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  1. Kruder

    Some codes from Russian stream

    Yep all still working. Awesome thanks!!
  2. Kruder

    Anniversary Bonus Code

    yep thanks
  3. Kruder

    Code: SOVBB21

    yep still working thanks!
  4. Kruder


    awesome thanks!
  5. Kruder

    Captain skills reset web button

    Was looking for that myself..... thanks!!
  6. Kruder

    Bonus Code gives you some stuff

    thanks for the heads up
  7. Kruder

    I don't like subs

    Subs in Coop just might make me quit this game. I gave up random a long time ago and just play scenarios and CooP now. These subs are just a PIA that i don't need or enjoy and its taking the fun out of this game. That just might be enough......
  8. Kruder

    PSA: 24 Hrs Free Premium Time

    awesome thanks!
  9. Kruder

    PSA: Bonus/Mission Code

    Perfecto thanks again!
  10. Kruder

    PSA: New Code

    yep still working and thanks!
  11. Kruder

    PSA: Free Stuff

    Awesome would never have seen that THANKS!!
  12. Kruder

    PSA: New Code (EXPIRED)

    worked for me. As always....thanks!
  13. Kruder

    New Code

    Awesomness...... thanks