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  1. Personally, I like Super Ships, And don't mind the subs. So my hate against WOWS isn't from that. But I do agree, A new studio will hopefully take this game in a better direction. Though it makes me sound like an a**hole, This maybe the best thing that could have happened for the future of WOWS. Or it just shuts down, Either or I'm happy with. A quick death over a slow one, you know?
  2. Naviss

    The future of superships

    Would be rather odd to only have a handful of super ships in the game. Seems like the plan would be every tech tree have a super ship to end the line. That's just my opinion though.
  3. Not a fan of stuns. But I do love the idea of a support class of ship. Being able to repair friendly ships, put out fires, or patch holes from flooding would be very cool. Adding stuns in effect, a skill lockout isn't enjoyable.
  4. Naviss

    List of Departed CCs

    Brings a tear to my eye! WG is doing a fantastic job killing off their game quicker than I thought. Great work guys! Keep it up.
  5. I agree with both you, American Battleships excel in mid range fighting, Sadly the Vermont at least for my play doesn't live long enough to really be effective in that 15KM range, Because in that range is also all the HE spammers! lol So I tend to burn before I can do anything. About have to snipe with the ship. Very excited for Italian BB's! Are they coming 2021? Hopefully not late in the year.
  6. Let me start off by saying I'm a casual player. Not very good at all. My game play style is Conqueror if that tells you how bad I am. So naturally that makes me instantly love the Vermont. My TL;DR is simply, Shell velocity. It's slow given the play style this ship seems to try and fit in. The only chance you have at landing hits on distant targets is if they are AFK or completely not paying attention at all, Which can be said for any ships in the game but for this ship and all it's short comings, Range seems to be the only way. And I understand American ships are normally like that anyway. Now that's not me saying she isn't powerful or needs a buff, Far from it. That's my just opinion on what I would really change to the ship just to make it feel alittle better. But there is one other thing I would change too, Is the ships health. Lower it to 60k max. Because if you're shot at you will sink - period. And that large health pool just prolongs it... Painfully. The heal is beyond useless, I don't even understand that? Mixed with it's slow speed. Why make me suffer if I badly positioned myself or my team mates sink around me? Let me go down quicker! The slow speed I don't mind one bit, Given the range you have, I can shoot just about anywhere on the map if I'm positioned correctly. And the AA honestly is decent. However the armor of the ship or lack thereof is another story. If a shell just hits a flag pole on the bow or aft, I'll easily take 35k damage. Add that laughable heal and you'll see why I would like to see the health pool decreased. And lastly the guns, Love them. Reliable most of the time, and it's changed the way I play the game. Sure the slow reload will turn most people off - in fact out of my 100+ rounds I've maybe seen 24 other Vermont's! Anyway I figured I would share my thoughts that nobody asked for, or cares about. But even for a n00b casual player like myself (don't tell me how bad of a player I am because I already know), I'm surprised to see all the judgements on the ship just over it's short comings. Still really awesome ship and not all that boring despite the slow speed, Though 26 knots would be a help.
  7. The reload time is the easy part. Poor armor, extra long heal cool down times (Can use one a round if lucky), Can't run away from anything, Every HE shell that hits you will start at least one fire, normally 2. They are fun let me tell ya.
  8. Naviss

    The Vermont ain't all that bad...

    I've been enjoying the new line so far, I can go get some house chores done while sailing to a objective. Play a game on my phone while I reload. And go back to port quickly to play a better ship from all the fires and the normal 26k hits I eat trying to fire more then 2 turrets, but unable to turn back before ships hit me. I did however have to skip Kansas though. Balti completely broadside to me a at range of 7KM not moving, And two full broadsides into the waterline hull and only doing 13k total damage, I couldn't bare to finish that out. lol Minni seems like it can hit something though. Grind wont be bad there, Just boring, But need to get use to that. Got a lot of rounds to go!
  9. Naviss

    Advice to Players who have Hatred for this Game

    The RNG really makes me not think much of this game. It's so silly some nights you have to laugh. The game is a joke overall but I dislike WarGaming more. Mostly for canning Total War Arena. The fact they took money from people in beta (Myself as well), then canceled it before launching and no refund for it. (Unless you bought something within the last like month before it closed). So from now on, unless I buy premium once in a blue moon, I wont buy anything else from them, And haven't. Not so much trying to complain, Though I do when it comes to silly RNG. It's more so just how WarGaming does their business practice. It was a hard lesson to me, And I learned quick.
  10. Naviss

    Drake... Come on.

    Doesn't get really much better with the Goliath. I'm a n00b casual bad player. But out of all my T10 Cruisers this line in general has been pretty lackluster overall. Hoping the T10 would be better. It's just not really. Don't get me wrong, The crap reload time is fine, The lack of any decent range for T10 battles is fine, Having basically any decent utility is fine. And somehow having worse armor then even my Mino is fine too. But this shell speed is just trash, You'll almost never hit a DD unless it stops for you or keeps going in a straight line for 10 to 15 seconds straight. The heal is ok I guess but only 3 charges? Not that you'll stay alive long enough to use 4 anyway if you're hit much. For my poor skills at the game, The ship can hit decently well, and lights a fair amount of fires but it's so situational that I rarely have good games without being one shot behind a mountain or trying to slowly dodge incoming fire. The ships just eats all damage. Yet forces you to be on the front line to hit anything more then a DD, which is near impossible. lol Not asking for much but if the shell speed was just better, That would really do wonders for a bad player like me.
  11. Naviss

    Lol, $230 for all the ARP ships

    Wish I could sell mine for $200!
  12. Naviss

    Is anyone else happy?

    I'm beyond happy. Watching WG piss off more crazy people supporting this game. :)
  13. Naviss

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    Being a player that stopped playing Wows a long time ago, I'm excited to try them out.
  14. My favorite ship in the game. So long as fire chance isn't nerfed, I don't mind what they do to it. I just sit back further and further. Range is only a problem until your whole team is sank, Then it's no problem. I remember when we had our cool down much lower on the heal. When the line first dropped? I use to be up front with it, But then they put another 90 seconds(?) on it's cool down, So I made sure each game I was in the very back, sometimes behind the carrier. Don't play the game anymore but I'll have to see what these changes are. Just have to start the round in reverse maybe. Not a biggie.
  15. How in the world is this game still going? This game was bad a year ago but wow it's a crap show now. I'm so confused how Wargaming can shut down a great game, Yet keep this around? I get that this game needs no thinking, And it's all RNG, which appeals to the masses. But I sure do miss a good game that makes you use your brain and be tactical. Of course the game I'm talking about is Total War Arena. And the reason I'm back over here is because Wargaming kindly took my money for a beta, that they now closed the doors on and then refunds me a few doubloons and 30 days premium time, A small amount of the money I gave them for that game. But hey lessoned learned, Don't trust WarGaming. So what's the TL;DR of the game now, A year ago the Conq was great, Now it seems to die almost instantly, I assume the long awaited nerf bat into useless ship has taken place? It's nice to see ships that fire, and still instantly disappear. lol What's the OP ship flavor of the month? I got 30 days of premium to waste, as my thank you for supporting their last game they shut the door on after taking money for it. And before the fangirls jump on me, I didn't ask for, nor wanted a refund. Though I will say they shouldn't have been taking money and selling things for a game still in beta. But back to the point, What's the best ship to be using right now, that is likely broken until the next patch.