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  1. bob_ninja

    Premium Ship Review - Tiger '59

    Well it is not that as bad ... Belfast main strength is not dealing damage or HE, it is ability to intimidate and kill DDs. I lost count of teams paralyzed after loosing all or most of their DDs. Happens all the time in high tiers. This is why you don't see Kutuzov any more so much since it cannot deal with DDs nearly as well. So yeah ability to intimidate and kill DDs is super useful. conceal/super-heal/smoke/radar seems to invite semi aggressive go forward and seek DDs, try to ambush, etc. Especially those floaty light shells don't really seem to be all that useful at range. So what is weird is that it is missing one or both of: 1 - speed boost 2 - torps I can see speed boost is no go because it is not historical, fine. But it really needs torps when it cannot escape easily. As others pointed out it is very easy to rush smoke when you don't have torps and/or hydro. Another comparison is to tier 6 Commonwealth Mysore. Similar 152 x9 guns AP only, Fiji version, but slow reload, 10.7s That would be about 3x4 salvos = 12 compared to this 9 shells. Also no torps, but has hydro, small heal and crawling smoke. Granted lot less DPM but I can still move and avoid torps while pushing DDs. Smoke is almost 2 min so plenty of time to push or turn around and run. Speed is same slow 31.5 So in many ways similar except at tier 6 a lot less radar. Final note, these boats are not about DPM Like I said there are other jobs like hunting DDs that are just as important as taking down BBs with DPM. Sure it may not be rewarded as well, but depends on what you are looking for. If you are happy sitting in tier 9/10 bow tanking and trading damage then feel free to ignore this.
  2. bob_ninja

    Battle of the Beasts

    Actually the event is not so bad, but it took me time to figure it out. You still get points for partial completion, so you don't have to achieve full target. Say 8K XP but you only get 4K you still get half the points. This is actually pretty cool. Maybe I didn't read it in the original article well. Timed missions simply means you get many more opportunities during a day. So instead of a single 8K XP mission per day, we get it about 4 or 5 ties per day. Sure we are not playing 24/7 but if you happen to play more you could do it more than once. So you get more missions and points for partial completion means it is actually very flexible. You can play little and a lot, get few points or more. Compared to dockyard if you finish early then you have to wait for next week, no progress. In this event there is always progress and a mission available. The main difference is that we don't have to complete them all. There is no need to chase every mission. You just do what you can and not worry about it. Even if rewards are nothing special I still like it. Art is awesome and captains are always welcome. I think many are jumping to conclusions and not giving it a fair try.
  3. Well after German DD buffs I am actually wondering about resetting my german DDs, hmmmm
  4. bob_ninja

    Bagration/Ochakov question

    So had only few battles, but it eats citadels fairly easily. In one battle I was facing tier 7 Gnei that has "smaller" BB guns so I tried to angle and fight him, but he still managed to citadel me. It was shorter range around 5-6 klicks. So not sure how tankie it is, but I would certainly put my monet on Eugen/Hipper.
  5. bob_ninja

    9.4 Tokens quick maths

    Sure does sound like it; math is correct. In that case assuming one of these fits your style, they are great deals. Also implication is that rushing to get Mikoyan sooner means extra tokens.
  6. bob_ninja

    Orkan is a winner

    I still laugh when I see secondary hits on my Haida, same for Orkan LOLs Still it is automatic gun that works on its own during brawls so every bit of damage helps. Certainly with Haida magic smoke secondary can actually do some work. Not as often for Orkan. So far I like Orkan and don't regret dubs. It is certainly high skill bote, but it can certainly be more assertive and more engaging when there is not too much radar around.
  7. bob_ninja

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    Can you compare it to Irian/Kutuzov? thanks
  8. bob_ninja

    Mainz is out!

    Can anyone comment on comparison to Irian/Kutuzov? thanks
  9. bob_ninja

    Drops from Europe Container

    Again crying, again all wrong. The event is not terrible, simply much less predictable and much more difficult to predict what can be achieved. Yes, that is annoying but it doesn't make the event terrible. If the goal is camos, failing to get them in this event you can easily purchase them later. We all know perma camo costs in dubs, so if you don't like RNG boxes (I don't) then simply buy camos for known price. Event just gives extra rewards for normal play. There is no need to play more if you don't like RNG token count from boxes. Play as usual and if you get some tokens, fine, if not fine again. Who cares. At least for random boxes you can see contents before you pay 1K dubs, so that is some improvement.
  10. Actually I immediately say tier 7 playing after work and later in other matches did see more, forget tiers. So all the crying about crazy high prices seems to be ..... wrong? BTW those torps ... OMG Dropped smoke and easily avoided slower torps from US DD, then comes narrow spread 3 torps from new kids on the block - poof deleted. They are going to make it even harder to go forward and drop smoke.
  11. bob_ninja

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    So what happened with his PSA? I missed it.
  12. bob_ninja

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    Well here it goes, correct if I am wrong: max 25 containers each container 10-140 tokens = 250-3500 tokens, average 1875 clearly have no clue about container distribution so this is a guess Need for all DDs = 200+400+600+800+1000 = 3000 So on average we need to top up around 1125 tokens Random bundles 1K dubs each, 20-250 tokens The average tokens from a single container: 6.5 (20) + 8.7 (40) + 19.5 (60) + 32.6 (250) = 67.3 1125 / 67.3 = 17 random bundles = 17K dubs Considering this is maxed out and most players may not get every single free container, seems the cost to get all 5-9 DDs and camos is 20K+ So yeah seems much simpler to get whatever free containers one can, peek at the random bundle and buy 250s, maybe buy 60s. Then simply pay dubs for perma camo itself if so desired. Another complication is that camo missions for higher tiers are 20K+ XP so if you were to wait until the last directive to see your token count from free containers then there is a small period remaining to actually do those missions once tokens are collected. It is kinda odd that having already done the grind for containers there is yet another grind AFTER tokens are collected for ships.
  13. bob_ninja

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    Where is Kiz's thread .... please Kiz help us mere mortals who cannot do math ;)
  14. bob_ninja

    Cheshire Is A Horrible Ship

    Well BBs are not exactly their primary target. There are plenty of CAs (IJN, French, etc) that are far better at long range HE spam. Why add new CA line for the same role that is already filled. Brits are clearly designed as ambush type heavy alpha at short range, heal and reposition for next ambush. The difficulty is in high tiers with super passive style it is very hard to ambush and surprise enemy ships. Also long range radar will reveal your location even behind islands. So it is very difficult style for top tiers matches. I am enjoying my Abermale so far, but in general it requires a lot of patience and decent team. I don't think these are designed to carry, certainly not to operate alone, but that is fine. I am guessing for Cheshire with even less guns it requires a lot of patience and skill. Not for everyone.
  15. bob_ninja

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    I have both and have a secondary build Fuso captain on Kii. I played Tirpitz a lot more but still like to take Kii out to battle as well. The big difference is armor scheme that allows Tirpitz to push and use secondaries much more comfortably. Kii doesn't have that tankiness. That being said Tirpitz does get focused a lot so I struggle early game. I find Kii more comfortable as it can stay back and snipe early game but still push late game and has secondary/torp tools to make some really daring plays late game when risk of cross fire is much lower. Also longer range torps means you can reach out further and dump them coming around an island. Tirpitz torps is strictly for drive by assassin runs.