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  1. My 1st T10 The USN Montana

    how is the cash flow with Montana in Co Op? without premium time i cant see that the cash flow is positive bad game in the iowa and u are eating credits!
  2. My 1st T10 The USN Montana

    yah i tried co op when i learned to play CV depending on the time of the day Co Op was good other times it sucked bad. Being a CV and the only non bot in the game made it hard to play the tier 6 CV in Co Op so just jumped to random and did much better. Most of the time the bots just bum rush each other and die fast.

    Happened right after last update all are now grey kongos with anima voices. In game all appear as kongo. Nice I can use some special situational captains to other ships:) would be nice to keep there names instead of all Kongo in game. Would like to use normal camo?
  4. Game refuses to launch after OS upgrade yesterday MacOS 10.12.6 just crashes no report worked fine before OS update
  5. I have had no issues since updating the client manually. I played the Mutsu, graf spree and Molotov in ranked after updating the client and had no issues of crashing. Played only ranked this past weekend no tried other premiums will give the Alabama, Texas and Atlanta maybe on the 4th.
  6. Hmmm I have to check that. It might have been checked on before I updated the client wrapper and the update turned it off? Will check that out laters. Thanks.
  7. Try this go to web and redownload the Mac wrapper from world of warships direct and replace the existing app in your app folder. For some reason the launcher would not update was using version 2.0.5 and the downloaded and replace installed version 2.0.7 fixed the invisible ships in drydock :) will test game laters to see if my invisible ship issue goes away. It appears u need to redownload game and instal over existing and fixes many port issues and hopes game issues.
  8. Gonna give it a try :) yay fixed the dry dock port glitch were ship invisible
  9. I have the same problem the dry dock has not worked since day one but the last update made things worse first game of the day the ship was as if it was moving under water and the targets were invisible very annoying right at the beginning of ranked matches - had one hard Video Crash so that was annoying as well Playing on iMac 21.5" 2.7 ghz Quad Core with MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 with 12 Gigs or Ram and AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512. The glitches are worse then playing in BootCamp on a 13" MacBook Pro 2011 with below spec video card and no crashes ever and low settings it plays better then iMac on low settings. Not sure what to do other then wait for client shell update
  10. how did u uninstall the game? trash the folder into the trash or did u have to trash the 32gig folder in the in the documents folder as well?
  11. 0.6.4 Bug Reporting

    to many updates too fast get one stable update then few weeks later there is a whole new update now more issues making the game unplayable. Slow down the ship additions making the game two rss heavy causing more issues then it is fixing. I know u want to put every ship in the game but it seems to happen every time u add new ships in the game craps out then we have to wait a week or two for it to be fixed then to have this happen all over again. add the british and french BBs and call it a day we yes would like the italian, dutch, australian ect navies but are they really necessary? i rather have the game run smooth and error free then add more ships that only a small portion of the community care about. Fix the core issues instead of update after update that cause more issues. I would like to see a list of the compatable video cards and processors so if i need to get a windows machine even used laptop i can without worrying if it will or will not work.
  12. I wonders if it has something to do with windows xp not being supported that is causing all the crashes. I knew in the past the mac client was emulating the game in a windows xp shell but was told that it was switched to windows 7 but it appears not to have been? Trying to get bootcamp to take on my iMac as i think i have a faulty optical drive and once i do that i think i will just play the game in windows - do not own windows machine just thought this was out of convince but it proves to be more of a headache then it is worth at points. The mac version is not officially made by war-gaming as it do via third party via a emulation or win skin. Wonders if this game would run under parallels better? I know my older MacBook pro the game runs better in windows then it does on the iMac which is in the recommended specs were as the MacBook pro is below the recommended specs but plays perfect on low settings in windows. go figure. Will keep the mac client in hopes they will improve it to make it playable again. I hope to test this on my iMac this weekend as not had time to other then update it. Only issue i have is the new port the ship is nearly invisible but it is visible on the older MacBook pro on the mac client side - Game is not playable on the mac client with the mid 2010 MacBook pro due to graphics issue but plays fine in windows on same computer.
  13. ok from what i am getting from the above reading is that is best with the mac client that is best no mater what the specs of the computer are that graphics should be set to min?
  14. The previous client when i started this game about 9 months ago was in Windows XP as the crash reported showed the game was at that point running in a XP shell I think that was changed if it is now windows 7 was fixed in the last client update about a month or so ago. I do have one issue i noticed on my iMac mid 2011 quad core 2.7ghz machine is that the new dry dock port the ships are invisible only the rigging show up.
  15. will there be a client wrap update as according to Wargaming Windows XP will no longer be supported? As the wrapper i believe runs on windows XP so i assume we will be having issues once the update launches i hope that you all ahve the mac version ready for the next update as i really do not want to go weeks on weeks before the mac version gets fixed! it is kinda annoying as bootcamp will not install (due to faulty optical drive) on my mid 2011 imac the main computer i play this game on. Keep up the good work the game still is not playable under the wrapper on mid 2010 Macbook Pro but plays very well under bootcamp windows 7 pro