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  1. 22 of the larges, 22 of the smalls, and 3 meds -- were a few more standard signals on the bottom and patch not worth mentioning.
  2. That's actually not true. The CV captain did/does fly strikes. In-fact, that's probably one of the more accurate components of the game play. CV player directs the ship while the captain flies, and the poor waypoint control is pretty much right "go somewhere over there cv" and it kinda does while also deciding randomly to run into something.
  3. Bought mass B because it was 30% off That's 51% off
  4. Always use the coupon to buy doubs. In-game you have a 25% off doub ship purchases coupon in the armory. Buy 30% off doubs, then use coupon for another 25% off of a ship. That's the only way to spend any $ on the game.
  5. CV_Jeebies

    Having a Prime account is good

    Wait, where do we get free amazon prime?
  6. CV_Jeebies

    12 Bundles - No Missouri.

    Here's the link for direct MO purchase -- https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/17071/ Tried to open in a different browser I wasn't logged into and it won't show the ship, but if I'm logged in the ship appears.
  7. CV_Jeebies

    12 Bundles - No Missouri.

    And this is why they keep doing this nonsense.....
  8. Yes, the black ships are also ~30% off of standard pricing as well. My anniversary date falls right before black friday so they end rather discounted for me.
  9. There's 13 T10 ships in the armory to purchase already, and 1 for FXP with another FXP T10 already pulled (as well as other T10 resource ships pulled). Casual play is enough to earn at least 3 T10s per year with twice as many to be had with regular play.
  10. Due to the historical importance of CV Enterprise, we need an event similar to that of Missouri so that we may obtain it for its historical value. Thanks.
  11. CV_Jeebies

    FDR needs a second round of tuning

    Learn how to use fighter upgrades -- FDR is easy to deplane.
  12. CV_Jeebies

    Rediculous Mission Requirements...

    co op CV full speed ahead -- bots like players shoot at CV if visible.
  13. CV_Jeebies

    Is the 'new' Missouri a credit printer?

    nah, war greed'n can't leave something like that alone. Comrade spreadsheet said just use its hype to take $$$ while delivering an otherwise unremarkable ship.
  14. CV_Jeebies

    Just About Done / WOW

    It starts at 2am eastern friday morning, 11pm thursday night.