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  1. Yep, I've noticed when I fire single torps off the Fiji the spread is all over the place.
  2. Can't hit DDs with my USN DD

    Practice practice practice.
  3. If you get that again run Pingplotter to see where the problem is.
  4. Sounds like a topic for the MSI support forums. My ASUS X299 doesn't do that.
  5. So who else remembers this?

    Used to program eprom chips with a modified bios for the original IBM PC so it could run a hard drive. Made a modified bios for XT's that put "Stolen from "owner name"" on the screen at post. Fun times.
  6. You may have been close enough to bump together. No big deal.
  7. Hmmm, how much RAM does your machine have?
  8. So, if you are in my match I just point my ship down the middle , let you take over and make me a better player??
  9. A 1000 ping? You have a serious network problem. Whether it is your Wifi, router, modem, cables, or on the internet route to the game server is something you need to discover. Download and install Pingplotter then use the addresses in my Sig to find out where you are falling apart.
  10. Is this your troll account? 6 posts in 5 years is stretching it. Not being so negative about the other players and blaming them for your inability to progress might be a factor.
  11. Butthurtitis at it's finest.
  12. Sounds like your laptop power supply is failing with the additional power draw created by the game graphics. Do you have another supply you can try?
  13. Download Speed and CPU Use

    Ok you're right. It's the server's fault your computer system corrupts files, and can't handle or re-initiate Torrent downloads for updates.
  14. Download Speed and CPU Use

    Game Center can repair those corrupted files your computer makes. Click Game Settings, then check and repair. Game Center only uses cpu time when it's busy downloading, installing and repairing game files. Once done cpu time is zero. The patch downloaded here at 160 mbs, no problem. Not a server issue. Game Center is here to stay. It updates all the tanks, planes, ships and other WG games both NA and EU in the background.