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  1. CV_Jeebies

    Please unsmite secondaries WG

    Well if you were little tiny plane, the hit probability jumps up to 75% from those guns....
  2. CV_Jeebies

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Rough size comparison to montana. This ship is going to be a monster with CV handling and CV size. Unfortunately 3 tiny tim rocket planes can't strike most cruisers / BBs in the game so that gimmick of it will be mostly worthless. She needs some FDR dive bombers.
  3. CV_Jeebies

    What is the best tier X carrier?

    Afraid not. While once again another patch brings another modification to the "let's change it continually" class, it won't change the basics. Immelmann is an advanced CV. Only 2 aircraft type, pathetic fighter allocation, paper armor, and high speed makes it unforgiving in n00b hands. I think that's why it's a coal ship so potatoes can occupy the CV slot in randoms with a ship beyond their ability to play leaving the other team mostly free of CV interaction.
  4. CV_Jeebies

    What is the best tier X carrier?

    Midway was good bote but CV capn concealment nerf has it playing further back and speed matters. It's not hard to pull off 100-200k games in hak for CBs. Midway like FDR cannot escape tenacious fighters and has to recall -- that's a good minute of idle time for the CV, or lost planes if he doesn't watch the minimap. Hak and DE CVs can pull fighters into friendlies to be shot down. Midway and FDR too slow for such. FDR very easy to deplane It'd be nice if weegee fixes CV CAPN CONCEALMENT so you don't lose all aircraft on RTB in AA. Midway is the ultimate DD eating machine. All cvs have strengths and weaknesses. If you're new to the class, start with US or UK then the other, then go for JP or DE. The slower speed and higher armor level of UK and US aircraft are more forgiving and easier to learn the class. JP is faster, less forgiving, and DE even less so. You'll find yourself over your head before you know it in faster aircraft. Walk, then run.
  5. CV_Jeebies

    Griefing with the new friendly fire system

    Turns out if brindisi Tbones a JB, the JB is going for a ride. Who'da thunk it?
  6. CV_Jeebies

    New ships (Dev Blog)

    I asked for odd tier hybrids -- it's a start I'll hold off for the subs with aircraft hangars for a while.
  7. CV_Jeebies

    So - odd tiered carriers?

    Yes, yes comrades, de planes in every tier!
  8. CV_Jeebies

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Nice --- now where's the T7? My request will then be answered!
  9. CV_Jeebies

    How Does 2 Hakuryu Torps Do 76k Damage To Kremlin?

    As your video clearly shows, you detonated. Fun times comrade That symbol is detonation ^^^^^^^^
  10. CV_Jeebies

    WoWS is soooo buggy

    This has nothing to do with disconnections, it's a bug in the game 100%. It overwhelmingly happens when playing CV as well. Had one actually disconnected from the game, only 1 recent battle would be present.
  11. CV_Jeebies

    Please go where you say your going

    Tator says "Let's do xyz" -- F4 and continue on what I was going to do anyway.
  12. CV_Jeebies

    Allow Silver league to complete qualifiers in Gold league

    I needed a good laugh to end the night, thanks OP. Word in the news section suggests, just as has occurred in the last 2 sessions, silver will qualify in gold starting tomorrow.
  13. Brawls and ranked time slots should be mostly exclusive with only a little bit of overlap during the busiest time of day.
  14. You know, you can bring a CV too, right?
  15. CV_Jeebies

    Brawls has a skill based matchmaker?

    Yes, but wargaming has said more than once that they use machine learning on analyzing players and have run "hundreds" of simulated battles. That was stated the very first time they said that they used skill based match making to determine brawl matchups.