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  1. I actually came back to this ship and bought it recently based on the 2nd look and stats phenomena. Only played a few games but found it to be awesome fun. The problem is that there are plenty of "great ships" that are super boring. I have Might Mo and Yamato which are "great" or "good" but playing them in current meta is usually super boring. If you try to have some fun and push unless team participates you just get focused and die in 40 secs. So I am intrigued by "bad" or "meh" ships that are actually fun to play. Huanghe certainly fits into that category. Maybe Abruzzi as well. Still trying to decide.
  2. Please don't do it. Just walk away. I came across Asashio last night in Kiev. He was alone, not much support. OMG I almost cried while killing him. It is like a full equipped elite soldier coming across a 6 year old child. I didn't even care to angle while he was dropping smoke in desperation. Horrible just horrible. They are so easy to take down when they are alone, not even funny.
  3. Good points on both sides. I think the last few hit the main point that is being missed, like @XLap above. I play a lot of DDs and by now I see a lot of DDs are learning how to deal with radar. Which means that despite all the DD nerfs they are still doing well despite radar and RP, etc. Especially as you get to higher tiers; tier X is the most campy sit in the back meta. So often I win/lose matches where all/most DDs are gone after duels with other DDs and BBs stay back from caps and lose a match even with lots of HP left. Most cruisers with poor concealment are either gone or left on minimal HP so they too are hiding. There is no tool left for BBs to contest remaining DDs and/or they refuse to risk it. In fact you can pretty much call the outcome after the intial 5-8 min as DDs duel based on which team has more DDs with more health. BBs towards the end can and often are impotent and useless, unable to do anything while losing. In summary, there is too much emphasis on dealing damage, either with BB AP or hellfire cruisers from long range. Dealing damage doesn't always win games! Therefore there is very much a need for stealthier light cruisers that can actually chase down and challenge DDs mid to end game. British are excellent in this regard and competent Belfast/Fiji can certainly turn a losing match. I can see soviet cruisers so their radar is no as scary as US cruisers and British CLs. This Italian line seems to fill the same role. Sneak up and kill DDs, surprise them when they don't expect you, etc. Now Brits have smoke, US have radar so Italian have ???? Speed/heal? Torps? In any case I do see this role as super important even if total damage output is not all that impressive. Keep in mind 10K damage on DD is 50% compare to say 40K on BB is still 50%. So it is not total raw damage that is important. It is what kind of target and when. Italian CL that gets only 30K total but hits 3 DDs early in a match is far more valuable than a BB dealing 100K+ Reducing DD health early in a match forces them into defensive mode and makes it easier for your own DDs to take caps, torp enemy, etc. In other words, looking at total damage alone is missing the point. Italians have a different role that requires even more skill, that is even more demanding and higher risk. Only few captains can handle it. Well this is starting to sound like marketing, but you get my point. It is/can be effective but in a different way that is critical for a win. I didn't buy it yet, still on a fence. I am still curious about experience of players who did get it. So keep posting.\ thanks
  4. I find that most of them focus on total damage done. While that is important, of course, there are other possibilities. For instance, for DDs spotting is more important. You can have a great game in a DD and deal only 10K or 20K. Another is fun factor. Sometimes I want to take a ship and have some fun even if dealing less damage. In fact, when everyone focuses on total damage dealt then logically everyone must stay back to stay safe while dealing damage from distance = passive meta. Playing ranked right now is often super painful when players learned to deal most damage must stay back and be passive. So I can see a lot of merit in a ship that can actually move forward and support even if total damage is not the best. Heal in essence allows you to take risks that Schors and others would not, and try to get out if it doesn't work out to heal up and keep going. I don't know if it is a good ship or not, but I have to agree that it is being measured/evaluated by wrong standards.
  5. Really and how do you know exactly???? Schores eats cits unless at extreme range. However at extreme range it is missing shots and effective damage can be very low. Not to mention that BBs can easily heal its fire damage, no big deal. I like my Schros and play it; sure it can be effective. However in a passive meta that dominates it can just as easily be useless have no impact on a match. I've seen plenty of matches where Schors is left alone at the end almost full health because it was hiding all game and its team lost.
