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  1. I spend about $500 on WoT, $500 on WoWs(na) and $1500 WoWs(eu) in the last few years. Much less than i paid for the Games in my STEAM-Account 😏
  2. The 60 crates mission for winning games in Harekaze, HSFSpee , Musashi and Yamato are still in aren't they?
  3. I'm a cruiser main with Conqueror as a TX Battleship and.. PLEASE everybody listen to the OP and don't take FP. 😎 Really.. in every 1:1 fight the enemy or you are kiting/pushing and not showing broadside. The bow or the aft is blocked by the superstructure, so it's the question if you want to be set on fire 1-2 times or 2-3 times. With the skill in a kiting BB/CA at 15+ km you almost never have a 3rd fire burning. So yes, it is one of the few skills that are worth every single capXP if you are sailing a large ship.
  4. What Balances the Z-52?

    The Z52 is a good cap contesting Lone Wolf with its Hydro&smoke combo... But in a division with a DM or a Radar-Minotaur the Pan Asia or US destroyers are better.
  5. Did the Bismarck get nerfed?

    The 105 always had a 1/6th cal penetration and the last Bis-nerf was the reduction of the fire chance from 9% to 5% several patches ago.
  6. I have to disagree with the OP. The cruisers at T9 get heal and the 6th module slot. Neptune's reload -compared to Edinburgh - goes down from 7.5sec to 4.4sec. The Roon's gun range is now 20.7km? with 1 more barrel...
  7. Wrong question. Musashi is T9 and Yamato T10. The big question is "Should i take Musashi or Izumo/FdG/Iowa/Lion with perma camo". My answer is Musashi.
  8. I think the Ark Royal would be a excellent T5-6 carrier with that T5 Swordfish bombers. Ok, it has a T7 hull.. So what? Saipan's hull is Tier 9. Seems fine for me.
  9. Salem v. Des Moines Preview

    Let us hope they drop their Stalingrad plans because they don't know how to balance battleship-guns on a TX cruiser and make this clanwars-only.
  10. So it's the fault of 22/24 players who have a very marginal influence on the outcome of a match when a 65%CV matched against a 35%CV? I hope in the far future WG manages to balance the CV correctly.
  11. Garbage ships at mid tier

    Don't be worried about it Hexen-aci, everybody went into deep trouble when he get out of Wargamings "welp protection". The first 200-300 battles in this game you get a special matchmaking where you don't face the real good players. Keep playing and learning and after about 1000 battles you realise that it was YOU who made some mistakes. The real important skill you need in this game is map-awareness, the ability to guess what the enemy is doing, what your team wants and where you should go to help you team. No one knew this after only 300 battles.
  12. I wait for the first PanAsia driver writes in the chat "f**king cheator! Reported! when his torps don't hit the other DD.
  13. IFHE on German Secondaries?

    Bismark or GK? It improves the HE of the 105mm from 17mm pen(almost nothing) to 22mm (all lower Tier CA, all DDs and BB superstructure). =very useful. On the GK it only helps at bow/aft of BBs. =not worth the 4points in my opinion. (31mm pen => 37mm)
  14. Best 2017 premium (so far)?

    On Topic: Kidd !! Reason: What is the most hated situation for DDs? A CV that keep you spotted and this little bastard forces the CV to call their planes back or they get shred into pieces.
  15. On the EU server last week i citadelled a 35degree angled Bismarck at 10.5km with my Kii ...