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  1. NoSoMo

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    The AA as tested in PTS is a joke -- it's not evolution or sign of work, it's a sign of not having a clue as to what is needing to be done. Literally NOTHING we've seen in the realm of AA is a step in the right direction. I want to manually use skill to shoot down aircraft. I want to be rewarded for such activity. Lack of acknowledgement in the XP / payout realm for AA activity is a great contributor to the anti-cv nonsense. AA should be like secondaries -- leave it to the game to handle, and you won't be satisfied with the result. Grab the appropriate captain skill and upgrades, and manually control secondaries and they perform much better. Damage should count -- player caused manual damage should count most. Nobody wants damage to magically hit the same module repeatedly until destroyed. "No matter where a hit is taken on a ship, it's going to cause damage to the first turret until destroyed and move to the 2nd, then 3rd, then secondaries and AA until each and every one are destroyed". Yeah, that'd go over really well, wouldn't it? Flat out ignorant.
  2. NoSoMo

    FIX CV'S

    Fighters are very useful -- if you played CV and used them, you'd understand how lethal they are. They are the fastest aircraft deleting mechanic in the game. They do need more utility including following an allied ship for 75 seconds w/ CV having 4 of those options while losing 1 each from strike aircraft which remain unchanged at 60 seconds loiter. Another thing that needs to occur w/ fighters is delayed spotting -- they shouldn't spot DDs for at least 7 seconds once dropped. Rocket aircraft are the only viable DD striking weapon -- they need to remain exactly where they are. They also need to have 1 second shaved off of their minimum engagement time. AA as a whole needs a rework -- it needs a true manual component for skilled players to be able to use it for more damage. Aircraft damage needs to payout and the hands-off-auto-AA needs reduced to no more than level 80 w/ all skill buffs included while a minimum floor of 40 needs to be given. Everything in between gets squished up or down towards 60. Manual AA that parks the main guns for BBs while loading proximity shells into secondaries, or loading the same into the primary guns on the lower calibers should allow skilled players to get more kills at the cost of having to control the guns. I'd love to go wrecking aircraft in a DD manually instead of having to rely on no-skill-what-so-ever-easy-button-AA-with-DFAA-pushed-and-sector-reinforced. Zero skill to it at all except for maneuvering to mitigate damage. I don't know how someone could utilize that functionality and not feel like a total n00b while the game does all of the work.
  3. NoSoMo

    Russian collection

    Have to agree with you here. If you've already got a premium and it's offered up again, you should be given doubloons for it, ZERO exceptions. Very unwise of them to do anything but. There are no credit premiums and compensation for duplicates under no situations at all should be credits.
  4. NoSoMo

    FIX CV'S

    Fixed it for you.
  5. NoSoMo

    Wait, so they will nerf premiums?

    Nothing is safe in WG realm unless of course your bet is they will absolutely nerf something and do so well past what the fix needs to be. Just like they screwed up the flight dynamics in 8.4, now they're rolling it back because it was a very unwise move. They may or may not include the stupid magical 1 at a time plane deletion which will promptly be rolled back as well. No matter how bad they hose up CVs, it will never be enough for the whiners. The issue is the poor AA mechanic that rewards potatoes and limits skilled players. It's straight up hands off easy button and both ship players and CV players say it needs a fix. Typical fashion, everything else gets chopped up and AA stays broken.
  6. NoSoMo

    USN Co-Op players 750 base XP?

    That's a given -- Base XP over 900 is the game that was from. Not sure why the pad stats for premium accounts since it doesn't actually count the base XP. Guess it makes some feel better about themselves?
  7. Hrm, what about forums? One with whiners, one without? preloaded junk?
  8. NoSoMo

    Super Container

    You can sell them....... If you need credits, buy coal ships and sell them ;)
  9. NoSoMo

    USN Co-Op players 750 base XP?

    It can be done, highly unlikely.....
  10. NoSoMo

    How much bloody Twitch must I watch?

    I've received 5 drops as of Friday and 3 missions since the "new" twitch setup.
  11. NoSoMo

    How much bloody Twitch must I watch?

    I have not found this to be the case. I just click random streams. Though I do seem to "feel" there's a correlation between the game running or not. Drops seem to occur only after a stream is watched before the game is launched. My drops have only occurred once opening the game, with a stream on.
  12. NoSoMo

    Come on WG t8 clans and no CV?

    Yes, but the post was "CV's require no skill". The issue is that CVs with skilled players have the opportunity to learn at a faster rate. They require as much skill as any other class and without alpha require the non-stop grinding-like play. They're a chore. Way point control sucks on a good day. They need to be as close to the team as possible, but they're also the easiest target in the game to hit. They're cruisers in the armor department where only T10s have armored flight decks. That still leaves them wide open to being single-salvo deleted like any other cruiser, and once DCP is on its 90 second cool down, they can be burned down extremely fast with fires that do 1% HP / fire / second.
  13. I find it hard to believe they couldn't have someone write up a DB query to at least hourly allow someone to check their status. This is pretty basic stuff to do overall. Putting reporting into the game client could be an issue on short notice, but allowing a player that's logged into the site to see their status is pretty basic stuff.
  14. NoSoMo

    Come on WG t8 clans and no CV?

    I'd take the intel provided by the CV over not having it. Like BBs, 1 CV, 1 BB limit, combined with whatever other combo the teams want. No CV or BB are required. This is a 20th century war game, not an 18th century. Reconnaissance was a part of WW1 warfare.
  15. NoSoMo

    Come on WG t8 clans and no CV?

    Why are there so many CVs that don't know which end is up and do rather poorly?