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  1. CV_Jeebies

    Doubloon Price Increase!

    Hapa always says good things are inbound -- I gave up waiting. You can view the FDR in the modded TT for what it's worth. The Audacious's tankiest plane has 2320 HP that can buff up to ~3030 HP in tank mode. The FDR bomber in tank config is ~4860 HP with ovechkin.
  2. Well at this rate there will be more ships added so the captain might not yet be useful... Given the track record though, if I eventually deem it a worthy investment, AND I run out of coal ships to purchase AND they give out a 25% CO coupon, I might consider getting it.
  3. Well stated. I've always found the "goal" of the (absolute furthest thing from random) gambling they sucker people into is that it resides somewhere in the last 10% or so of the haul. I'm sure it's criminal in many jurisdictions to call something that's clearly not random, "random". TRUE random would see 1 in 61 players have the captain sitting as the first item, 2 in ~30 it would be #2, 3 in 20 would see it #1. It was not in my 1, 2, or 3 slot, and item 3 I have zero desire / use for so it will not be acquired. I do thank you for your time / post. It's a true service to the community. Given the number of players that frequent the forum, and the lack of braggadocios posts stating it was waiting for them at the start, it's clear how the stacked-deck gets dealt. PS: You only got one captain of utility and a bunch of other items above market rate. I've got "15 10pt captains" worth of captain XP in stock, which also happens to be the same amount it takes to make 1ea 19pt and 18pt captains. For reference, here is the cost of a 14pt captain and a 19....
  4. I don't think anyone has missed the 5,000 different complaints about everything in the game. It alters the meta they've become accustomed to and they don't have an easy option to neuter the opposing CV. If you take the underlying message in all of the anti cv complaints it truly boils down to 1 fact -- CVs are in damn near every match now including CBs that are about to start up. WG can't leave the game static and expect it to survive. They're in a tricky spot with their investment, particularly since it's not a new game every year at the cost of $50. You want 3 classes, they want as many classes as is profitable. The game will change each time they're not happy with the number of players in hopes of attracting new players. That of course illustrates the most obvious issue with the game which is they've got absolutely zero means of educating and training those new players they want to bring in. They've dumbed down parts of the game that didn't need it while also creating a whole lot of 'hidden' variables/mechanics regarding armor / shells / angles, etc... that they're quite far from forthcoming with. That data doesn't exist in the game, nor is there any clear explanation to all of the little nuances they like to bake into it. The information flow is poor at best, and as we've seen with the PR, could even potentially enter the realm of, let's call it other than lawful. The game might as well be a nuclear reactor with no instruction manual and a good 20 minutes before a player gets to restart just to screw up again. That's some tough drawn-out trial and error, and not healthy for any software that wants to survive, free or otherwise.
  5. CV_Jeebies


    There's a handful of ships that could be parked like that and spam HE undisturbed. In-fact if you put the CV there put a HE spammer next to it and they can both go at it undisturbed. Now some of the HE spammers bring their own concealment via smoke. That's an idea, CV gets smoke screen! Bet it'll be a feature of the soviet CVs --- At least then one couldn't claim bias since their CV did smoke.........
  6. CV_Jeebies


    Randoms, 4DD (1/3 of team) Ranked 3BB (3/7) CB 1BB (1/7) New CB 1bb or 1cv Cruisers don't really have limits, BB, DD, and CV do, and it varies by mode. CBs should have a 3 DD limit as well (wake up WG)
  7. CV_Jeebies


    Because of these right here WG uses AA as a "balancing" metric, which is the worst thing that could be done. As such you have ships with almost no AA that are really strong right up until it's time to need that AA. It's why klebers yolo in CV games. It's why any ship that had very nice capability at the cost of zero AA have become dry-docked, especially now that CB will incorporate CV and the population has increased to the point that they're in almost every game in all tiers that can include them. Every mode of the game outside of training room has class limits in one fashion or another, regardless the tier it occurs at.
  8. CV_Jeebies

    When a popular CC quits the game because of...

    Ah yes, the Lima-Delta Whiskey-Lima-Bravos The hollow echo chamber that makes up their base is old. They're a little more predictable than the bots are, so I guess to refer to them as NPCs is to the current logic behind the bots a disservice.
  9. Your analysis was likely spot-on. I didn't get to take a look at it due to all lemmings cutting down trees trying to find the forest. There will always be someone, somewhere, wanting something different. The fact of the matter is that even those who demand to have RTS style return mostly don't want RTS to return, they want low CV populations to return so they can sit at the back of the map hitting other ships that have zero chance of coming close to their range, or the destroyers that would eventually get back to hunt those ships only to never be seen. There is no version of events where everyone is happy, and if said day comes, it will likely come at the cost of the game itself.
  10. CV_Jeebies

    When a popular CC quits the game because of...

    You're in denial of something that wasn't mentioned (worshiping their presence).... are you trying to tell us something? You're simply exhibiting confirmation bias -- you don't like something, and someone you hold in an unfounded high regard doesn't like it either, so it's magically fact. Many people are fed with everything right now simply because of the state of the globe during wuhan virus. Frustrations are only going to grow because life in general is going to get more difficult. Perhaps you should just do something else, or grin and bare it.
  11. CV_Jeebies

    When a popular CC quits the game because of...

    I don't care what you do for entertainment -- that's not even what the post is about. It's about elevating a random nobody's opinion simply because they stream their game play. There's a tangent about not understanding those who can play the game, not playing the game and instead watching some random nobody do it instead. Join a clan where you can div with folks and enjoy the game -- it's far more productive than watching someone else do it (not to mention substantially more personally rewarding)
  12. CV_Jeebies

    When a popular CC quits the game because of...

    Most just use it as an excuse to drink, party, and escape other responsibilities. There's also a big difference between organized sports and watching someone in their bedroom play a game while also looking at a PIP of their flea circus. At the same time, I don't care for watching sports either -- Watch others do, or do it one's self.
  13. CV_Jeebies

    When a popular CC quits the game because of...

    I understand the industry and its target audience. It's why gov agencies have been scrutinizing such individuals regarding what they're marketing to children. Quality how-to videos on the other hand are a different class entirely. Watching someone engage in something anyone can engage in, while also showing feeds of cats and other things, lawls. and lawls again.
  14. CV_Jeebies

    When a popular CC quits the game because of...

    Have you considered playing the game instead of watching someone else play it? For you to give more credence to someone who streams their game over someone who does not, doesn't make them right.... I understand my 6yr old nephew watching people play games -- he's a complete n00b. I don''t get teens and grown men watching someone else play a game, that's just bizzare.
  15. 1 -- I got the PR for $42 (actually I wanted everything else that was in the bundle, the ship was a perk) 2 -- FXP ships are free -- I've made 6+ mil in the past year (likely more, I use it a bit) 3 -- RB is easy to achieve with proper events like sequential ranked sprint, which we need more of every quarter