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  1. wow that was easy, thank you for all of this :D
  2. Can we have a guide of how to make User interface mod?
  3. thank you for keeping these mods alive, you're incredibly generous for spending your time on this without any payment
  4. but it's still the flags are still broken :O
  5. MLP Flag mod link is Japan Naval flag, please fix
  6. Jobs.... I hate jobs....but I have to feed my family and the need for games.

  7. Hi Major! can we have anything related to NLR(New Luna Republic)? Flags, Crews maybe??
  8. Hi Major! I really wish that you could make a NLR flag for germany .......if you dont mind
  9. wow! we have voice mod now! great job Major ummm.... but the quotes are a little bit off
  10. after the update of and i did the right thing(copy and paste) then it stopped at the game loading screen