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  1. Glamorboy

    Just scrap Rocket Planes (HERE ME OUT)

    They could introduce fighters and counter air missions in an easy one click manner though. Have you CV immediately launch fighters (their CAP). When a friendly ship uses the quick command "I need AA support", the CV player could simply hit acknowledge and his CAP would fly over them. Or, while clicking points on the map for autopilot, and one more button click for the CAP to circle a place on the map.
  2. Glamorboy

    Comprehensive Fix to CVS

    It was at this point, you lost credibility.
  3. Glamorboy

    Comprehensive Fix to CVS

    You missed my point. I don't care about DD's being absurdly more powerful than in real life. I just find it rich when they call other classes "coddled"
  4. Glamorboy

    Comprehensive Fix to CVS

    I agree, some of the stuff is good imo. Get rid of rockets (except as a niche thing on a couple CV's maybe) = good. Ammo choices for bombs = good. I also like increasing the torp speed and being able to drop it further back. It gives ships an easier time trying to dodge, but if they press in further to drop, AA should start shredding planes.
  5. Glamorboy

    Comprehensive Fix to CVS

    I agree, having a CV spend 100% of his focus on just killing enemy ships is terrible. It makes everyone else his punching bag, and nobody wants to be a punching bag. But let's get real, coddling of CV's?? LOL. DD's break every law of reality and physics so they can burn down a 60,000 Ton BB with their 100mm pop pop guns. Concealment works the opposite as reality just to protect DD's and let them go invisible.. in the middle of an ocean.. They don't have a citadel, or even suffer penetrating hits from BB shells. In fact, why did this rocket nerf happen? Coddling, because in WG reality, a 2000 ton DD should be as or more powerful than capital ships right?
  6. They would need to release a Super T11 CV to make the super T11 BB's obsolete. That would make the game better right? And for those that think they wouldn't simply because WG currently only has even numbered tier carriers... really? You really think that would stop WG?
  7. Glamorboy

    Siegfried still waiting

    I would also be very upset had I grinded the RB points for the Siegfried for WG to pull this move. I understand your frustration. I was a couple weeks from spending the FXP and getting it when preliminary changes to the captain rebork came out (and it didn't look good for Siegfried). I believe they pulled the captain secondary skills off the cruiser build, not out of laziness as WG wants you to believe, but to nerf this ship specifically. Let's face it, it was a monster for a good number of months there. Torps, heavy hitting Alpha, fantastic survivability, and then the secondary build to augment its lack of DPM, it was clearly the best (and OP) CA just before a T9 CB season. It's wasn't the first time they "changed" the game which nerfs the crap out of a particular premium ship, doubt it'll be the last.
  8. I think its more than 7.5s flight time, more like 12s? Could be wrong though. Anyways, the advantage that the Montana has is he can see the ship he is firing at, he only needs to anticipate where that ship will be and lead accordingly. A CV doesn't see a DD when he shoots. So he must anticipate where that DD is going to be from the last known position, and anticipate where that DD is going to be in 5 seconds AND the DD knows where the rockets will land (due to MG bullets) and can avoid accordingly. Not really apples to apples. It's a sledgehammer of a nerf. I think they should have made rockets a gimmick airplane on only a couple CV's and generally just replace rockets with more torp/DB planes.
  9. Glamorboy

    Hak and FDR banned from Clan

    if you message me in game, I can show you how. I get 2-3 torp runs per flight. Two flights, your CV is sunk. Unless you think knowing how to do this would be boring..
  10. Glamorboy

    They really screwed up CV's

    There there - point to your DD and show me where the bad ships touched you.
  11. Glamorboy

    They really screwed up CV's

    Isn't this the definition of being coddled? If your DD can't kill the big meany super BB, then you're going to pack up your things and not play. So yes, WG obliges and your little pop pop gun ship of 2000 tons can easily kill a 80,000 ton super BB. "If you don't have the ability to kill another ship of another type in a particular class, then why bother playing it?" - its called adversity, and performing a role (which isn't always the most heroic) to help your team win (team game right?).
  12. Glamorboy

    They really screwed up CV's

    I don't know NavyField myself, but it is an interesting idea which perhaps didn't work from your take? Look, I can put the blinders on reality for a good many games/movies etc. At some point, games and movies might bend reality a wee bit too far and it ruins the "feel". I'm not there yet, but this game is starting to not feel like a ship game. I mean 2,000 ton ships being a far, far superior combatant than a 60,000 ton ship, cm'on.. The blinders are starting to slip.
  13. Glamorboy

    They really screwed up CV's

    I mean your right, they are hardly super BB's when a gumo can kill it one on one. But at what point does it just become stupid? A little DD with pop pop guns handily dismissing a theoretical BB that should be the most powerful surface ship combatant ever to exist.
  14. Glamorboy

    They really screwed up CV's

    Credits and XP can be scaled to anything. I'm pretty sure they made the rewards less (for both credits and XP) for CV's.
  15. Glamorboy

    They really screwed up CV's

    So with the Super BB event, is it a terrible game until you play one yourself? Or should they make the Super BB the same power level as the rest of the BB's?