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  1. Well stating that Hayate is too expensive is fine, but claiming outrage and calling WG names if not fine. FXP costs $ only by choice. I never paid $ for any FXP ever and don't understand why people assume you have to do it. Regardless of how much $ you spend on this game, nobody is entitled to every single ship, special or not. I will never have enough steel for Stalingrad and that is fine. Again why all this drama and outrage. I like IJN ships, have both Azuma and Yoshino, but can easily skip Hayate. No big deal. Look if they don't sell, just like few ppl actually paid for Neustrashimy, then they will lower/change the price. Considering all the choices in standard tech tree, premiums, etc. yeah 2M FXP for Hayate is bit much, easy pass. We can all simply make that choice and move on without all this drama.
  2. Ironically I got Dev Strike from Donskoi AP volley on Smolensk, scored 4 cits, deleted. However I found this achievement for me to be very random so yes it is super hard to get with any kind of reliability.
  3. bob_ninja

    London vs. Albemarle

    Well I love Albemarle and have a great time win or loss, doesn't matter. Certainly it doesn't have a huge carry potential as it cannot tank very well. However, using some cover to sneak up on isolated ships it can really smash ships and simply heal most of damage taken to get back into fight later. The big difference with these cruisers is that you have to be patient and look for ambush opportunities. It is the exact opposite of HE spammers that shoot at any target from long range. These are designed to get close and personal. That being said, if your positioning is poor and you run into too much opposition then it melts pretty quick. Anyway I like it a lot. No clue about London.
  4. Also for new players make sure that you get some German BBs or maybe French BBs that have secondaries range for missions that require secondary hits.
  5. In lower tiers Dev Strike would be easier if you load HE and get close enough to some DD hunting you, then you could dev strike DD with HE if RNJesus allows. Dreadnought is actually easier as long as you load max heals and make sure to take a lot of HE damage but keep it under control and manage to last all game. You just need to heal a lot of HE damage and it should be done.
  6. bob_ninja

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    For you another option is: 1. Play T6 to earn about 80K XP on it before the next patch. 2. On Thursday using earned XP research T7 immediately. 3. Then use free XP to research and purchase T8 immediately. Now you have T8 to get extra tokens. Cost: ?? FXP (guessing around 130Kish) Considering that this captain will be available for coal later, albeit at a high price, the choice for you would be FXP vs coal.
  7. Just watched it and had to down vote. WIP and super early stages means these stats WILL CHANGE FOR SURE. Yes concealment does seem to be wrong and other parameters like shell velocity is bit much. I don't see any reason for such reactions when these ships are way out in the future and will be adjusted.
  8. bob_ninja

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    I spent steel on Black long time ago and I am perfectly fine with this. I also bought Atago and I am fine with ARP blue atago becoming full prem. Of course, it is not optimal but considering all the higher tier FXP/coal ships I've got, steel and $ cost is fairly low when averaged over all the prem ships I got.
  9. bob_ninja

    Premium Ship Review #140 - Siliwangi

    At least for NA region higher tier BB meta was already so extremely passive that Asahio couldn't ruin it - it was/is already ruined. So that argument doesn't really work. I would posit that introduction of Asashio certainly didn't encourage passive BB meta to change, only reinforced it. Another Siliwangi annoyance is that it is not ideal trainer like Lo Yang. It could easily use AFT for long range HE spam on enemy BBs using her many smokes. AFT is useless for PanAsian DDs however, so her guns being so different complicates captain skills. At the end of the day for players who already have Lo Yang and Ognevoi I am not sure it offers anything super unique. Speaking of Asashio could argue that it is even better ambush killer of enemy DDs with its powerful HE. Review is spot on though, unique enough to be its own ship, but super tactical.
  10. bob_ninja

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    @Femennenly Can you clarify what happens when a duplicate ship drops? Say I have Anshan in my port and the container drops Anshan? thanks
  11. Well not scientific, but this weekend I am already seeing many of them in randoms. I just unlocked tier VI even before directives week 2. So my guess is that odds are fairly high for tier VI and somewhat lower for VII and VIII. Zero dubs spent
  12. Ah that is where extra 20 tokens came from. Was wondering how I got extra 20. thanks
  13. "active" = wrong, post in a forum is not active "aggressive" = wrong, post in a forum in normal tone "free" = wrong, there is no relationship "defense" = wrong, posting in a forum without making statement defending anyhing "profiteers" = wrong, you don't have WOWS org income data, they may have a loss
  14. bob_ninja

    To be clear about ARP ship changes

    I have red dragon on NA server. It was an event and got it free, but seem to remember they were both available for sale. They will likely be offered again.
  15. It is perfectly good counter-argument to ALWAYS focusing on the small percentage who are unlucky with RNG. You only see the worst case analysis of 65K dubs and no actual analysis of the average case which is far lower. Besides small number of posters who actually do some math, most are jumping to worst case all the freaking time. In this case simply based on average playing (no grinding) all players will get some small number of free royal boxes with lower chances. Next most players don't actually care to get all the pre-release ships. So based on how many free boxes you get and the actual objectives (how many ships) the typical player will spend on average between zero and 20K dubs at most. Much lower number and in the end reasonable spend for the rewards.