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  1. So played a few more during a week, this time Musashi and Black. This time always players played reasonably and were in general much better, even if we still lost some and early DD kill still happened. So could be the dreaded "weekend effect" as I was playing during weekend originally. Still it is way too easy to sit back in Musashi and farm damage, the lowest was 2nd place in a loss. Earlier I played only DDs. Seems DDs take way more risk for way less rewards.
  2. Hmmm good points. For BBs I am talking mid to late game. I don't expect the to push early game, of course.
  3. I am not complaining but pointing out how the current system discourages active participation. Regarding get in and persevere, I did that for 5-10 games, saved my star few times. However there comes a point when I am playing WOWS game for fun that is no longer anywhere near fun, so that makes no sense. I like close fights and contesting, etc. I send compliments to opponents all the time. That is all good and fine. It is when I turn around to see where my team is located that becomes the problem. I can handle that "issue" in rare cases, but not when it becomes the norm. At that point I will load my own BB and join them. Again not complaining just pointing out this is not desired outcome.
  4. Agree That being said there are a lot of MM extremes where deltas are very big. In random is not a big deal since consequences are minor. In ranked with star loss consequence it is a much bigger problem. I am not advocating for skill based MM. I am advocating for extreme skill mismatch fix. Otherwise more and more players may simply load Musashi/MightMo/etc. credits/XP printing press and join the campers farming and hoping that DDs will carry. This is not desired outcome.
  5. I am not a particularly good player. I never ranked out except for maybe one sprint. So I don't have super high expectations. Still the level of play I've seen this season is ... beyond words bad. Even with buffs and central zone I still see a lot of BBs camping back with maybe one or two non-DD ships that have a clue. Few brave cruisers either get punished early or sit back around BBs. I am unable to make any progress at all when I am placed into such bad teams, even when I save a star. The losses are so bad that I couldn't carry even if I were a much better player. One or two games I did manage to carry, but then that gain is swamped by losses later on. Long story short, there needs to be some sort of filter for players in ranked. When performance is abysmal players should be prohibited from playing ranked or pushed down below "safe" ranks. Either way you have to remove players who are not capable of participating in basic ranked strategy because it kills entire team. Now I realize this is hard to do or maybe non-starter. In that case you need to improve star system. If I am top of a loosing team by a good margin then I should get a star or maybe even 2. Why am I penalized for being placed randomly into a clueless team??? Saving a star is not enough. There could be couple of possibilities like: Losing team: 1) playerA 1300 2) playerB 800 playerA gets 2 stars 1) playerA 1000 2) playerB 983 playerA and playerB get 1 star each etc. The current system does nothing for a player that ends up in majority of bad teams. You need huge effort in many losses just to stay at current level, which is frankly not worth it for most players. Something like WOT experimented with ranked where star system had more brackets and options for both teams. For instance, on winning team bottom 3 would not gain a star since those players were carried by the rest of a team, so they don't deserve a star. In summary, Something needs to be done for players randomly placed on a terrible team to NOT penalize them for the rest of the team's performance. Otherwise it is just another grind mode that gets ignored. On a positive node, arms race mode is awesome I am shocked to see BBs still camping back. I was really hoping it would fix the problem of ships kiting and hiding in periphery. Sadly it doesn't seem to be enough. Clearly WOWS will have to develop a deeper analysis tools that looks at more than just damage. So long as damage is dominant factor camping BBs will remain the primary meta. :( :( :(
  6. bob_ninja

    Thoughts on Kronstadt

    This is my 1st cruiser in the game that can charge at ANY BB and citadel at close range any BB, easy. All complaints about dispersion are not valid since any ship shooting at 17+ range will have a hard time hitting targets. Even Yami. How many Yami/Musashi do you see every game sitting in the back having minimal impact and losing? All the time. Kron's weakness is early game it is hard to not show you broad side and it is weak. However if you survive to late game it is a beast. The only problem is really Kron requires super situation awareness and high skill, this is all. Also it cannot carry bad teams. Got mine and no regrets.
  7. bob_ninja

    Driving my PEF today

    It is actually very strong because it can deal very well with 2 main threats to BBs at tier VI: torp planes and DDs. Sure damage against a DD is small, but you are removing huge threat to your team and yourself. With my Kamikaze I can troll BBs all day long, except for ships with good secondaries like PEF. People are too focused on damage numbers while ignoring strategic advantages like anit-AA and anit-DD capabilities.
  8. bob_ninja

    Torpedo Acceleration on the Black?

