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  1. Highly, HIGHLY recommend you don't do this stream as scheduled with the current backlash. It will not be a fun 24 hours for anyone.
  2. TheWhiteRaven

    Public Test - 0.8.10 - Feedback

    I thought the Italian line was supposed to be researchable with this patch? The only ship I have to test the new captain on is the Roma... Am I missing something?
  3. TheWhiteRaven

    Public Test - 0.8.10 - Feedback

    I can't get in for some reason... client just spins and spins on "logging in..." screen.
  4. TheWhiteRaven

    Woooo finally ranked out.

    Holy @*#( what a grind. Hit rank 2 and 4 stars twice, then all the way back to rank 2 and 0, then up and down and up and down, then straight shot to rank 1. I think I'll pass on next season. All battles but 1 played in Midway, the other was just an experiment with Hak. Took 116 battles. I think I'll also retire Midway for a while. Sheesh. (Also: the CV hate is REAL...) Good luck finishing up all!
  5. TheWhiteRaven

    Retiring my Enterprise as of now #bragpost

    @Addison_Wang - Nice try sir. :D Heard your clan was gonna kick you out if you didn't take #1 back. But seriously. This ship is so stupid fun it should be illegal. Probably is and will be nerfed soon. I'll cry, WG. Don't do it.
  6. TheWhiteRaven

    Retiring my Enterprise as of now #bragpost

    Several sites out there gather that kind of data, but this is my favorite: https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3751786480,Enterprise/?p=1
  7. TheWhiteRaven

    Retiring my Enterprise as of now #bragpost

    Ha! Nah, I do love Saipan, but I won't be able to keep up in her. I'm too aggressive/careless to save enough planes throughout the match (that's what I love about Enterprise so much: fast plane regen). :D
  8. Holy hell. Finally hit 40 battles without uberscrewing myself over and managed to snag the #1 spot for Enterprise drivers from @Addison_Wang, however briefly. :D Definitely braggy, but I've never been "#1" at any part of any game for any length of time, so damned right I'm bragging (I realize full well that I'll be bumped very soon... unless @Gaishu_Isshoku and like 50 other people retire from the game...). :D That said, Enterprise is a beast of a ship. Learn her well. AP bombs are highly underrated. Floods and fires are usually my main damage and easily stacked if you play strategically. I ALMOST screwed myself hard. Game #35 had a constant ping of 350-500ms (high latency is BAD for CVs, far worse than any other class). 12k damage in that game, tanked me by 150 PR points. Managed to pull off some nice final games to #40 and nearly got back to 3k PR. LOVE this ship. LOVE the CV rework. Love playing with and against all you other fine folk. Have a great weekend!
  9. TheWhiteRaven

    Saipan Shenanigans and Proposed CV Delay

    I'm with you on the delay in terms of thinking it won't have the desired effect. I think it'll actually make me a BETTER CV. I won't be rushing to spot the first DD, etc., but can instead wait (with no alternative) to see where my team goes and where the enemy starts popping up. Then, when I DO take off, the enemy is even closer for me to spot. The extra time to plan my game without the pressure to insta-spot the enemy team will, for my playstyle/temperament, only mean I do better. Honestly, I think about the only big change I think we NEED would be to remove constant spotting ability from fighters. Makes it too easy for me to drop one on top of a DD for my team to kill or for me to lazily spin around and line up a solid attack. Maybe slap the same delay on "true" spotting for the whole team so I'm somewhat less effective as a spot damage farmer (but also make spotting damage worth more XP-wise).
  10. Honestly? I feel like the CV delay is going to be more of a buff than a nerf. Now I don't HAVE to be the one to go hunt down the DD at the very start of the match. Everyone on the enemy team, DD(s) included, will be CLOSER to me when I take off, meaning it's even easier to figure out where they all went, and I can then just go straight into attack mode. I'll also know where my team has decided to move so I'll know right from the start where I might need to focus fighters or help support a push. We'll see. In any event, I'm not too butt hurt about it, but I'm not sure this is going to have the intended effect at all, really....
  11. TheWhiteRaven

    Graf Zeppelin vs. Enterprise

    What you said. Enterprise is by far my favorite ship in the game right now (among the 4 CVs and all surface ships).
  12. Pretty sure he meant "T1 players" - people who are jumping straight into T8 premium CVs and don't know how to use them.
  13. TheWhiteRaven

    [Enterprise] This was an awesome, heartbreaking match

    If it’s stable at 35-45, shouldn’t be problematic. If you notice occasional spikes over 100 while you’re playing, definitely a potential problem, but it doesn’t sound like you’re seeing that. If you haven’t, check out gaishu on twitch. Amazing cv streamer (with lots of past videos you can check out). I also like stuntman9630 on YouTube. He’s posting premium review videos as we speak, and he’s a decent player. I’ve learned a LOT from both of those guys.
  14. TheWhiteRaven

    [Enterprise] This was an awesome, heartbreaking match

    It should be in the upper left during a match. May have to tweak a setting in the game options, not sure.
  15. TheWhiteRaven

    [Enterprise] This was an awesome, heartbreaking match

    Weird question: what’s your normal ping? And is it fairly stable? CVs are about 1000x more sensitive to bad ping than any other ship in the game. Drives me crazy sometimes with my crap rural internet.