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  1. michael_zahnle

    FAQ about the Economic Rework

    I have a question. Why are the economic bonuses hidden in the equipment page instead of on the exterior page like the camos? I was in the test server and remembering to go to a different page than normal was confusing at first.
  2. michael_zahnle

    How About This For The Next Update?

    Thanks. It was a toss-up between James Cagney's Halsey and John Wayne's Rock Torrey.
  3. michael_zahnle

    How About This For The Next Update?

    I think the OP suggestion on torpedoes is valid, not that you seem to care. I just played a T-IX battle in which every ship except 1 BB had torpedoes and it ended before my Pommern even had a clean shot... too many islands, too many torpedoes.
  4. michael_zahnle

    Just Now on NA server - 1CV, 5DDs, 2 SSs.

    Excellent Tolkien reference. You win!
  5. michael_zahnle

    Is today National Standard Battle Day?

    I wish there was an option to opt out of a particular map or type of battle. I hate Two Brothers.
  6. michael_zahnle

    German Super Cruiser Is A Joke

    I was thinking the same thing.
  7. michael_zahnle

    Radio Silence Mode

    Welcome to the forum. When you aim torpedoes at a target you get a spread indicator and a highlighted wedge indicating where the ship should be when the torpedoes reach it (after pressing X). You line the two up and if nothing changes with course and speed of the target, you should score a hit. I'm suggesting that that be eliminated in this battle mode.
  8. michael_zahnle

    Radio Silence Mode

    No... torpedoes should retain their speed and accuracy. The limiting factor will be a lack of the aim indicator. You're firing blind at where you think the enemy is located and going because you can't actually see him.
  9. michael_zahnle

    2 subs and 2 cvs per team in a match

    Perhaps he meant quit for the night.
  10. USS The Sullivans taking on water rapidly - YouTube
  11. michael_zahnle

    Why is Wargaming forcing subs on us?

    Except that so far no one has purchased a sub, they've all been freebie rentals. Give someone something for free they might play it, make them pay for it... not so much.
  12. michael_zahnle

    Monthly Super container

    100 flags... November Foxtrot. Basically, useless in coop.
  13. michael_zahnle

    Savage Battles Achievements

    The mode's schedule sucks for me... managed to pay 2 battles. Critical Error on the first one and was sunk before leaving spawn. Got mangled by torpedoes the second time about 1 minute in... I don't think even my secondaries hit anything. Not a pleasing experience so far.
  14. michael_zahnle

    Does your partner ask some impossible to answer questions?

    Are you certain Snargfargle was talking about you?
  15. michael_zahnle

    critical error after prepatch

    Last week they loaded an update that corrected a myriad of issues, and the game ran fine all week. This week there was another update and lo and behold, the system failures resumed. This morning I fought 6 or 7 battles and the game crashed after all except one. Delayed spawn, pings through the roof and screen freezes in the middle of combat. The rewards for putting up with this are not worth the effort.