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  1. FloridaPanther25

    German AA's 2

    Here is my screen; mentions Japanese, US, German ships only:
  2. FloridaPanther25

    German AA's 2

    In German AA 2 the 5th mission is open now (complete 5 missions) and I have completed one, but for some reason the "Earn 3,500 base XP" submission is not working. I have multiple games in Japanese Shima and am not getting any points at all, or for any US/German ships. I wonder if this mission as a whole is supposed to be open? It says "Open for next 24 days"
  3. I have noticed a problem that I haven't seen before. When moving from the web to WOW or back, when I go into WOW the framerate is 3 and never goes above that. I can wait, etc. and it never changes. I have to abort and leave the game and received a disciplinary penalty. I used to switch between the web and WOW easily with no issues. Not now. Anybody else have this issue?
  4. Version 1 said it was available for something like 20 more days - today it's gone with the update. Is that it? No more chances to win the German tokens? I'm pissed. I was under the assumption it was going to be around for longer.
  5. FloridaPanther25

    Research Bureau: Worth It?

    I have completed multiple lines, some of which I rarely if ever use. Was considering the RB but don't know how it works or if its worth it. Seems like quite a slog on the surface. I'd be interested in reactions from those that have done it. Thanks!
  6. I have plenty of ships and have earned the Graf Spree in the Dockyard event. Do I want to grind to the end? How much more do we need to pay for the Odin? Is the Odin anything special? Thank you!
  7. I am going to spend my coupon before it expires. Was interested in either Yoshino or Marceau. Have Hindenburg and Moskava and will have Nevsky soon. Also have Harogumo and see these as similar ships. OR spend on a special captain (but know I can't use coupon? What would you spend your coal on?
  8. FloridaPanther25

    Acquiring Nevsky

    I have the Moskva and now see that ship will be coal/premium ship in next patch and Nevsky is the replacement tier 10. It appears I have to research her again for a full 240 ship xp. I sold off my Donskoi; does this mean I need to purchase Donskoi again and grind away the 240 ship XP again? Looks like that is the only alternative, correct?
  9. I WISH that WG was coming out with a new coal ship by 6/21 but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. So ... I want to use the coupon before it expires. I've been thinking about the Marceau (or maybe the Yoshino/Salem). I have a lot of coal ships (Smolensk, Georgia, Jean Bart), as well as Des Moines, Wooster, Moskva, Harugumo, which feel similar to these 3 ships. I'm leaning toward the Marceau, but from what I've read its "okay". The other option is to spend coal on a special captain Gunter Lutjens (spelling?), but many have said its a steep price for a captain.So I'm in a quandry - any advice?
  10. This is Day 3 and I STILL CANNOT LOAD THE DOCKYARD! I've never seen it to-date and can't participate; extremely frustrating. I have tried Hapa's patch - didn't work. I deleted Aslain's mod, deleted all WG files, and did a fresh/complete download of the game. STILL CAN'T GET IN! Twirls incessantly - left it on for 30 mins and still no change. I'm at my wits end on how to solve this. Are others having issues (have to believe so) and can we pressure WG to do something.
  11. I have applied patch Hapa recommends - did nothing. I have not been able to even see the Dockyard in past two days - tried 10 times, can't get in once. Can't participate - and really pissed. Surely others are experiencing the same thing. Oh, and can't get into the Armory either. WG need to solve this ASAP.
  12. Has anyone noticed in the last couple of updates that its extremely hard to access the Armory and now the Dockyard? My computer just spins incessantly but never get in.WG can you please solve what is a long-standing issue. Very frustrating.
  13. FloridaPanther25

    List of Cruisers that have depth charges?

    Is there a list somewhere of cruisers that have (dont' have) depth charges?
  14. FloridaPanther25

    The Story of Nobuo Fujita

    I was aware of the balloon attack of Oregon, but not this one. Very cool! Great story.
  15. Does anyone have any idea of what new coal ships might be coming out in the near future/before end of June? I have a coupon to use and am hoping there might be something new available. Thanks!