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  1. iron_crosstx

    Would you get the Missouri?

    i would probably get it as i have plenty of free xp saved up. be way more likely to get it then those dds. i would probably be more likely to get a turd on a stick for 2 mil fee xp then those things.
  2. iron_crosstx

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    Sad, I was interested in this, but not for 2 million free xp. I'll just stick to my Shima thank you. Unless I hear it's been buffed way more then it was in test. And by that I mean waaaaay more.
  3. iron_crosstx

    king of the sea cammo

    never mind, looking at it again that was the one i finnished, thought it was the one for the containers i had finnished
  4. iron_crosstx

    king of the sea cammo

    so im not putting in a ticket till i get some feedback, but there is a mission that gives you a free preimium tier 10 cammo for getting 2000 base XP. well i had a heck of a game in my salem and everything says i got the XP but it dident compleat the mission. am i seeing it wrong? i know 9k is after flags, first win ect. under team score though it says i got over 2200, and under credits and xp it says 3k
  5. iron_crosstx

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    geee dident think of that
  6. iron_crosstx

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    it wont let me in to the test server, keeps saying my account/password is wrong. its exactly the same as my full account, and ive been playing for years, but first time trying to get on the test.
  7. iron_crosstx

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Well done Wargaming. Almost makes up for the PR. We aren't on full lockdown in Texas yet, but nothing is open so gaming it is.
  8. iron_crosstx

    Support site not working??

    Check your video card drivers. Sounds like you might need to update them.
  9. iron_crosstx

    Sketchy survey?

    Yeah. I wasent even playing back then as they wouldent let me into the test, but I was always on the forums and the no subs ever thing was said more then once.
  10. iron_crosstx

    Update bugs

    One of my classmates, who dosent use mods, had all the player names switch in the middle of a clanwar game last night
  11. iron_crosstx

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    I find it funny how many people are complaining about not being able to Finnish the directives from last patch. I'm far from unicom but they were so easy it took me about 4-6 hours total to Finnish each one, all while not even trying As A: I dident care about the Brit CAs, and B: was just doing to ARP missions. Dident even look at the second set, just realized they were done when I looked in my sorry to see what I was at coal wise and noticed I had 220 tokens. These had to have been the easiest directives we have had in a long long time.
  12. iron_crosstx

    Dock yard removal question

    Supposed to go away when the next patch drops
  13. iron_crosstx

    5 new free weeb boats.

    Already got the first one and will have the second later tonight. For anyone who dosent like driving a pink BB, you can put standard camo on them as well. Missions are easy so no reason not to be able to get all of them, hardest one is the second part of the first, but I gowned out all that base xp in one night.
  14. iron_crosstx

    WG: please add punctuation to requirements

    Possibly the biggest day to day headache. Please fix this.
  15. iron_crosstx

    Farming Accounts

    I was just wondering one day what people were paying for type 59 codes in world of tanks, so I tried looking on eBay. There were maybe a hundred accounts for sale there, a lot of them going for over $1000. The more premiums (especially discontinued ones) the more it was going for. I don't know if they were people tired of the game, or stolen account's, but would be relatively easy for Wargaming to find and lock the accounts. Can't think warships would be much different.