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  1. Cant Login to Public Test - HELP

    Read through this site. CAREFULLY. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/public_test_077/
  2. Game gliches and problems

    What kind of PC is it? Sounds like the demands of the evolving game may have reached a tipping point for your system. Haven't had any problems here on my gaming PC.
  3. Sometimes a windshield, sometimes a bug comes to mind.
  4. I am playing all the lines to T8 before making a decision on which to continue with. It's really a personal decision of which DD suits you best.
  5. More than once in my DD's I was taking damage but not showing any visual indication of incoming rounds or explosion effects.
  6. I got that too a few minutes ago. Exited via Task Manager and restarted.
  7. Submit a suggestion for a right click on the player icon to offer an option converting them to yolo bots.
  8. The last time I went pink I managed to accumulate a considerable penalty and every time I had a hull touch the pink penalty was extended. I finally pulled out my trusty St. Louis and went plinking from a safe distance until the pink went away. I also realized that if you go pink again fairly soon after the first incident the penalty is substantially increased.
  9. Screen Turns Solid Purple

    Problem is your hardware is not coping with high performance games. What is your power supply rating? I use a 1200w supply in a machine that uses about 650 w. High peak loads are no problem, runs cooler, lasts longer, less problems. Once I know the supply is good, the next thing I would do is switch graphics cards to an AMD. Forget the hype as you're not running a high performance gaming machine.
  10. That's because the PT server is in Europe.
  11. Game not running

    For starters go to Game settings for Wows and run the Check and Repair.
  12. Pull A.I CV's out of Co-Op

    Did you also whine about AI Arty in AW?
  13. #6 on your list is a node with igmp ping response turned off.
  14. Graphics Question

    Do you have vertical sync enabled?
  15. Frame Rate drop - settings issue

    Do you have vertical sync enabled?