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  1. That's your computer saying wait a second while I catch up.
  2. Dadrox

    Lag spikes

    Running on Cox in Arizona with no ping spikes, lag, or freezes with Wows or Wot.
  3. Dadrox

    Nearly 50gb install size?

    My WOWS 45GB game folder contains 125,000 files and 24,000 folders to present all the available ships, maps, videos, and sounds to us for amazing gameplay. Which part do you suggest they simplify to make you happy? Just be happy some people laid 7000 miles of undersea fiber optic cable so you even have an internet.
  4. Dadrox

    Game Center Problem!

    After reading this post I checked my game center and all those functions are working here.
  5. Dadrox

    In game display info problems

    What are you using for a GPU?
  6. Dadrox

    Cant install WGC

    Empty your Recycle bin lately?
  7. Tell us about the hardware in this unique computer.
  8. As the old timers in EQ2 will tell you, "Crank the graphics up until the computer pukes then back it off a bit."
  9. Dadrox

    BOTS in Co-op battles unplayable

    The bots are better than you? You can't adapt to counter the bot's change in tactics? Here kitty kitty kitty.
  10. Tell us about your computer hardware, network, and OS.
  11. Dadrox

    Got a new laptop

    I'd rather have an ugly computer with a wired ethernet connection and decent bandwidth.
  12. Dadrox

    HUD flickering

    What is the hardware makeup of these PC's? Are they twins? Makes my Epilepsy quiver.
  13. Dadrox

    Somebody Doesn't Seem to Understand...

    Can I have her??
  14. Dadrox

    Sigh...new keyboard human factors....

    My favorite cure for a key like that "usually the Caps Lock" is to pry the key off and seal the hole. I'm old , crotchety, and don't put up with my shaking fumble fingers catching on unwanted, annoying, and dangerous keys.
  15. Dadrox

    Using interface in Port/returning to Port Crashes Computer

    How much free space is on your C: drive?