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  1. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    WG Statement Regarding Decision to Leave Russia and Belarus

    Sorry. I will not post anymore political.
  2. Running a AMD3900X (12 core/24 thread) (X570 MB/32GB Ram), downclocked to 3700MHz max, and 1.1 volts, and a GTX 2070 Extreme limited to 55% total power allowed (Set via Afterburner), and Im getting ~120FPS with all settings at max at 3840x1080 10bit HDR (49" ultra wide). (zoom in on top left part where Afterburner stats are). I like keeping the system cool, and burn less wattage. Why run hot when game doesnt need it? Seriously. A
  3. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    I believe the new update just bricked my 3090 GPU

    Noting wrong with port, Mine stays at 60FPS in port, and 115-120 FPS in game. Afterburner has Power level set at 55%, so card only uses about 100-120 watts rather than the full tilt of 220. Game can still get max FPS without GPU ramping all the way up and wasting heat and power. Seriously. Doing this for a few games lately, setting them to 120 FPS max, and power max of card to 55%/ Works like a treat with cooler power, and less jumps, and stable gameplay. Card stays cool, and that results in stable FPS. Works flawless on a 1070 GTX and a 2070 GTX even at 3840x1080 resolution. No strain at all. "Fan Stop" even displays at times on the card. So game is not taxing at all. However, if you leave the card at max, or OC, the card will run at max power draw, max voltage, and fans spinning to get same FPS. Now if you want 200 plus fPS, sure let it go mad. But no need. Even 85 FPS is good enough. I dont agree with the 75FPS cap though. Just dont power the card at max for anything. Overclocking is just a waste of time, heat, and power, not too mention, underclocking seems to do wonders. I even have my 3900X set at 3700Mhz max at 1.125 volts. Why OC a cpu if it barely uses 5% CPU use in game? Seriously. And yes, settings are all maxed. Seems like Ive been wasteing my time over the years to try to get 120FPS by maxing the card, and Im getting better results underclocking. Very strange. Controlling heat is key I guess.
  4. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    Frame rate dropping

    I have mine running at 3840x1080p, 10 bit color, HDR, and capped at 85FPS and my card limited to 55% power draw so it doesnt ramp up to max clock, and Im keeping a steady 85FPS no matter what. All settings are on maximum in game and no drops. 51 degree temp GPU, and 35 degree CPU, also only running minimal. Game is not that taxing at least on a 2070 GPU, and a AMD3900X CPU. CPU is at about 5% use so running cold.
  5. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    10.10 Ship graphics looking worse

    Just make sure you you do NOT have Antialiasing - Transparency on, or higher than 2X, as in game AA will MULTIPLY that value, and will result in very blurred images and graphics. Been like that even in last versions, but not as bad. And turn OFF MFAA in Nvidia control panel as well. Nvidia used to recommend it for WOWS. But not anymore. Use ingame settings ONLY.
  6. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    Have you experienced WoWs with RTX On?

    Capped? i dont think so... This is at 3840x1080 HDR 10bit. Uncap the FPS in the config file. Its locked at 75 there.
  7. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    ISE needs some help....

    ISE, while a good ship depending if you use her properly, needs some assistance when you take off in fighters or some sort of buff or situational awareness at least. Maybe for ship: buff the secondaries when planes are launched? Better concealment when planes are launched? and/or for aircraft: (only if you do not take the above options): Better Torpedeos? (Slightly faster. and maybe at least 3000 damage perhaps upgradable to 5000 dmg? Now dont crucify me for my ideas. The are ideas. Some ships need better work, especially premiums. Wargaming is not in a good position lately, and they are not going to be selling many premiums if they dont do something to make them worth purchasing or acquiring to begin with.
  8. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    Troubles with Yoshino

    Best way to win in a Yoshino is to use another ship and paint the word Yoshino on it. Even a Tier 1 dd with 99% of its HP gone is stronger....
  9. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    I want to exchange Friesland for Groningen, HOW???

    Whats the point? Same ship same stats aint it?
  10. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    Troubles with Yoshino

    Strange. I gave up playing that ship looooong ago as its like paper. One hit with an AP shell and its destroyed. Must have been buffed, but I doubt it.
  11. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Yup. Was at 17%. never noticed the 20% yet as never went into play a game lately.
  12. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    Go sink yourself. You have no clue on what you are talking about or the situation.
  13. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    Issues with Wargaming and this WoWs

    As a note, after my premium time ends in a few days, I too will uninstall this game and leave. Cannot be a part of a game and a community that sheds so negative on the player base. I mean, even when you have a idea that maybe good or bad, some people drag you through the mud and say its stupid, or whatever. Never ever any positive feedback on anything. Its been a hell of a sailing trip.
  14. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    Issues with Wargaming and this WoWs

    It appears many CCs are leaving the game lately. I can see why. Ive been playing for years too, and I hate the matchmaking plus the nerfing of some ships you expoect to be powerful, yet do no damage as the yshould. I mean seriously. One sheel hit from a 18" shell should tear a destroyer apart in half no matter if its a AP or HE. Right now you can have TEN Yamatos all fire as a Tier 1 DD and all hit and barely give 1000HP damage. (Well, im being a bit extereme there, but you get my point). Make the ships more accurate to real stats, dont nerf anything. Make the ships as they should be. A DD of course will be harder to hit, but still give it more defense from smoke or visibility.Thats just one of at least a thousand issues lately with this game. Missouri is NOT giving the same number of crdits it used too. I have the original one, and no way is it even giving close to the same number of credits even with the "mission". WG is pissing players off left, right, and center and they need to start listening to the top end players and not give in to weak new players by nerfing everything. People buy premium, expect something better to battle with. You will sell more if that was the case or entice people to buy a better ship. Also, iof someone buys Premium TIME, maybe have a way to earn Doubloons as well as credits. You need to do something before there is nobody left playing.
  15. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird


    I know. But once you have the sub, the next 4 are coal....