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  1. Glamorboy

    [Help] Cruiser Lines

    I was similar to you DD_440 in time available. Des Moines is a great first ship. Fast RoF, Good detect, amazing AP, and tanky in CB. Add in radar and it is a top notch boat for CB.
  2. Glamorboy

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Hi WG, My observations: 1. The Haru T10 is pretty powerful. (USN equiv might be as well and use the same tactics). Their squadrons approached to 5km (edge of my flak), dropped payload, F keyed out by 4km. This gave my T9 Lion no chance to defend myself. The torps were nigh invisible until they were on top of me with no help of steering around them. My only hope was to see the splashes as they were dropped, notice and remember the airplanes rough heading, and steer into them accordingly (hoping I would only eat 1 or 2). They seem to never have flown anything other than a torp plane, which makes me question the service/re-arm time. 2. AA is a little more fun, but really does not take any skill. All the skill is on the CV driver. All the target can do is hope and pray. Doesn't matter if you are good or bad, its all the skill of the CV player. I wonder what the game will be like when CV players are a little more experienced. I thought AA was too powerful. (heck is shot down 60+ planes on my first day). Then I realized it's all on the skill of the CV. Avoid my flak, even my Wooster does little to a good CV driver who can dump and F key out. 3. I don't understand why planes should have (or could have) RDF. This is an unnecessary buff, and while I haven't researched it, I don't think WW2 had AWACs plane support. 4. Spotting mechanics seem broken. CV's are killing the role and fun of DD's. I don't think CV's planes should be able to spot nearly as well as they do. 5. Fighters seem chunky and broken to use. Perhaps it is because of the tactics posted in point 1. Perhaps they have low damage output. Also weird I store a squadron of fighters on my BB and I decide not to put any fuel in them. Fighter's did, and should, eat up and punish an enemy air attack. They don't. Fighters should be able to target and pursue a specific enemy squadron. Fighter's should not originate from a BB's catapult nor should they be retrieved.
  3. Glamorboy

    This is fun

    I hope this post lands right beside the post titled "This isn't fun". I have been thoroughly entertained on how many people have either completely loved, or completely hated this CV re-work. I know WG is probably monitoring the forums, so here is my 2 cents. AA is far more fun and engaging. Graphics, volume of planes that are incoming, mechanics of focusing AA fire on each side of the boat, everything is far more entertaining and engaging. At the same time, the planes appear not to be doing nearly as much damage nor are they influencing the game to the same degree. AA on a wooster, mino, DM, may be too powerful. To the point I don't think I need to spec AA to be utterly immune. Also damage may be a tad too low? On the plane side I have only tried the Langley. I find the rockets to be neat, but pointless as far as damage. Dive bombing seems really hard, yet to land one.
  4. Glamorboy

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    Suggestions 1 and 4 aren't bad. Suggestion 3 is reasonable, nor is it accurate to ships in 1945.
  5. Glamorboy

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    The US CL line has been enjoyable to play. Until the Seattle. Other than the T9 perks and upgrades, it feels like a complete downgrade. It handles like a BB, armored like a DD. The worst part is the inexplicably bad gun arcs.