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  1. edibleshrapnel

    Is the game going in a good direction?

    I don't need to waste hundreds of hours of my life playing a stupid feature in this game to tell you its boring and broken. yeah i only played however many battles in cv's, but i was fairly good at them. I stuck to the lower tiers because the aa wasnt monstrous and you could actually get a full strike on a ship instead of all of your planes getting shreaded and your aiming reticle being ballooned out of wack. If casual, recreational players cant have an opinion without toxic craplike this then whats the point of the forum.
  2. edibleshrapnel

    Is the game going in a good direction?

    I mean most people can agree that there are glaring issues in balance, ships, and gameplay that lower the quality of life for players in general, and even more can agree that WG's recent actions are very much conducive to toxic and shady behaviour.
  3. edibleshrapnel

    20x Santa's Big gift = 3x T8 Premium ships

    Man,That's a lot of dough for some pixels, I feel like those prices are really pushing it.
  4. edibleshrapnel

    Is the game going in a good direction?

    That was definitely the most disappointing thing for me coming back after a 2 year hiatus, seeing the CV"s(which I mained before) having been completely changed, with zero semblance of the strategy, organization, or RTS kind of skill that was needed to be effective with them beforehand. Now it feels kinda silly having 1 pov squadron around trying to make a difference in the game, regardless of anything. But yeah, definitely sad to see so much of the same gripes from everybody about the past and the future, guess there's always [edited] tho lol. Edit: wth, why is [edited] being censored? Edit (war_thunder)
  5. edibleshrapnel

    Ok I figured this game out

  6. Hi, curious about what players of the game think about where it's right now in terms of general gameplay, meta, "enjoyability", etc. Only been present for the last couple month, seen some thrifty little events come through, got me a premium for free (scharnhorst B), and now all of a sudden we are in this christmas event that seems to be unilaterally disliked by casual players and dedicated streamers alike for the apparent "cashgrab". I'm just curious if this is the typical way wargaming interacts with the community, and if there is prospects of the game moving into a more enjoyable state, because right now it's way more grindy and tedious than as I remember a couple years back. Couple issues that come to mind include CV's nullifying the role of DD's due to constant spotting and rocket planes, several examples of ships being in the game that are pretty braindead/not enjoyable to play against currently (Conq, Smol,Colbert,etc), also the possibilty of a new feature coming in the form of submarines which may unbalance the entire meta, seemingly fairly bland aswell from what I've seen. So yeah, what are the prospects of game enjoyability/Improvement in the coming months?
  7. edibleshrapnel

    Iowa full tilt

    Getting seriously pissed at the inconsistency of my iowa, had some problems but I chalked them up to "stock problems", so I finally grind all the modules and yet they remain. All my salvo's do about 3-5k consistently, with the random 30-40k bomb. It's almost always an overpen, whiff, or "penetration" that doesn't do any damage. Even at top tier, I can't perform nearly as well as I did with the NC, with that thing I would get 10k salvo's and blap cruisers consistently, can't do it with the Iowa for some reason. Also turns way slower and worse firing angles, need spiritual and practical advice from those who know the struggle.
  8. edibleshrapnel

    More Ocean map please.. players need to learn to fight!...

    I haven't played that in ages, how do destroyers typically fare? Without the cover and shotblockers wouldn't that type of terrain favour ships with longer ranges?
  9. edibleshrapnel

    Sorry that I'm late, Cv's trash now?

    wow, thanks for the tips! It's really too bad its been changed like this, I thought it was just user error, when I saw I only had 1 squadron out I was like wth? I'm kinda sad they nerfed torp bombers like that, It was just so fun to find openings and do anvil strikes and stuff.
  10. Hi! Downloaded the game again after like a 2 year hiatus, back then CV's were my crap, I just loved managing all those squadrons and clapping mad cheeks with torps. Just hopped back into my ryujo, couldn't hit anything with my torps (the arc is so damn wide???). Although I did manage to contribute with dive bombers, which is weird because they were just trash before, I would literally use them to distract fighters for my torps. Any tips for doing good damage consistently, especially with torp bombers?