    Ditto I did see a YT review with acceleration, but myself chose to keep longer range. There are usually many tier X and IX campers in the back that I would like to reach with extra range. For them speed is no significant since they are static. Actually I was surprised to get a fair number of hits simply by selecting high traffic areas. I even hit some DDs. Not sure that few knots of extra speed would make much difference. Depends on your target. I like to punish static BBs so prefer more range.
  9. bob_ninja

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    OMG what a bunch of noobs. Want to sit at max range and snipe? Duh German BBs will never be good in that role. You still haven't figured it out, OMG Granted that brawling BB role is tough in current passive meta, this is simply T6 Bis/Triptiz. Simple as that. I placed my Bis/Tirp secondary build 19pt captain in PEF and had a blast. Even when losing it is great. You simply have to use islands to close range as much as possible. The problem is that BB drivers these days always run away. Well PEF will suck hard when driving away from action. I would usually run down lone DDs and simply use secondaries. Heck I can charge 2-3 ships alone even. This is German BB that has to be used as a brawler. If you are not comfortable with that play style don't blame the ship. Just don't play German BBs. Regarding being bottom tier, do you think that Bis/Tirp are awesome when bottom tier? Or any other BB for that matter. Of course it sucks when bottom tier. Almost every ship sucks when bottom tier, duh. This reminds me of the Massachusets controversy. Once you get 14+ skill point captain it is awesome. Same here. You need AFT + IFHE or manual secondaries then just figure out how to close range.
  10. Ok so why release DDs at all? Limit matches to only BB and cruisers. Awesome. PS: I refused to get Asashio but after comments like this I may just get it to troll tier IX and X BBs. Or simply run my Harakaze with torp reload and spam torps all day long.
  11. He is talking about radar, not RDF. The simple solution is don't play tier IX and X. Done. That being said, it is a big problem as radar can hug their island waifus and spam radar while safe from torps. This results in super slow and boring high tier matches as DDs cannot advance and BBs refuse to push. Yes it is a problem, even when DDs "adapt". Adapting here means DDs cannot scout but increase their range with AFT and sit in smoke just outside of radar range spamming HE from a safe distance. Welcome Kitikaze/Haragumo flame throwers. While DDs can adapt, although it depends a lot on map can cap locations, in general it means super hard/challenging game play for DDs compared to relatively simple sit and snipe play for BBs and cruisers. Not to mention that everyone loves to yell at **** DDs while passive BBs get a free pass. It is especially hard for Shima trying to use 8 km F3s for example. I believe he is angry because he drives Shima. Well either change your DD or go to lower tiers. Some DDs simply have a hard time in the current meta. Shima is supposed to be great but actually there are much better DDs in tier X.
  12. Well maybe. I have both Mass and Tirpitz. Yes awesome fun factor, great brawlers .... until you get into tier X match. The problem is they both need to close distance to actually "work" which is super hard in tier X. What I find generally in tier X matches is: 1) load in 2) set cruise mode in the back with other tier X BBs and CAs who are camping 3) go make coffee/tea 4) check: Anyone pushing? 4a) no -> back to step 3 4b) yes -> proceed to step 5 5) start playing: push, use secondaries, have fun, etc. In other words super boring, a lot of time wasted until the actual battles starts, etc. Even when top tier and I push often nobody follows. So they can also be super frustrating. With this ship you actually have range and accuracy to snipe from back until big boys decide to play. Which is lacking in Tirpitz. I guess Mass can still punch at range so yeah Mass can deal with tier X MM better. In any case, the point is that Mass may not be more fun in passive meta.
  13. bob_ninja

    So...Who Got a 2nd Coupon???

    @AdmiralThunder It is possible that you got a coupon in the past at some point and didn't notice. Short duration means it is easy to miss. This morning I just noticed a coupon using web site, but had no notifications in game client; or perhaps I didn't see it, missed it. I only looked because of this thread. Otherwise I would have missed mine. I don't think it is random at all. Has to be a formula looking for active players who spend money from time to time.
  14. Because too many BBs players expect BB Fortress that can just sit and shoot bow on. I see it all the time in top tiers. About the only thing that can reach you in the back are Asashio torps maybe. So no need to sail and push, just sit back and fire long distance ... the usual. I do agree that finding a balance is pretty much impossible. There is always someone complaining. Yes, this is a different kind of BB that offers a different play style, same as Terrible is new style of DDs. People don't like big changes and take a long time to adjust. Hence the label for both of being bad. They are not. Although even Notser pointed out that it needs higher skill level.