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  1. They were for me - I bought the 20 Mega and got no ships, bought the 20 regular and got no ships, then averaged 1 ship per every 4-5 big crates.
  2. Surprisingly not always - the first crate my wife opened had the Azuma - and then she started getting the lower-tier premiums. I do think it tends to work it's way up though for most of the ships. The Benham was the last ship that dropped for both of us.
  3. I had to spend about $250 in crates to get stuff. The Mega containers and regular were pointless - the big container is what helped me. Wound up getting: Benham Friesland Georgia Irian Bayard Yuudachi Graf Spee Marblehead Lima Fujin Hill Also got enough coal to get the Smolensk and enough camo to sell for enough credits to upgrade nearly all of the above. Plus 30,000 FXP and 3,000 doubloons. I look at it as basically a 50% off coupon for ships. I got the super rares (Missouri, Musashi, Belfast, Kutuzov) in last year's events. My wife who had to spend a bit more wound up getting all of them for her account, adding in things like the Lazo, Azuma, Nelson, and others.
  4. Tankerace42

    PSA Christmas Crates

    I think the Santa's Big Gifts are the best value, that's where I got most of mine. I spent about $300 in crates, and this is what I wound up with: Tier IX Missouri Tier VII Belfast Tier VII Kutuzov Tier V Gremy Tier V Kamikaze Tier IX Kronshtadt Tier IX Musashi (REALLY wanted her - was bummed when they were going to take her out of the arsenal) Tier VIII Massachusetts - ironically, I just got the Massachusetts B last month Tier VIII Loyang Tier VII Duke of York Tier VII Nueve de Julio (already had the Boise) Tier VI Graf Spee (already had HSF Graf Spee) Tier VI De Grasse Tier VI Monaghan Tier VI T-61 Tier IV Nikolai I That's a total of 16 premium ships, and it works out to $20/a ship, which is still good price for all of the ones I got, especially those that I can't buy. I also got enough XP and doubloons to get credits and XP for the Gearing, and the camo and flags have earned enough free XP and had enough doubloons that I have bought the North Carolina and the Myoko without actually grinding, bought the arctic camo for the Scharnhorst. My wife had worse RNG luck, and had to spend about $500 on her account (we kinda counted this as part of our Christmas budget, thankfully). Here's what she ended up with: Tier IX Missouri Tier V Giulio Cesare Tier V Gremy Tier V Kamikaze Tier IV Nikolai I Tier VIII Alabama Tier IX Kronshtadt Tier IX Musashi Tier VIII Kii Tier VIII Massachusetts Tier VIII Tirpitz Tier VIII Atago Tier VIII Prinz Eugen Tier VIII Kidd Tier VIII Le Terrible Tier VIII Loyang Tier VII Ashitaka Tier VII Duke of York Tier VII Scharnhorst Tier VII Boise Tier VII Nueve de Julio Tier VII Leningrad Tier VII Sims Tier VI Arizona Tier VI Dunkerque Tier VI Mutsu Tier VI Monagahan Tier V Marblehead Tier V Murmansk Tier V Krasny Krym She also had enough coal out of the crates to get the Tier VI Aigle - and got enough coal after to be only about 30,000 short of Jean Bart. And enough Doubloons out of the crates for: Tier VIII Roma Tier VIII Gascogne (plus a $5 weekend pass) Tier VIII Asashio That's 34 Premium ships for $375ish, which works out to $12ish per ship, an even better deal than I got considering she got WAY more Tier VIIIs than I did. Our experience was RNG can be pretty bad - but not overall horrible and it can be pretty great - she got Missouri for her 6th ship draw. If you don't mind investing a large amount of coin you'll get your money's worth. But don't bother with the small crates or the mega crates - we had the best luck with Santa's Big Gifts.