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  1. michael_zahnle

    Clan name color coding???

    I don't think this is accurate because my clan has not participated in any CB and my profile has a color.
  2. I love these ships. When you need ribbons, and you don't care where they come from, the T5 light cruisers are difficult to beat.
  3. michael_zahnle

    Totally obvious <insert nation here> bias

    Are you certain you've listed all of them?
  4. One would think that if the lower tiers were so popular, WoW would take notice and release lower tier premiums to entice those players to spend some doubloons. Maybe even some lower tier missions with actual rewards. "Ooo, Shinny" doesn't just apply to high tier, you know.
  5. michael_zahnle

    Why has Hollywood dropped the ball???

    I saw that... however, many excellent films come from foriegn sources and I thought I'd just point out that Emden was at least superficially covered.
  6. michael_zahnle

    Why has Hollywood dropped the ball???

    "A number of films have been made about Emden's wartime exploits, including the 1915 movies How We Beat the Emden and How We Fought the Emden and the 1928 The Exploits of the Emden, all produced in Australia.[64][65] German films include the 1926 silent film Unsere Emden, footage from which was incorporated in Kreuzer Emden of 1932, and Heldentum und Todeskampf unserer Emden, produced in 1934. All three films were directed by Louis Ralph.[66] More recently, in 2012, Die Männer der Emden (The men of the Emden) was released, which was made about how the crew of Emden made their way back to Germany after the Battle of Cocos.[67]" Wiki. SMS Emden - Wikipedia
  7. michael_zahnle

    If we can buy perm camo by credits...

    It was just an example, I assume.
  8. michael_zahnle

    RANK I Have To Start Again Seriously !!!!!

    The only advantage I see is that Ranked substitutes for Randoms for some of the mission objectives.
  9. It already exists. Each and every first time HE hit I receive from a destroyer results in some sort of incapacitation or fire. Well, not every time, but enough to make such a mechanic plausible.
  10. michael_zahnle


    I was in a coop battle yesterday that included 3 Ise. All it needed was an aircraft carrier as icing on the cake.
  11. michael_zahnle

    What if citadels were removed from ALL ships

    If it is in the game mechanics I haven't noticed any appreciable change in spotting. I've started fires numerous times and have still seen the target vanish.
  12. michael_zahnle

    What if citadels were removed from ALL ships

    What, something that tells you you're being targeted by someone more than 4.5 km away (Incoming Fire Alert- lvl 1), or maybe he's the closest enemy ship and he's that-a-way (Radio Location-lvl 4)? Neither of these are useful when trying to targeting a ship hiding in smoke that isn't in the process of actually shooting at you, and not everyone has the skill points available for a level 4 skill. You still have to actually SEE your target if you expect to hit it.
  13. michael_zahnle

    What if citadels were removed from ALL ships

    If reducing ship abilities would result from citadels then you've omitted one very important possibility that the anti-carrier crowd would enjoy, catastrophic detonation of aviation fuel. More carriers were lost due to fire than any other source. Carriers can burn but they still can launch attacks? Boy, ending that advantage would certainly change the nature of a battles that include carriers. Another mechanic to add to the game would be increased detection due to fire, not just the reductions in combat ability mentioned above. Why does a burning cruiser get to remain hidden in smoke while spamming fire onto a BB? There should be some advantage to shooting at him.
  14. michael_zahnle

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Do you people have lives?
  15. michael_zahnle

    Ise- thoughts?

    As a hybrid, will you be able to recall the aircraft by pressing the F key?