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  1. Good point Duck.... But there are tons of RNG issues out there.... Not just with this game but WOT & WOWP... Of course if anyone tries to post or really bring it to light.... Moderators of this forum usually remove it then slap restrictions on the OP... Its happened quite a few times...
  2. Zen35

    Do you pay money for this game?

    Can not and will not pay for anything until they fix the complete BULL SH*T RNG scale....
  3. FIX THE GARBAGE R.N.G. !!! Yes I know its in large Print...... Just wonder if someone would finally notice....
  4. Zen35

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    Just curious.... But since this is about CO-OP is anyone else having 100% complete garbage RNG in their battles ? I mean you can't kill everything all the time but for 3+ weeks all the CO-OPs I have run in the RNG was so freaking useless... Its like WOT but on the water