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  1. Pan-Asia DD radar

    Well it certainly makes high tier DD play very hard and tiring, more of a chore than fun play. First german DDs got their hydro, now PanAs radar, etc. Today contesting caps early is super dangerous. If there are islands near cap you are pretty much guaranteed radar CAs parked and using radar on cap. I find going back to tier 5/6 to play DDs so much more fun. Otherwise just going soviet DDs and shooting from range in high tiers using heal for stamina. Funny there are still a lot of DDs in higher tiers, so .... more radar yay ;)
  2. Deep water torpedo visibility

    Thanks Lert, yeah keep getting confused hydro vs radar So thinking out aloud, assuming a mix of cruisers and DDs, in early game DWT are pretty much same as normal torps, not much advantage as they are likely to be spotted by DD/air screen way before they get to CAs/BBs. Only in later game when ships are bit more dispersed and maybe less DD/airplanes they become more effective since hopefully there are less eyes.
  3. Deep water torpedo visibility

    So enemy DDs and airplanes can still screen for BBs like normal torps. Also hydro/radar/vigilance are still effective for seeing them early and avoiding? thanks
  4. Trying to find info on their visibility but no luck. Say I launch DWT towards a BB 10 km away. Torp passes under enemy DD. Do they see it? Do they see any indication of my torps? Say there are enemy airplanes flying over DWTs I launched. Do airplanes see them? Any indication? In other words are these torps only visible to ship classes they can actually hit, or other ships (DDs) and air units can also see them? I assume they still have lower detectbility values while passing near enemy DD/airplanes.
  5. Why isn't the sky falling???

    This +1 The sky is not falling but is this the effect we wanted? Less smoke for BBs, less support main guns fire from DDs? Less scouting? Sure Kami at tier V doesn't care since it doesn't face much radar/sonar/secondaries/etc. However tier IX and X DDs are very much affected and either change playstyle of die in first 3 min. Indeed I see that a lot, in early game many DDs are already dead. Sky falling is not the point. Less team work and less co-operation between DDs and other classes is THE problem.
  6. Why would anyone play destroyers?

    See this: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/119726-what-exactly-is-dd-role-after-063/page__view__findpost__p__2906746__fromsearch__1 After the patch I found that I have to be very passive initial 5-10 minutes. Especially soviets with their poor concealment I pretty much stick with the fleet. I found for the most part other classes are not harassing me so yey In general don't use guns at the start. Torps only and don't go too far from fleet. It is very sad as the start of a battle is super boring. I usually load some YT vids to watch while my fleet is slowly getting into range. I find there is very little for DDs to do now in the initial 5-10 mins. Later on yes you can play as before once ships start shooting at each other and you are not getting focused by everyone.
  7. Great, then just remove entire categories: - no more LTs - no more paper TDs - no more arty - no more DDs - no more CLs - no more CVs Heck make it real nice and simple: WOT = HTs WOWS = BBs done
  8. If I am already too aggressive in my DDs before the coming change and after 0.6.3 the risk is increased (fact) then clearly I will need to adjust my play style. I am trying to bring this to attention of all players, especially the majority who think that DD should scout and be aggressive. Somehow most players don't accept passive DD style. My point is that passive DD style is now perfectly valid and should be accepted.
  9. Final note, Played only DDs this weekend. Adjusted my style to more passive as I described here. I actually managed to get 2 Krakens, tier 3 Tachibana and tier 5 Kamikaze. Especially at tier 3 had a lot of fun. So this anecdotal tidbit shows me I was already too aggressive for the current meta and indeed adjustment to more passive style is required, at least for me. Good luck and please be considerate towards DD than decide to use more passive style. thanks
  10. Looked at one Notser vid on Benson after the patch. He spent most of the game in smoke pew pew, no radar was lucky. I have to agree with his view. I will get superintendant on all my DDs plus prem smoke so that I can use max smoke. It will be super boring but that is the only counter that I can see to all the risks DDs face post 0.6.3. Also AFT/BFT may not be must have skills any more, have to consider case by case. In general I am thinking much more passive play style
  11. Ok here are my thoughts, feel free to differ. For myself: Jobs: 1) cap - nope DD job is not to cap anymore, except late in a game when there are fewer threats. Early game risk is too high. 2) scout - maybe/sometimes DD job is not to scout early game, risk is too high. Mid to late game it can scout more as possible. 3) smoke - yes DD job is to use smoke as much as possible as risk is too high. 4) pew pew - nope (except from smoke) DD job is not to shoot as risk is too high. Maybe late game when risk is lower it can chase down isolated targets. Again just my preference. The main point is that after all these changes the early game risk is super high. Yes some players (you) may accept it and still do everything, but for myself no thanks.
  12. Scots_Ronin, on 23 March 2017 - 08:16 PM, said: ... Well, I'm guessing DD drivers are going to ignore a lot more requests from BB drivers to "go scout." YOU have the guns and the HP - you go scout. Oh, too many people shooting at you? What do you think happens to a DD when it gets spotted? (Plus, we take a lot more damage from cruisers and other DDs than a BB does. And we can't heal. And we don't have big-gulp sized HP totals....) ... Indeed this is my concern. Games will become even more toxic, again especially higher tiers which are already bad at times. As BBs and CA/CLs continue yelling at DDs to "do their job" I haven't seen any support from WG or anybody else to clarify that DD job is not the same anymore. That long list at the top is a fact that DD job is changed.
  13. To clarify this and other "sky is falling" claims, I never said that. Correct, sky is not falling. Rather my point is that the DD role is changing and other classes should accept it and not give DDs hard time for "not doing their job" Since DD job is changing now.
  14. Do you not realize these statements are 100% contradiction. You said: 1) change and adapt 2) DDs keep doing same things - don't change So which is it? Change or not? My point is that over time having to make a lot of small changes add up to big changes that at this point impact DD role. You cannot change/adapt and say the role has not changed at all and will never change. That is simply false. Making changes and adapting DD playstyle has impact on DD role whether we like it or not. You may not see it that way, but it is there. Radar is good example. Before radar you can be super aggressive in early game for taking caps and drop smoke any time. Now with radar that no longer works. So early aggressive cap DD role is gone. Again talking about high tiers with lot of radar. That is my point. DD role is changing little by little. So what is it now????
  15. I don't think they re-designed any ship for stealth fire, rather than simply making them more competitive. Indeed it is back to torps and likely longer range ones. In fact I will pretty much stop Shima grind as the lower tier Shiratsuyu with torp reload consumable is far superior torp boat and don't have to deal with high tier player primadonas complaining about idiot DDs.