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  1. Naviss

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    Being a player that stopped playing Wows a long time ago, I'm excited to try them out.
  2. My favorite ship in the game. So long as fire chance isn't nerfed, I don't mind what they do to it. I just sit back further and further. Range is only a problem until your whole team is sank, Then it's no problem. I remember when we had our cool down much lower on the heal. When the line first dropped? I use to be up front with it, But then they put another 90 seconds(?) on it's cool down, So I made sure each game I was in the very back, sometimes behind the carrier. Don't play the game anymore but I'll have to see what these changes are. Just have to start the round in reverse maybe. Not a biggie.
  3. How in the world is this game still going? This game was bad a year ago but wow it's a crap show now. I'm so confused how Wargaming can shut down a great game, Yet keep this around? I get that this game needs no thinking, And it's all RNG, which appeals to the masses. But I sure do miss a good game that makes you use your brain and be tactical. Of course the game I'm talking about is Total War Arena. And the reason I'm back over here is because Wargaming kindly took my money for a beta, that they now closed the doors on and then refunds me a few doubloons and 30 days premium time, A small amount of the money I gave them for that game. But hey lessoned learned, Don't trust WarGaming. So what's the TL;DR of the game now, A year ago the Conq was great, Now it seems to die almost instantly, I assume the long awaited nerf bat into useless ship has taken place? It's nice to see ships that fire, and still instantly disappear. lol What's the OP ship flavor of the month? I got 30 days of premium to waste, as my thank you for supporting their last game they shut the door on after taking money for it. And before the fangirls jump on me, I didn't ask for, nor wanted a refund. Though I will say they shouldn't have been taking money and selling things for a game still in beta. But back to the point, What's the best ship to be using right now, that is likely broken until the next patch.
  4. Naviss

    Submarine Poll

    I love the idea of subs coming into the game. As for the realistic crowd, Why are you playing this game? LOL Anytime a DD can sit right on top of a battleship and own it, You've lost any and all chances of realistic gameplay.
  5. Naviss

    How OP is Conq?

    My most played ship is the Conk, And I love it. To answer the OP, Depending on RNG I'll set 12 - 18 fires a match. Though this sounds nice, 9 times out of 10 my fire is put out right away and CA's on my team set the ship back on fire in place of my fires. So I get much less damage from fires then I do from normal damage. You have to either wait for your team to set fires first so they can be put out, then shoot or just lose fire damage by shooting and getting that alpha HE damage. It is a fire starting ship, But with long reloads, and such impressive range, most of the time you'll see your fire put out quickly, which is odd because when I put out one fire, I'm instantly set back on fire with 4. Yet so many I hit do it and due to RNG can't set another fire on them until their damage control is back up. lol Or of course, team mates light my target on fire.