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  1. Glamorboy

    What single game mechanic would you change in Co-op

    Just to clarify my simplistic suggestion, 1 human player = 2 bots. Thus if you have 7 human players you face 14 bots. If you have 2 human players and 5 bots on the same team, you face (2x2=4 + 5) = 9 bots. Thus 7 verus 9. If you have 3 humans and 4 bots, you face 10 bots. etc
  2. Glamorboy

    What single game mechanic would you change in Co-op

    The win percentage in Co-op is probably in the mid 90's. The only challenging aspect is actually getting to shoot and kill something before all the bots are dead. Thus my change is: for every human ship = 2 bot enemy ships.
  3. Glamorboy

    Which BB line to grind?

    I think it depends on what you are looking to get out of the BB. If history and realism matter the most, the Yamato is the way to go. Biggest guns that sound cool, and its not a paper ship. If competitive clan battles will be your thing, the Montana is the optimal ship. Built with a survival captain and mods, it is very tanky and also the best and long range sniping and destroying. If random battles are your thing, the Conqueror is the best. With the unique upgrade it handles like a cruiser, deals the most damage in the game, and has a massive heal. Good luck!
  4. The re-work broke the best AA in the game. The fighter squadrons on your friendly CV was the best AA you could get. Now it is non-existent. Air superiority was a real thing in both the real world and in the first version. Now they have to fly for 60s across the map to drop a fighter that last a short amount of time with a short range. So yeah, boat AA is too strong to compensate. What we need is a mechanic so that CV's can effectively engage the enemy air power and when the opportunity arises to do meaningful damage to surface ships. Right now they concentrate solely on ships (which pisses them off) and quite frankly their damage output is silly. I rarely bother trying to avoid torps in my BB's, 1) because the damage is pitiful especially compared to being broadside to other BB's, 2) I rarely can avoid them effectively anyways, 3) they do crap damage (that ain't right!)
  5. To the OP, I feel that we are in the same boat (pun intended!). Same W/R, trending up, learning this next step. Here are my two (or four) cents. 1. At the start of the map, if you know the map and have a great spot or two, go to it and do your thing. If not, hang back and follow, support, etc. IE I might have have a great spot for my DM on a certain map so I go there. If not, I'm going to hang with a BB to give them AA until I read the enemy and then decide where I need to go. Some boats excel at the start, others in the mid to late game. Don't always worry about not doing too much right off the start. 2. I can find it challenging to read the mini map in a fast firing DM or Wooster. Less challenging in a BB. Read the map, and if you decide to engage, do it for 20-30s and then make sure you look up and re-assess. 3. Reading the map means (imo) know where the red BB's are that can delete you (and be in a spot to avoid that). Know where you are going to go if you get focused or need to escape. Often times it can mean you stop shooting (but not if a ship is inside your conceal). Other times you might use an island to break cover. If you are in a BB perhaps you just need to hit reverse, stay bow on, and live for a very long time before you die. 4. This is a very simplified point but, if you have the numbers (or weight of shells more accurately), push. But you have to spread out and get different angles on the enemy ships so someone should be getting broadsides hopefully. If you don't have the advantage, anticipate their push and look to flank/kite. GL and may the wind be in your sails!
  6. Glamorboy

    To Cleve or not to Cleve............

    The Cleveland is a solid ship! I have a ton of fun on it. I'm using it in CB right now and it melts the enemy. The Seattle is not nearly as fun imo. Biggest issue I have is the horrid gun arcs. In fact I'd rather take the Cleveland in a T10 match than the Seattle.
  7. Glamorboy

    Player count

    Welcome to the game! I believe you are in protected match making right now as you are new. As I am rank 15, I wouldn't play in the same game as you as you are probably a much lower rank. This means you are playing with a small group of players right now who are all new. It probably means longer queue times, but it's worth it before you have to go against veteran players (imo). It doesn't take long to reach rank 15, and then you will be playing against everyone. I typically have no complaints about Queue times. Good luck!
  8. Glamorboy

    Is this game actually fun?

    I feel too many people get sucked into the grind. I play the ships I enjoy. I don't feel the pressure to always be grinding new ships and new lines. But that is the play-style that works for me so that I have fun. You need to find yours. Or not play if it isn't fun.
  9. Glamorboy

    WOWS could use more historical battles as Ops

    ^ This. It doesn't even need much balancing. A bunch of Japanese ships of certain tiers verus a bunch of USA ships on a map. Make rewards and an event out of it.
  10. Glamorboy

    WOWS could use more historical battles as Ops

    This is a fantastic idea. Historical re-creation doesn't appeal to everyone, but I think it would appeal to a significant amount of the player base. Even 'random' pvp battle mode where it is themed, ie USA vs Japan for a week, or UK vs German (low tier) for Jutland.
  11. If you often have 10-16 people online, run two teams of 6 instead of just one. It will make it easier to form teams. Having only one team play with 6 people and cycling 17 people through it is, crazy? I love the T8 ships, but I hate all the P2W ships at T8. Keep clan battles sacred and scrap the premium ships. At least at T10 the premium ships are not superior to their tech tree brethren.
  12. Glamorboy


    As a Canadian from Hamilton, (where the Haida is currently moored), I have thoroughly enjoyed playing the Haida. WG if you are listening, I'd love if you could have the option to fly a nations flag instead of the Commonwealth flag. Canadian Ensign please!
  13. Glamorboy

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    oh btw WG if you are listening. THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA! /endrant
  14. Glamorboy

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    I'm saying I would quit playing the game if this idea is bought into being and creates an imbalance. Look CV's, radar, etc I can honestly believe WG saying they are trying to balance the game, but that balance is hard. As far as OP ships, I'm usually in the boat of meh. Being the king in a GC is like being king of an ant hill. I'm glad you're having fun but nobody cares it's T5 (imo at least). Heck I was #9 in the South Carolina BB on WoWS stats.. but it's T3.. who cares? When the practice of P2W effects T10 I care. That's when I leave. The Stalingrad is not a P2W ship imo. It is not the ideal cruiser in CW. Same with the Salem. When a obviously OP premium ship enters T10 or when the NTC becomes a thing, that is my line.
  15. Glamorboy

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    I probably will as well. I say probably because I won't be re-grinding lines, I won't be using FXP or P2W, and the moment I feel the game is unbalanced because of this stupid idea I will be gone as well.