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  1. Pull A.I CV's out of Co-Op

    Did you also whine about AI Arty in AW?
  2. #6 on your list is a node with igmp ping response turned off.
  3. Graphics Question

    Do you have vertical sync enabled?
  4. Frame Rate drop - settings issue

    Do you have vertical sync enabled?
  5. heard France's AA is OP

    What are the odds that info came from a butthurt CV'er because a Montana captain was trained in Defensive AA?
  6. Ping So High !!!! Too much

    Bandit your Wifi is terrible. Here is my Pingplotter to wows. I play on wired ethernet, NEVER on Wifi. The server is good.
  7. How do I speed up the installation process?

    A few things. High internet bandwidth from your ISP. A powerful enough router to handle the internet bandwidth. A gigabit internal network to your computer. Wired ethernet instead of Wifi. SSD drives instead of mechanical spinners. I have a gigabit internet, gigabit router, wired gigabit ethernet network, all SSD computer. Takes but a few minutes to download and install WoWS. What do you have?
  8. Mouse cursor too small

    No, the cursor is not a cheat. I have a 4k and my 70 yr old eyes find 2560 x 1440 works well for this game and others.
  9. Tech Support has stopped responding

    Lay back, relax and tell us about: What the crash looks like. Your computer. Your home network. Your internet connection. Did the kids get a new Xbox or PS4 for xmas?
  10. I'm taking an online course in cat herding to help with playing Randoms here.
  11. The joy of long Downloads

    You aroused my curiosity so I did away with my Wows game folder and downloaded a fresh game with a Casio stopwatch running. From dl start to Play for 18.xx GB was 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Now, I use Cox Cable with their Gigabit service, my router can handle Gigabit speed from the internet and it connects to a Gb ethernet hard wire network to my Win 10 gaming computer. Even if I dropped my bandwidth to 50 mbs it would take less than 4 hours to install a new game. I looked and Wows stores its' download in the updates folder inside the game folder. All of my games are kept on a separate ssd and not on the OS drive. How is your internet, network, and computer set up?
  12. Yep, I've noticed when I fire single torps off the Fiji the spread is all over the place.
  13. Can't hit DDs with my USN DD

    Practice practice practice.
  14. If you get that again run Pingplotter to see where the problem is.
  15. Need help with a MSI Z270 A Pro bios

    Sounds like a topic for the MSI support forums. My ASUS X299 doesn't do that.