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  1. Dadrox

    update taking 4 hrs and still only at 85 percent

    Less than 5 minutes here. Asus ROG X299, nvme ssd's, wired ethernet, 1 gb Isp.
  2. @Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds 1) SHIP STUTTERS ON SCREEN WHEN MOVING: When moving, the ship appears to “stutter” or “lag” violently back and forth visually but doesn’t affect gameplay. This happened with any selected ship. It was fixed by closing out and restarting the game. 4) GAME CRASHED DURING DOWNLOADING IN WG CENTER: My game decided to update the “normal” or “public” mode of WOWS during testing. In doing so, it caused my game to crash. I would lay these two on a marginal computer system having trouble keeping up. I had no problems with WGC updates while playing and sub visuals were smooth as usual. I do run on a purpose built gaming machine. I9-7900x CPU @4.5Ghz, Asus ROG Rampage Vi Apex MB, 64Gb RAM, 14TB of NVME SSD's all on MB/PCIE, Radeon VII GPU, 10GB network, and 1Gb ISP. No Sata drives in machine.
  3. With the limited submersion time and slow under water speed it is almost guaranteed to force you into an emergency blow during an attack run. This disables the torpedoes and exposes you to close range fire.
  4. Co-op battles would make a good training/practice area without team performance issues...... Also shorten wait time for battles in low population times.
  5. Dadrox

    Long delay after exit

    Low memory computers with mechanical hard drives will do that. That's Windows restoring the memory it's written to the paging files on the drive. If you have at least 16Gb of RAM you can turn off the paging file system to stop that churning and delays. I run a gaming computer with more than 16 GB RAM and paging turned off. Hitting the Exit button is instantly back to the desktop.
  6. Dadrox

    Game Center - Slow Updates

    Wifi or wired? Cable, fiber, DSl, tin cans and strings? 1Mb or 1 Gb bandwidth? Mom and Pop ISP or a good one like COX? My gaming rig is on a wired 10Gb network fed by a Gigabit router attached to a 1Gb cable modem via the ISP Cox Cable. The Game Center updates took about a minute.
  7. The ding is informing you as it hits Half and Full rudder travel.
  8. Dadrox

    Exeter WHY dont smoke??

    Reserved for AA options in the hull upgrade.
  9. Dadrox

    Frame rate change since 0.8.0?

    Maximum default frame rate set in the config is 75fps for the game screen and 30fps for the built in browser. As Wows evolves it's demands on the computer system has increased. Marginal systems are hitting the tipping point of running or failing to keep up. Turning off Vertical sync allows my own desktop gaming system to run around 200 fps. My original gaming laptop had to be replaced as evolving games like Eve and Everquest II reached the demands point where the laptop could not keep up anymore and would fail. It's not the game's fault.
  10. Hmmmm, my chat window highlights but the mouse doesn't slow down or freeze. Real Gamer computer.
  11. Had a ship turn into my torp this Morning, took 1 hit and I went pink. Dropped down to T 2&3 for a couple of battles and went back to T7. No biggy. BTW, the Commissary carries Butt Hurt Cream and snot rags...
  12. Changed engine_config frame rate to 200 for use with Radeon VII on a I9-7900X motherboard with 64GB RAM driving an LG 34" Ultra Wide at 3440 x 1440 with 144hz refresh. In battle FPS was 200 +/- 10. Managed to drive Radeon VII to 99% GPU. Don't blame the game if your system can't match or exceed your monitor refresh rate.
  13. Dadrox

    Complete silence on 100% CPU issue

    Hmmm, my machine runs about 5% CPU and does not crash. What makes yours so special?
  14. That's your computer saying wait a second while I catch up.
  15. Dadrox

    Lag spikes

    Running on Cox in Arizona with no ping spikes, lag, or freezes with Wows or Wot.