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  1. On Topic: Kidd !! Reason: What is the most hated situation for DDs? A CV that keep you spotted and this little bastard forces the CV to call their planes back or they get shred into pieces.
  2. On the EU server last week i citadelled a 35degree angled Bismarck at 10.5km with my Kii ...
  3. Don't forget a basic rule in WoWs: The higher the Tier, the greater the basic fire-resistance of a hull. Otherwise a Gearing with DE-skill would start 1 fire every 7-8 secounds on a BB.
  4. Yes. The combination of Navigator and Running lights is very strong and gives you very useful informations and an advantage against players who dont use those two. When you face an enemy in the open water they are useless, but when he hides behind an island you get all informations you need very fast. Otherwise you can only watch the minimap to determine the angle and observe his movement for a few seconds which takes much longer. edit: Navi+RL should be implemented in vanilla or not be allowed. MY opinion is they should be implemented because they give you informations about a target only faster and not any new informations like aimbot or such things.
  5. Go for HMS Ark Royal! We have enough T7-8 carriers and need a famous low tier one.
  6. without british-AP, looses heal, but with concealment-mod, radar and HE. Belfast is a downtiered Edinburgh, not a Fiji.
  7. A: Ok I will try but my Smartphone sometimes do such things :) B:you mean FP on BBs should't be a must-have skill like IFHE on the 152mm guns or concealement Expert on most ships? There are many examples of "must-have" on modules, consumables and captain skills in WoWs. C: Can be an option but i really like the 4x3 layout because i usually go after the small targets to make it easier for our DDs. More bullets=more hits and maybe a pen or citadel. Call me a potato but i am no crackshot that hits his 1st salvo against a DD in 10km or CA in 15+km with more than 2-3 of 12. In the Minotaur it doesn't matter..after the 2nd salvo everything hits
  8. Sorry but all i can say about the 2-3 fires is .. take fire prevention.. You know, that 4pt captain skill. This flamu-discussion is a little bit like a Hindenburg captain complaining about CVs and dort take bft,aft,aamod or DFAA. Maybe in the near future FP is a musthave on BBs like IFHE is on the Akizuki. You should try this, it matters a lot if the entire deck is only 1slot and you find out that the enemy has a hard time to set a 2nd fire. The repair consumable is a different thing. How often do a BB survive a flooding if DC is on cooldown? Lion/Conq do.. I really think it doesnt need a hard nerf. But some things designed a little bit too strong. We will see what happened in the next months. A reduced chance to set fire on the 419 and a longer but weaker heal maybe.
  9. I guess it will be nerfed when the GK loose its FU-armor and brutal AP and Hydro... Just a joke but thats become boring... Not even good arguments... Only salt and a hatepost after hit by a lucky HE. When i get 1cent for every torp-wall that blew me out of the water i could buy some nice premium ships here and EU.
  10. maybe the chance to start a fire on most British BBs is about 5% too high compared to other BBs but thats all. Its takes tons of AP damage, on the other side it can heal back all the firedamage. It has great concealment but can be focussed down quickly if it catched in a bad position. 1/4 or 1/6 pen i dont care about. Take it away or leave it. 69mm is enough to pen everything except turrent or belt and against broadside targets you should always use AP.
  11. Dont get me wrong. It IS a lot easier when you dont have to worry about ammo choince and the great concealment makes it A LOT easier to get into position. And a Yamato wouldnt have shot at the Montana but all the other juicy targets Flamu has shown us in the other videos he made. All i said is a good GK/Yamato has the same or greater impact on a game than a flamethrower-Conquerer. This isnt 1vs1, its 12vs12.
  12. Flamu needed 6 volleys to kill a Montana. I believe he can make a Video where he kills a Montana with 6 volleys of a Yamato, too. I agree to him and others in this Thread that it takes less skill to command the Conqueror than a Montana, but one thing i might add: A GK that kills a cruiser with 1-2 volleys has a much greater impact on the Team than a Conquerer that burns down a battleship (with a little help) and needs 4-5 minutes for this.
  13. so its 7.5 mCr ? 2100oil and 21 container premium/fxp/ doubloon p.s. for the ship itself i would pay $5.. ?
  14. This ship IS for free. even if you buy it you have the 5000 doubloon for already have this ship, 20 FXP/premium/gold container and 2000 oil after finishing the (very easy)campaign. all you have to do is 1 coop battle/day in it.
  15. maybe you are aiming at the waterline? thats ok at far distance or with battleship high caliber guns. With destroyer/cruiser guns at medium/short range try to aim a little bit higher to hit the superstructure.