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  1. michael_zahnle

    Submarine Game Suggestions

    And the request to be constructive goes out with the first post. I made similar suggestions earlier. Sub hunter and convoy escort scenarios should not be all that difficult to program in PVE because they already us the PVE format in the scenario battles. PVP would only require limiting the selection in MM and writing victory conditions to suit the scenario. In addition, maybe the Tier IV and V destroyers should be given ASW armament to widen the list of ships to choose from and increase variety. Carriers in these scenarios should have ASW ability also, and a variety of light carriers could be included at Tier V and VI since during the Battle of the Atlantic they played a prominent role (separate tech tree perhaps?).
  2. I once had an overly... mmm... vocal teammate berate me in chat during the game because my lumbering New York was on the opposite side of the map engaged with a cruiser and not helping HIM. We lost before I could get in range and he followed me into post game messaging to continue abusing me with rather foul language. Simple solution, I reported the chat immediately. Never heard another word.
  3. michael_zahnle

    Weekly Combat Missions: Operation Dynamo

    Completed the mission and I have 4 duplicate rewards. I see no option on what to do with them.
  4. michael_zahnle

    World of Sinops

    This whole conversations sounds like two kids standing in the playground... "My dad's better than your dad." "No, he's not. MY dad's better!" Oh, and not everyone has had an opportunity to grind their way up to the super-sinop. Some of us only have 1 Tier VII ship to play, and it is quite disheartening to watch the three Sinops on the other side evaporate the two heavies on your side leaving Colorado alone to face the Red Scourge.
  5. When the enemy is on both flanks... "Odd ships fire to starboard, even ships fire to port." Iowa does both.
  6. michael_zahnle

    Where's everyone in Rank 5?

    First time in Ranked. I made it to 14 before abandoning all hope... getting past Sinop with Colorado is hard, and that's my only Tier VII ship. Spent an entire weekend bouncing between 1 and no stars because of that ship. Made it finally to 14 and I'm happy with that.
  7. michael_zahnle

    Newly Minted T5 plays mostly what Tiers (MM ?)

    If this is true, how do you explain my Konigsberg in battle with a pair of Tier III St. Louis class cruisers? Divisions?
  8. michael_zahnle

    Who owns torpedoes?

    Yesterday I got pinked... I had a screen freeze at spawn that never cleared. Eventually I had to restart my computer and returned to a 3 battle penalty, you know the type... not doing anything and leaving in the middle of battle. So I took my frustrations out on Tier I bots and went back into Tier V with a light cruiser and sure as bats make guano, some fool bot DD charged right into a spread I unloaded on a BB. I was turning as I fired and the bot was actually going away from the line of fire and turned around at 35+ knots. 4 battle penalty for blowing his stupid bot butt back to port. Sometimes you just can't win... and more Tier I bots died.
  9. michael_zahnle

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    No, you don't get to keep them or no, they don't vanish? Which is it?
  10. michael_zahnle

    Need 5 DDs and 2 Sinop in every Ranked match

    Too bad you can't read the entire chart. You have a link to that?
  11. I don't think linking aircraft to damage would be effective or even doable (well, I suppose anything can be doable with enough money spent on development... question asked/answered). Besides, its never air attacks that kill my Ranger, its always the surface ships that get past the rest of my team. I do like the second idea, restrict the AO of the aircraft, but more useful might be to just limit their endurance... when you bingo your fuel you automatically F-Key back to the ship. I feel the best way to eliminate all the hate would be to move carriers to an optional battle environment with new scenarios. Battle off Samar (Tier VI): 4 carriers and 8 destroyers defending against a flotilla comprised of 1 to 3 battleships with an escort of destroyers and light cruisers. BB team must enter through a somewhat narrow straight and the fleets begin at opposite ends of a fairly large map with no islands to hide behind. Carrier Duel (Tier VIII): 2 to 4 fleet carriers on each side with an escort of destroyers and (maybe) light cruisers. A very large Ocean map with no islands. The teams begin very far apart. ASW (for those sub lovers/haters, Tier VI): Carriers and destroyers hunting down a wolf pack. Victory would be based on preventing the subs from entering an objective zone where a convoy is located.
  12. You do realize that short of a critical hit, ALL ships can unload their ENTIRE broadside right up until the point they sink? This argument about carriers being Soooo over powered because they do the same thing is just a straw man argument. The actual argument is that they do it to YOU instead of you doing it to THEM.
  13. michael_zahnle


    Here's a thought... Tier II ranked battles. Think about it. Only 1 battleship with an abysmal rate of fire, and a fleet of light cruisers and destroyers. No radar, no fancy ammo, only destroyers can carry smoke.