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  1. iron_crosstx

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Don't care if you want to pay. Just don't talk to those of us who won't, or in my case, can't. As if we are less just because we cant.
  2. not a chance in helll. btw, should have done this as a poll, that way we could all see the results.
  3. iron_crosstx

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    see you already have a hurge advantage over most of us, just having the premium time gives you a huge advatage in free xp. (got a weeks worth from a crate and in that week i have gotten as much as i would normaly in about a month.)
  4. iron_crosstx

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Ok, so the goal (as stated), was to get us to play lower tier ships. So they make us sell said ships. Great logic there. Also, if you think anyone who isent just paying insane amounts of gold to convert free xp, (and then playing 1 game in the re-reserched ship) is ever going to reset 6 times to get the reward ship, then you also are insane. (57k points with 10k the most you can earn redoing a line)
  5. iron_crosstx

    Assigning commanders?

    ive been having this issue a bunch lately, seems to happen when a ship im playing is still in game and i click out (windows button to get to desktop) to do something else while i wait for it to come out so i can use the cap on the next ship. only way ive seen to get rid of it is to restart the game.
  6. Ok, so I have the Salem and JB. (As well as the kron, sashi, and benham) almost have the coal for the Georgia. Between the JB and Salem, it depends on if I'm running with someone or not. They are both great in thier own ways. Salem I get 100-120k damage in a game easy. The JB can hold on its own for a significant amount of time. Held out for 10 min against 3bbs,1ca and a DD yesterday. Tanked over 3 mill potential damage. When it comes down to it, they are both great ships. If you don't need a crew trainer, either one will be great. Just never go broadside in either.
  7. iron_crosstx

    French Destroyers Where Are They?

    I've opened every crate available, only got the 5. From what I've seen playing it, not really a fan. Not saying it was a bad ship, but after 20 games in it, I have no desire to grind the line.
  8. iron_crosstx


    I agree, I'm almost done with Halsey, when it's finished I will be working on Yamato. (Started it, then switched. I live the ability to put one on hold to do another) also gave something to work twords when you look at the campaign and see, "oh, I'm going to need a tier X us cruiser" instead of "I wonder what ships I don't have that I might need, that I can only get if WG decides to let me randomly get them from a box next month".
  9. iron_crosstx

    Why the MM changes aren't what you want.

    Ok, first, I apologise for not reading the entirety of the thread before posting this and hope it wasent covers already, but. This is EXACTLY what they tried to do in tanks which ended up ruining the game completely. MM there was horrid, worse then here. (At least a bottom tier dd can still score HE, fire and torp damage) a bottom tier light tank, or even medium, couldn't do anything against a lot of +2 tier heavies. To counter this they whent to this mode of MM, but it dident work. It was supposed to make it where every time you hit play, and got bottom tier, your chance of getting top tier the next game would ho up. In reality, for tiers 6 and 8, the most popular tiers to play there, you were ALWAYS (80-90% of the time) bottom tier. I'm not sure why, it wasent really addressed, they just made it go away and whent to the almost as bad 3/5/7 MM it uses now. This is a terrible idea, it's already been tried by the company, and they need to trash it right now.
  10. iron_crosstx

    What the heck you have to do to get any credits?

    Do damage, don't waste shots, make $$$. Had a 220k damage game in my shim a couple nights ago, base earn was 600k plus without flags or primium account. Take home was over 400k. Also had two dev strikes, three base caps, 300k spotting, and that mettal for Raming where they die but you don't.
  11. iron_crosstx

    Port Queens

    I take out my Albany with my 19 point US cruiser captain when I get really board. Or my vampire with it's 12 skill captain. Got over 100k damage in that one once. (At tier 3 for any who don't know)
  12. iron_crosstx

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    worst navle disaster in history was caused by a Russian sub. the Wilhelm gustloff was torpedoed by the s-13 resulting in almost 10,000 people killed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Wilhelm_Gustloff
  13. iron_crosstx

    FInding consistency, the missing element

    For me consistency equals patience. If I'm patient, I will do well. If I push too soon, or by myself, I will most times get deleted.
  14. If you can work a shim into the enemy rear it will cause all kinds of havok. Do they push and get deleted by the BBs in front of them, or pull back into your torps? Either way they die.
  15. iron_crosstx

    WINNERS - Battle of the Philippine Sea

    Not surprised I dident get anything, since I don't think it ever managed to register me in the first place. I know that for a fact as Everytime I tried again I picked a different team and it let me.