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  1. About as underwhelming as it comes.. But hey, you might just get a random perma camo for a ship you don't own because that makes all sorts of sense......
  2. NoSoMo

    Password Breach

    Yes -- Biometrics suck -- they don't change. Fingerprints are stupidly easy to obtain / duplicate. Even biometrics have digital values assigned to them.
  3. NoSoMo

    Password Breach

  4. NoSoMo

    Password Breach

    So you don't use an encrypted vault, you don't store or write them down, and you change them frequently. That narrows it down substantially. Do share a changed password you used and you remember. Amuse us. Here's one of mine Z_XP!9iQpxPQ$bJ
  5. NoSoMo

    Password Breach

    Because there are aspects of security you don't understand. A 3rd party application that keeps an encrypted password database on an external device is probably the most secure solution, combined with regular password changes using maximum character count of random generated characters, and of course 2 step. Every password is unique, and completely random. You likely use the same password more than once, or write them down. I use chrome to store non-important passwords used at places I don't care about, and even those are randomly generated. If I do find an email and password in a given data dump, I'll know where it came from simply due to them all being unique.
  6. NoSoMo

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Not in the grander scheme of things. Money in pocket is money in pocket. WG doesn't care how it gets there. They seem to care most about dumpster-fire-perception. Ask earl about that one. They don't like to have all of the social media platforms on fire more than anything. That's not good for business. Funnily enough driving CV my karma increases, driving PR it is now zero trying to establish if it's a viable CB ship.
  7. NoSoMo

    WG Reverting to their Old Ways

    The number of people that understand the role and can utilize the CV is about the same before rework. I think the number of people that let CV get to their head during matches is much greater now though. A CV being present seems to make a good 60% of players forget how to play the game, and like before, having a CV not know which end is up in T8+ games can really sway results.
  8. NoSoMo

    WG Reverting to their Old Ways

    need to nerf hax0rs
  9. Trying to sort out the CB rental ships and noticed that the PR, Stalingrad, and Thunderer are showing as special ships and not premiums. Ships like JB and Friesland are showing as premium. These 3 ships are different? I'd like to not see rental ships at all.
  10. I got 25k steel in the first 10 months I started paying attention. Had zero, decided to learn the game and bought stalingrad and still have 4k steel only 11 months in.
  11. 1,100 temp camos on hand right now, all with much better payouts than perma camo. I seem to amass 2 camos on average for every game I play. No need for permas.
  12. I've got 5 unassigned T8 perma camos, and 1ea 9 and T10. All unassigned because perma camo is worthless.
  13. NoSoMo

    WG ignores botters and TKers

    Considering how most players play, I'd say their desires are irrelevant. You can't hit any ship that out ranges you.
  14. NoSoMo

    Auto pilot hosed?

    Doesn't matter where I put it, ship goes backwards first.
  15. NoSoMo

    Midway HVAR question

    TTs are the best rockets in the game......