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  1. Katyusha_454

    [ALL] Fugly Camos Replacements

    All your download links are getting flagged as unsafe. Any chance you could upload your camos to another site?
  2. WG have really been on a kick of pulling ships without telling anyone lately, haven't they? We should start taking bets on what's gonna get disappeared next. My money's on T-61.
  3. Katyusha_454

    Best lines for new players?

    I'm surprised so many people are recommending Pan-Asian DDs. I figured the deep-water torps would confuse a new player about how torpedoes work. I was also wondering, what do people think of German DDs? I haven't played them much but most of them seem to be pretty well-rounded. *Sigh*....men...
  4. A friend of mine is looking to get back into WoWS after having not played it since the beta, and I've been attempting to show him the ropes. I've been trying to figure out which lines to recommend but I can't seem to settle on which ones. I'm looking for preferably one (at most two) line each for battleships, cruisers, and destroyers that will be good for learning the fundamentals of those ship types. So, taking only tier 2 through 6 ships into consideration (because he's unlikely to hit anything higher than 6 until he's already played enough to have a decent grasp of the basics), what lines are best for teaching fundamentals? I'd like to avoid any gimmicky lines that will teach bad habits and if possible avoid lines that are mostly decent but have one or two utter turds in them that might discourage him from going further.
  5. Katyusha_454

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Since there still hasn't been an answer I'm gonna keep asking: Why were the Giulio Cesare, Konig Albert, and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya removed from the premium shop with no announcement or explanation, despite WG's claim that there were no plans to remove them? And will any of these ships return to the premium shop in the future?
  6. Katyusha_454

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Just a heads up, Giulio Cesare and Konig Albert have been quietly pulled from the store. Looks like WG has decided to stop announcing changes to premium shop availability.
  7. Katyusha_454

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    The issue isn't that a particular ship is not currently on sale, it's that WG said: So taking the ship off the premium shop is them going back on their word, and doing it without saying a word about it is just insulting. Its like they think we're too dumb to even notice.
  8. Katyusha_454

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Why was the Giulio Cesare pulled with no warning or explanation? I get that it's OP but quietly pulling it from sale and hoping nobody notices, after promising that it (and the other prems recently made available) would stay in the shop, is completely unfair and unreasonable.
  9. Katyusha_454

    Where'd the Cesare go?!?

    Except WG themselves said: Going back on that with no warning whatsoever is very concerning to me, regardless of the specific reason the ship was removed. I myself think the ship probably shouldn't be sold, but that does not in any way make it acceptable for WG to go back on their word and pull a product from sale with not only no warning, but without even an after-the-fact notice that the ship was pulled. They've never done something like this before in any of their games. The closest thing is the Imperator Nikolai not being sold again, but that was a limited-time release that was very clearly advertised as limited-time. With every other ship that's been pulled, we were given a clear, unambiguous advance notice at least a day in advance, and usually much more than that.
  10. Katyusha_454

    Where'd the Cesare go?!?

    I agree that they should, but they should give a heads-up first. They gave us plenty of warning when they removed the Belfast and that was way more OP than the Cesare.
  11. Katyusha_454

    Where'd the Cesare go?!?

    Has she been removed from sale? I don't remember ever seeing an announcement, and I know she was in the shop recently because I remember seeing her in there when I was buying something else during the summer sale.
  12. Katyusha_454

    Indian ships?

    A Danae with 5"/38s would be an interesting boat provided she keeps the torpedoes. Did she lose those when she was refit? Because if so she's probably too lacking in terms of firepower to really be viable as a cruiser even at tier 4.
  13. Katyusha_454

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    She was a Christmas(?) gift ship a while back. All of those eventually get sold for real money later, so this is nothing new.
  14. Katyusha_454

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    I finally unlocked her yesterday and played a few games, and I actually rather enjoyed her. If this is "bad", I can't wait to get the KGV and have something even better.