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  1. A DD laying in wait for a ship to come into stealth torpedo range is a tactic. We will move when spotted to get out of detection range then find a new place to lay up.
  2. I used to use the brand and model PSU you listed. Had so many strange load problems with them they were converted to dumpster food and replaced with a different brand 1200w model. No problems other than cooling fans dying of old age since. I run full bore 4k here with no issues. BTW, you tossed your thesis card out the window when saying the PSU was tested with a multimeter ( In what was probably a static condition) instead of a multi channel storage O scope to capture the instantaneous peak load reactions. The saying in our electronic circles was that engineers designed the new stuff and then technicians had to troubleshoot, debug, and modify it make it work. YMMV
  3. Dadrox

    WoWs never logs in

    I use a DD-WRT firewalled router and stock Win10 Pro. No issues with logins.
  4. Dadrox

    Recommend me a dd line

    I played them all so I could make my own decisions on a tier by tier basis.
  5. "ll go along with this provided you can add "Thin Skinned" and "Fragile Ego" detection.
  6. Resetting your computer Bios to defaults should eliminate any subtle timing issues between CPU and RAM while you troubleshoot the problem. How much free space is on your drives? Are all your drives mechanical? All of my drives are NVME so there is no issue when downloading at gigabit speeds. Did you empty the Recycle Bin?
  7. Do you have a little sister or brother who could fix it for you?
  8. Dadrox

    Login Server is garbage.

    The screen you posted indicates 3 players have finiished loading in for the battle and the game is waiting for the other players. At this point the player roster is set, you are commited to this battle and are not allowed to leave until battle commences. Hence no Esc or action buttons. Working as designed. This keeps flakes from bailing early if they don't like the line up. This post also indicates unfamiliarity with how the game operates.
  9. Dadrox

    Login Server is garbage.

    On my machine Play button to Port is 60 seconds. Then again I don't have a marginal computer system.
  10. How much RAM does your system have?
  11. Dadrox

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    Are they bigger than a bread box? Do they float? Do they have aircraft? If the answer to all 3 is yes then they belong.
  12. Dadrox

    PTS 0.10.0

    This is a TESTing server. My interpretation of the preselected skills is WG wants YOU to TEST them for functionality and usefullness. Not whine about it not being your choices. Test definition: "A procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it is taken into widespread use." Duh
  13. In the Update window click on No Uploading. This keeps your machine from advertising and supplying updates to other computers.
  14. Dadrox


    Ok, you have a 144hz internal monitor refresh rate and a hdmi 60 hz refresh rate. Your game screenshot showed 18 frames per second. If your machine can't keep the fps the same as the machines refresh then it's lagging behind in the game. I use an ultrawide monitor with an 120 refresh rate pushed by a gaming machine that can easily do 240. The FPS stays at 120 while playing DD's, Cruisers, and BB's. No invisible torps /shells and no freezing, stutter's, or funny looking screens.
  15. Dadrox


    Your ping times are ok but, 18FPS says your hardware is mushy.