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  1. Just a reminder, if you have Florins this is the last day whey are valid. So use them to buy premium time, credits, signals NOW. Just go to the Armory then "Fly! Strike! Win!" and everything there can be bought with your Florins. Good shopping!
  2. Got her last night and just fought 5 co-opt battles to get acquainted before going Random. I watched Flamu's review of two months ago, and she has been nerfed since then - the reload was 12 seconds and is now 15, and smoke was removed. I think that she will be OK, but not a team carry ship IMO. Her armor is poor and she catches fire if you just strike a match close to her, but then you do have that heal. The AP is strong, but the reload is slow. However, the concealment is excellent for a heavy cruiser so you can ambush and go dark well. If you like the Furutaka, you will like the Exeter and the turret traverse is much better. The 8 km torps come in handy, but situational (you can single fire them too). Maybe some of you new Exeter owners can chime in with your random battle experience (heading there now). OK BACK AFTER ABOUT 12 RANDOM BATTLES. I have to say that this is at best a mediocre ship. The armor is really poor and your mobility is not good enough to evade shells. The heals just don't make up for the damage you receive from both AP and HE shells. You light up like a Roman candle. On paper the 203 mm guns (8 inch) would seem to be really powerful, but the accuracy is not that good so results are disappointing. I will take off the AA mod and replace with the accuracy module to see if this makes a difference. I am a 54% player and if I am not in the top 3 on the team I feel I did not do well, and I am middle too much of the time with the Exeter. I feel that WarGaming went too far when they nerfed the reload from 12 to 15 seconds AND removed the smoke just before introduction. After the grind I am disappointed.
  3. I think I figured out what happened. I put on my camo, then went back to the mission to check out how much more of the Exeter mission I had to go. Then I clicked "Battle" from the mission (as I now had the camo on) and just did not notice that "random" battle is the default. I plead ignorance as I have not played co-op in years (it is so easy), and only decided to do this for the Exeter. Thanks for your input.
  4. I will double check this. I assume I never clicked on the mission "Battle" as I still like to always have camo - which I don't have on auto-supply. I will make sure always select from the port and see if this happens ever.
  5. I am selecting "co-op" from the menu next to "Battle" at the top of the port page. Then I click on "Battle".
  6. I have been fighting co-op battles today because it is easier do the Exeter grind that way. However, sometimes I find myself in a random battle instead. Is this happening to anyone else and what is the reason? It is aggravating because I so not use premium equipment or flags in co-op, and then you get into a random battle without what you would normally carry - making you less effective. Wondering if this is a bug, or maybe you get thrown into a random battle if there are too few ships available to make up a co-op battle.
  7. S842

    Server Issues?

    Yes, ping is so bad I won't play anymore until this is resolved by WarGaming.
  8. S842

    Fix your game

    I have had real problems today with Ping sometimes hitting 2,000. Game loads late (one time I was already dead), guns will not fire or fire 5 or 6 seconds late. Ship will not answer to helm. This is the first time I have ever had this happen but when I mentioned it in chat several teammates said that they had bad ping too. B.T.W. I have a top gaming PC and video card, and none of my other software has had a problem. So, just wondering if others have had a problem today that they may not have experienced before. It seems unlikely to be my computer or internet service, so I am wondering if WarGaming's server is having issues.
  9. Well, that is if you believe this was a step forwards...
  10. I would have read your poll, but this is a link to ME, not your poll.
  11. The solution is to go back to the previous version, and then to carefully test and retest BEFORE they implement changes in a future patch. Sure, the game had its problems before, but this latest patch has created a ground swell of discontentment in the player base, created an entirely different game, and hot fixes (there will be more) that inadequately try to paint over problems. Plus, it is nice that WarGaming will let us reset all our Commanders for free, but this is actually an admission that they are dumping the problems they created on us and saying, "now you go fix the mess we created with your Commander skills as best you can". If you have a lot of ships in port, going through every Commander is a lot of time that I don't have before this offer expires. Lastly, I was watching Flamu's Montana video this morning (just out) and at 5:36 he mentions how testers told Wargaming that rockets would make DD's a disappearing class, but they did not listen and released without changes. It is irrelevant if the Hot Fix fixed this. The point is really that WarGaming is not testing adequately - they either stubbornly resist making changes, or recklessly disregard potential problems before releasing a software revision. This is damning evidence of poor development. I would just like to say that I am NOT against change, but when you see the player base so up in arms, one has ask if taking a step back before resuming forward is not the best plan.
  12. Ok, this is a little bit a rant, but just got out of a battle with my Scharnhorst. I have AFT, Manual AA, four fighters, also reinforced sides that were attacked. Over the course of the battle I was constant harassed by two CV's and shot down ZERO planes. Both CV's were very good at using the F7 key to never lose a plane, and keep me under attack constantly. After the battle I had a good chat with the tier 8 CV and he completely agreed that the situation needed fixing. I know that Wargaming is trying to quickly remedy the nightmare they created, and some of the things they are looking at doing can be read in the Developers Corner. However, it certainly highlights that WarGaming is not properly developing and pre-testing changes to the game, and this was a major revision. It is bad for the customer experience, and consequently bad for their business if players leave the game through frustration. I already play tanks about 10% as much as before, and I hope that ships does not meet the same fate.
  13. S842

    Premium Ship Refunds

    This is just legally incorrect. There are many consumer laws offering protection. In the case of automobiles, for example, there are "lemon" laws that can require an auto company to replace or refund. This is just one example. I can only believe that you are still a minor, and are not yet acquainted with consumer protection law.
  14. S842

    AA really needs a nerf.

    Many of the problems that last week's release have brought us were never intended by WarGaming. Good CV players are right to take advantage of what WarGaming has given them, but the game balance is now wrecked. A "Hot Fix" is on the way that will try to address these new problems. If you don't know what I am talking about, I post here Jingle's video released today, and which I had already posted in a separate thread.