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  1. Is there a ship type that generates more potential damage than others? How is potential damage formulated? What tactics are the best to get it? Thanks!
  2. Have to spend coupon. What would you get - appreciate comments by owners: Napoli (Have Venizia) Forrest Sherman (Have Harugumo) Neustrashimy (Have Russian DDs) Yoshino Salem (Have Des Moines) Thank you in advance!
  3. What would you take and why? Thanks!
  4. Apparently I should really go with IFHE on my new Schlieffen. That said, I have never really used IFHE nor understand the penalty for using it that well. It mentions "without modifiers, you chance of causing a fire is reduced by half" if you choose it. Does that mean if I choose Pyro (I am assuming this is a modifier) along with IFHE, my chance of fire is NOT reduced? Or is that reduction across the board? Pyro only adds an additional 1% to a ship that already has 27% - so I am thinking it doesn't make sense to choose Pyro--correct?
  5. FloridaPanther25

    Dockyard event - final phase

    I am in the final phase of the Malborough event. In the final phase, to win the ship is it only necessary to complete the stages of the tokens - or does one need to complete the 6/6 tasks, as done on earlier phases?
  6. FloridaPanther25

    Schlieffen frustrations

    I have the GKF and Pommern and enjoy playing these ships and how to play them. I recently acquired the Schlieffen and am discovering this is a new beast. Very squishy; I was surprised. Any recommendations from owners about how to play it and spec it out? Is IFHE necessary? Thanks!
  7. FloridaPanther25

    Best XP Ship

    What would you go with in terms of 1M XP ship - the Aiger or the Gronengen? I'd be curious - thanks!
  8. FloridaPanther25

    Captain Skills for Pommern?

    I have spec'd out my captain skills for total secondary build. My question is which would you take - concealment or fire prevention? how important is concealment with the pommern? I am thinking to get in close you have to take it, but would like to hear from other owners. Thanks!
  9. FloridaPanther25

    Fastest way to grind XP?

    What ships, game formats, etc. are the best way to grind base XP? Thanks!
  10. Embarrassed to ask, but will; what is the correlation between the 32 phase timeline and the missions themselves? I've never really understood this. How does one measure progress in the missions and how that exactly translates to the 32 phases on the timeline, to gauge one's progress? What am I not understanding? Thanks!
  11. I am confused - do coupons still expire? I see that I will get ANOTHER coupon on 12/14 (and I have one currently). Does that mean I'll have two--or the one I currently have will expire? Can someone clarify? Thanks!
  12. Coupon expires on 12/10. Considering Napoli, Yoshino, Pommern, or Neustrimmy. What would you do?
  13. FloridaPanther25

    New Years Certificates?

    What are these? I "won" them but don't see them in the game? THanks!
  14. It looks like we have a few days before the free reset is over. I haven't had the time I'd like to do this. I am also frustrated because it looks like you have to move the captain onto a relevant ship to reset that class of skills--which is incredibly time-consuming. Is there a way to reset/change each captains skills without having to physically move them from ship class to ship class? I know there is a master reset for all captains. I am leaning toward doing this because then I am in no hurry to reset them--and can just reset them when it comes time to use them next, correct? Please let me know if my thinking is correct here. Thank you!