  6. Haze you make good points. thanks
  7. Again even if another cruiser has better armor Musashi shells couldn't care less. I suppose overmatch may not be as frequent as for lights, but really overall damage is still the same. There are few cruisers I suppose going up to tier IX and X that have armor that actually works. However at tier VII and XIII I don't think that more armor makes much difference. I like Charles Martel when angled at distance it can bounce a lot. However when BBs shoot at me even Charlie is not going to last.
  8. Kutuzov smoke doesn't last very long. Kutuzov faces a lot more radar. If DD gets clone enough to Kutu smoke it still gets spotted. Kutuzov faces even more big BB guns and gets panned/citadeled just as easily. I don't see people crying about Kutuzov being too fragile and innards ..... whatever.
  9. Why this obsession with BBs deleting a cruiser. It applies to almost any cruiser. Sure other cruisers may take less damage but Mighty Mo AP is gonna ruin any cruiser with or without armor. At least this one has a heal and don't forget it is only tier 7, one of few cruisers to have a heal at that tier. I mean everyone loves Mikhail Kutuzov, but how does it handle BB AP???? Well not very well.
  10. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    Well bought it and took it for a spin ... OMG it is beast ... well in terms of fun at least ;) Moving while in smoke is so awesome to be able to avoid torps and turn around for escape. If you are rushed well got torps. Hydro to see incoming torps. Smoke module to make smoke last even longer. And guns are mmmm amazing.\ I do have to agree that it doesn't carry. Had a Mutsu DD who refused to go forward and scout, even stopped in open water and turned sideways. Well he got nuked and we lost. So no carry but with half decent team it can certainly do a lot. While I think the original review is still correct, I do think she is bit too harsh on DPM. Sure others have higher DPM but shell speed is even more important for effective DPM. Atlanta may have much higher DPM but when target is too far its DPM drops to near zero as they are so easy to avoid. So having those Svoiet lasers is actually much more important for solid and dependable damage dealing as they work even at max range.
  11. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    Exactly my thoughts. thanks
  12. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    Well it is on sale again and I am very tempted. I am an average player, not a noob, so I get the skill issue. That being said: I have a bunch of smoke mods collecting dust and seems they are perfect for this ship. I love PanAs DD line and this ship does benefit from the same skills, more or less, so would be good DD trainer. Regarding guns and DPM issue, I have Molotov with same/similar guns and absolutely love them. Sure DPM may be lower, but greater accuracy and punching for me result in higher EFFECTIVE DPM. For instance, sure Perth has more guns but when a ship angles its effective DPM drops to almost zero. I play plenty of Fiji and others in line to know. So I think these guns at tier 6 are amazing and really are under appreciated. Yeah range is a problem and sure it doesn't handle T8s well. Well same can be said for many other ships, so meh. Now I am not the type of player who is chasing stats and must have max damage games always. I am happy to do less damage to have more fun. And this thing seems to fit that niche where you can have a blast, lot of fun albeit doing less damage. So my question is why I am wrong? Why is it not worth 25 bucks given the assumptions stated above? Again I have Yamato, Might Mo, Bismarck, etc. if I want to chase damage, plenty of awesome DDs and so on. So Huange He doesn't have to be max-damage-top-carry type of ship. I am fine with that as long as I have fun. thanks
  13. Pan-Asia DD radar

    Well it certainly makes high tier DD play very hard and tiring, more of a chore than fun play. First german DDs got their hydro, now PanAs radar, etc. Today contesting caps early is super dangerous. If there are islands near cap you are pretty much guaranteed radar CAs parked and using radar on cap. I find going back to tier 5/6 to play DDs so much more fun. Otherwise just going soviet DDs and shooting from range in high tiers using heal for stamina. Funny there are still a lot of DDs in higher tiers, so .... more radar yay ;)
  14. Deep water torpedo visibility

    Thanks Lert, yeah keep getting confused hydro vs radar So thinking out aloud, assuming a mix of cruisers and DDs, in early game DWT are pretty much same as normal torps, not much advantage as they are likely to be spotted by DD/air screen way before they get to CAs/BBs. Only in later game when ships are bit more dispersed and maybe less DD/airplanes they become more effective since hopefully there are less eyes.
  15. Deep water torpedo visibility

    So enemy DDs and airplanes can still screen for BBs like normal torps. Also hydro/radar/vigilance are still effective for seeing them early and avoiding? thanks