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  1. I have a slew of t10s and premium ships. I was wondering what owners think of Lutjens. I own Kuznetsov, so have a sense of pros/cons of special commanders. Wondering how Lutjens might do on the Immelmann; as well as Hindy and GKF. They are a LOT of coal and I do think in the strict sense of the word they are overpriced,. That said, I have a ton of ships and am more selective about what I spend coal on. I enjoy the Immelmann and am thinking Lutjens would be a good add for her and Hindy/GKF. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. FloridaPanther25

    Immelmann/CV questions

    Do flags--particularly enhancing chances of fires--work for skip bombs on Immelmann? Also does anyone have good recommendations for captain skills on Immelmann? I noticed many people don't take the extra flak protection and I'm trying to understand why that is, particularly because planes get shredded at high numbers. Thanks!
  3. FloridaPanther25

    Being reported

    is there a place you can see if/who reported you? I saw out of the corner of my eye in the results of a recent game that I was reported--but I don't have the faintest idea why. Can one look this up?
  4. I'd be curious as to commander skills recommendations? Thanks!
  5. FloridaPanther25

    Japanese Commander for Coal?

    Wasn't there supposed to be a Japanese commander for coal this patch? I don't see him; am I missing something? Thanks!
  6. FloridaPanther25

    Coal Ship Recos

    Coal is burning a hole in my pocket. Which is the best option among: Yoshino Neustrashimy Pommern Thanks!
  7. FloridaPanther25

    Speical Commanders

    I own Kuzetsove, but was curious what others think of Lutjens, Auboyneau or Cunnigham. Toying with Lutjens or Auboyneau - Cunningham seems carrier-based and I really don't play them much. Importantly, how have the New Skills changed/affected their respective value? Thanks!
  8. Any guesses as to what ships might be next out for coal?
  9. So I am unclear; is there an extra mission hiding somewhere? Thanks!

    1. lloyd1701


      No, once the missions end in two days that's it for earning any through grinding or getting any levels above the Hizen for 200 steel / 400 RP.

      What you will still be able to do for the next patch, however, is buy however many levels remain to get the Hizen at 1950 a pop (7800 dubs if you ground all 22 grind levels).

  10. FloridaPanther25

    Hizen extra mision?

    I have completed the grind and see where I have to pay 7,800 doubloons. I see some of the other perks of 10K coal/2000 steel. And it also says "+1". What is the +1? Is there some additional mission you have to complete after finishing all of the official missions? If I bought the ship now, the event only goes for another 2 days. How would I finish it it time - and I would have paid 7800?!
  11. I'd appreciate some advice regarding: What capt skills would you choose with a 19pt captain on Kleber? Would you include Fearless Brawler? What DD's does this skill feel right for? Thanks!
  12. FloridaPanther25

    Research costs & fire chance

    Is there a way to research fire % of ships within the game itself (not having to go to the wiki site, for example)? Why are the number of research points seemingly higher than they were before to research ships? It mentions have to research "preceding modules"? I used to research/buy ships without modules and then just move them up from my lower tier ship I just moved on from. What's going on?
  13. I would appreciate your reactions and advice regarding: Inertia Fuse for HE - "Chance of causing a fire by HE without modifiers applied reduced by half" - what modifiers? Is this really worth taking? Pyrotechnician - only 1% - is this really worth consideration? Heavy HE - same, seems like heavy penalty Outnumbered - useful? Top Grade gunner - useful? Any other must-have skills for cruisers? Thanks!
  14. It appears the new skills have neutered cruisers with guns under 139 mm - like the Smolensk and Atlanta. I used to be able to add range to cruisers like Smolensk and play at 18km range--now I can' only get 16. Is this correct; am I missing something? There is no way to add range to cruisers any more--correct? Also, one of the new skills (battleships - Consumable Specialist) mentions Main battery Reload Booster - 10% and Torpedo Reload Booster -10%. What are these modules it is referencing? I don't know that I have a ship that has this--and I have about 50. Thanks for your help
  15. Has anyone heard anything about any new coal ships coming out?