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    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    Had a lot of very not fun times in one battle, when i managed to reach it. The game froze before it finished loading the battle, then sat there saying not responding and showing using all of my hard drive, without activating the HD light which does work. So after almost a minute of trying to get the game to shut down, I get back in to join the co op battle in progress to find most of the players were dead, and likely had the same not responding problem. I got to find out the planes react about as well as a brick shot from a catapult, very slow in the activation of the attack, doesn't show the aim spot half the time, and then after the battle is lost, ended up being stuck in not responding land again. Very poorly done update. Didn't want to find the game reacting worse than the playerbase, but here we are.