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  1. In game display info problems

    What are you using for a GPU?
  2. Cant install WGC

    Empty your Recycle bin lately?
  3. Tell us about the hardware in this unique computer.
  4. As the old timers in EQ2 will tell you, "Crank the graphics up until the computer pukes then back it off a bit."
  5. The bots are better than you? You can't adapt to counter the bot's change in tactics? Here kitty kitty kitty.
  6. Tell us about your computer hardware, network, and OS.
  7. Got a new laptop

    I'd rather have an ugly computer with a wired ethernet connection and decent bandwidth.
  8. HUD flickering

    What is the hardware makeup of these PC's? Are they twins? Makes my Epilepsy quiver.
  9. Somebody Doesn't Seem to Understand...

    Can I have her??
  10. My favorite cure for a key like that "usually the Caps Lock" is to pry the key off and seal the hole. I'm old , crotchety, and don't put up with my shaking fumble fingers catching on unwanted, annoying, and dangerous keys.
  11. How much free space is on your C: drive?
  12. My biggest problem today was keeping my T8 out of the gun sights of the T10's. Game and all battles were solid.
  13. Cannot log in to play the game

    Did you set up your account in WGC? Lower left corner
  14. PC Issues Since Sunday....Help?

    Being a retired computer/systems tech I would first bypass your undersized UPS. If the problem still persists then replace the PSU. You need to have a known good power system before any further troubleshooting can be done.
  15. game clients

    I've had both for quite some time now.