saying I did my part I did 100k damage in at t10 bb. We'll the red team has all 3 caps and up 500 points.
  14. Congrats WG should make odd medals for these sort of things
  15. All ready have the 2 ships for them points so I spent it on Warspite and got 6500 gold free t10 camo