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  1. HOLY FREAKING COW !!!!!!!! GREY BEARD.... its seems to be working !!!!!! Thank You so Much !!!!!! Now d you have a link for World of War Planes ?
  2. I did..... Did everything they said.... All I get is copy and paste responses...... I'm about to give up and say screw it all....
  3. Firewall.... forgot to add this in..... The firewall is off....
  4. Greetings.... Just got the rig back up and running and for some reason...... WOWS & WOWP will not install.... Tried everything from DNS flushes to goat sacrifices.... Nothing works..... WOT installed fine.... But..... No console was installed with WOT Does anyone know of a way to install WOWS or WOWP with out having to use the freaking Console? Ive attached a screen shot..... And yes my IE connection is fine.... its a T1 Many Thanks in advance
  5. Another note.... This was a CO-Op game.... A tier 6 teamed up with a tier 4..... So the other side had to have equal ships.....
  6. lmbo Talon... your killing me !!!
  7. Well let me clarify a few things first..... 1st ... Wish I did have video... but don't have the software installed to record this.... supposedly there is a way to get a vid thru the game.... just not sure how... 2nd... Wasn't me who got sunk.... After my ship was sunk I switched to a teammates Cleveland. Watched him just hammer away on the tier 4 dd... He was using HE Distance was right at 5km.... and hit this DD while it was broadside No damage came off... Not one Cit Then 2 rounds..... from the DD And the health just disappeared from the Cleveland..... If anyone knows how to get video from the game itself please let me know....
  8. Ive seen enough..... But what does one have to sacrifice to the RNG gods so that you might be able to actually cause some damage ? I am at my wits end watching lower tier ships literally "one-shot" higher tiers right out of the water.... When a 12 round salvo from a Cleveland hits a tier 4 ship with all 12 rounds hitting.... some damage should be caused..... Am I wrong to think this ? But 2 rounds from a tier 4 destroyer...... not a detonation hit..... Can take over 1/2 your health..... Something is just not right..... So what are you rituals to the RNG gods ?
  9. it did... but for a Colorado to 2 shot kill it ?
  10. First off..... I am not a seasoned captain and no where near the skill level that some have.... But this Public Test server.... Is it me or is the RNG garbage completely way out of whack ? How can such low tiers ships inflict so much damage to the higher tier ships It just seems like ( in co-op battles ): The shell dispersion is almost non existent for bots Bot are able to citadel on what seems like every 3rd shot I watched a IOWA get taken out by a Colorado..... 2 hits from 14KM..... The IOWA had no damage.... A real RNG screw job... Just seems to happen in most battles..... This game is great..... Great graphics Great sounds But seems like its turning into WOT on the water..... Has anyone else noticed this ?
  11. So in other words...... When in the Cleveland and you see the Atago...... turn tail and run.... LOL To All: Many thanks for the tips and info.... going back to try again...
  12. Here is the setup: Ran a CO-OP game to test some theories on hitting the citadel.... Running the Cleveland A tier 7 Atago shows up and I start hammering away This includes several, several broadside hits using both AP and HE rounds 149 hits and just got close to causing 3/4th damage.... while just a few of his shots send me to the bottom.... And I was also "angling" my ship to use the armor However...149 hits..... shouldn't have I sent this to the bottom? Or was I shunned by the RNG gods ? What am I missing ? Thanks in Advance
  13. Any suggestions would be appreciated..... Is there any way possible that when firing a broadside salvo from any that the accuracy could be increased? What I mean is it seems like I'm are shooting form a sawed-off shot gun... and just praying for some hits..... As the shells travel they seem to get a mind of their own and go in all directions.... I've watched others get 5+ hits continuously from their battle wagons... Just wondering if there is something I'm missing or is this a grind thing to get to the accuracy.... Many Thanks
  14. Long way from ready

    And here it is in WoWS....... The freaking RNG scale is off the chains..... It's happens in WOT its the Same of WoWP and now it's here..... When a broadside 5+ hits from the New York can only produce 10% damage to a Tier 3 St Louis....... something just isn't right..... But what do I know..... I just play.... But the OP has a legit point..... The RNG scale could use some re-work.....
  15. The USS North Carolina hey what can I say.... I'm from NC