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  1. CV_Jeebies

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    My problem is that I try to rush it at the last second so I end up playing with the brute force crowd. Sprint 11 was randoms with the "sprint" name on it, what a schit show that was. I should have div'd but everyone was done by then. I'm often on page 1 of the leader board for whatever ship I run and that's good-nuff for me. Yeah, last 4 brawls and the last CB season -- sorry not sorry. Get used to it, WG response to including all ships in all modes was pretty clear.
  2. CV_Jeebies

    Coal burning a hole in my pocket

    Any word on FDR yet? Sit'n on 3mil FXP, 30k steel and 250k coal with coupon, and of course 70k RB points. Want a new bote!!!
  3. CV_Jeebies

    Clan Scrim open to all today

    More players should take advantage of this opportunity -- it's a great scrim. I've tried to make it the last 4 times, but something has always come up
  4. CV_Jeebies

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Um, no. Competent CVs upset the balance of power from those who don't bring the same. Last CB season I ran CV only with a 58% WR across 250 battles. Hands down my strongest showing is in 7v7 and smaller matches driving CV. I don't deny this. This last CB season I witnessed maybe 10 CV drivers out of those 250 matches that were actually competent. See, picking a CV player based on random stats is stupid to put it lightly (as in using randoms to decide if a CV driver will be competent in CB). I smash hard with the ship in these modes and have developed many tactics to negate walls of 6.5k AA. I play cruisers and DDs as well in these modes when CV isn't present and do quite well. I learned to play cruiser in CB and unfortunately playing in randoms is quite different. I excel in matches where my influence is higher than it is in randoms. Given the state of randoms today if I play I go w/ 2 others simply because that's what's required given the player base as attrition has taken its toll. As for the last sprint, I did well in CV placing 2nd in highest avg damage with Kaga, a ship I've played a total of 1 other time outside of sprint. I had to switch to DD because teams were that bad. My last 4 games for which i took the kidd are shown above. That's my entire ranked sprint run, and though specializing in CV, had to take a DD because CV just doesn't have the ability to stop a push or make alpha strikes. I learned the game in 8.0 CV and I truly believe it's the scapegoat for all things players hate in the game. It's not a difficult class to shut down and deplane. My first ship above T6 was Lex and soon after Midway. So yes, i was driving T10 CV before I had more than 1 T6 ship. New CV got me interested in the game -- I've only known the game as post 8.0 so everything I've learned has come with new CV already present. MOST players complain instead of learning to adapt to the meta change. It's all I've known so I don't have that issue. Point being -- this is a F2P game, it must keep new content and features coming if it wants to survive. If each new addition sees 1 veteran player leave with 2 or 3 more joining the game, the bottom line is that WG doesn't care. They care about growing the base and revenue, not about making 3+ year players happy. Yes, games will continue to be horrible from the FNGs, but ultimately that's what this game must do to survive because player attrition will continue no matter what they do to the game.
  5. CV_Jeebies

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Might start with competitive stats for those that play competitive. Besides, smashing teams of unis in CB with a 49.x% showing on MMM never gets old, at all, ever. Then coming to the forum and watching the crying and whining..... oh, it's too much LOL
  6. CV_Jeebies

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Right, and CV caused the previous season's kleber madness -- CV so good it causes things even when it's not present. nvm, just the CV JEEBIES talk'n
  7. CV_Jeebies

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Get the sub clans ready, there's going to be ample supply of adults looking for a clan of similar mind....
  8. CV_Jeebies

    The 1500 Doubloon Bundles

    5 total loot boxes included an ATL
  9. CV_Jeebies

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    T6 CB will boost CB participation numbers and spreadsheet will say all is well. Eventually someone will start paying attention and learn you're not dealing with a spineless company that flops around like a politician as the public's winds of perception change. The T6 CB move was the perfect illustration of this as it will likely lead to some of the highest participation yet.
  10. CV_Jeebies

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Does this little rascals club have a PO box? I'd like to send a box of bottles with only the most premium of formulas included
  11. Oof -- no fighter spotting, no fighter coverage -- you ended the game with pretty much all of your fighters. #howNotToCV
  12. It's the nature of the format -- it's a recorded conversation and not structured in a way that's made to give you all of the relevant info in the least amount of time. I watch informative videos typically at +50% speed, some even faster--- I've got a 0.0% chance of listening to anything like a podcast at default speed. Being able to skip to the meat of a subject avoiding intros and what not has significantly altered the process in which I consume information -- blocking ads and scripts has also impacted it as well. Ad block has a unique side effect in the way that it acts on pages so that one can remove entire elements from websites. Very handy for increasing the ratio of relevant information presented on any given website. /tangent
  13. Still CV with regular maps -- ocean only would require a reassessment.
  14. We had no problems with BB comps this season except for the ASIA clans playing NA -- hats off to those guys for knowing how to use the comp. Most NA clans just pushed a little then camped. They kept their AA over lapped and pulled off highly effective pincer moves that had no counter -- oh and their assessment that NA and EU servers have a lot of whiners, have to agree there too. Still want to see CB changed to limit ships to 2 of a kind, 8v8, CV/BB slot, BB slot, DD slot and 2 of any ship cap, 1 of any BB cap. CBs running loads of same gimmick ship is old, as for 1 BB type limit -- well it's on paper ;)
  15. WeeGee increase CV visibility to 30k -- NOT spotting ability but the joke of 15k visibility is stupid.