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  1. Trubil


    no, I don't. Must be the Patch had no effect.
  2. Trubil

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    Waiting for the panic of Submarines
  3. Trubil


    What about the silent masses who do not frequent the forums?
  4. Trubil

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    First day panic reactions are the best.
  5. Trubil

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    Everything is fine. Nothing to see here.
  6. Trubil

    New Concealment Expert

    14% not 16%
  7. It was 2 years ago (I think). Too complicated, too much multi-tasking. I might try again with this update. I'll be playing CAs and DDs tonight. Maybe try CVs this weekend..... or in a month so, everyone can calm down.
  8. I watched "The Enemy Below" yesterday. Made me think about possible ASW stuff if subs are introduced into the main game. It's a good movie.
  9. New line of "terrible" drops tomorrow. I like them too.
  10. Trubil

    Burt Dunkirk bug?

    I've seen this too. Must be a bug.