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  1. Glamorboy

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    In before the lock (permanent lock...)
  2. Glamorboy

    Taking break

    Wisdom or sunk cost fallacy? The number of games being played and participation nose diving in what seems to be in response to these types of ships. Participation levels at the point where it could not sustain two random battle modes and is starting to struggle with just 1 random battle mode. I believe WG has chained themselves to CV's/ subs even if it drags them down to the depths of oblivion.
  3. This is the exact reason you NEED to angle to JB's guns. If you are showing too much broadside, he can penetrate your citadel. By maintaining an angle of less then 30 degrees (or even less, more to follow..) you do not let him citadel you. OP: If you had an angle of say 26-29 degrees, and wonder how is it possible he dev struck you, look up the "A Cute Angle" video from Ducky Shot. Informative video on how you may not be safe even under 30 degree angle.
  4. Glamorboy

    Taking break

    Significantly slowed how many games I'm playing myself. It seems may are doing the same thing. Unfortunately I don't think another random mode would be viable. It looks like the number of total games played has (is) taken a huge nosedive. We are already starting to see the side effects of the MM struggling and putting out an increasing number of "weird" games. Putting in a new game mode of randoms with no subs/CV's would make the other random matches unplayable. The solution is seems, is to capitalize monetarily in the next few years and churn out as many ships as possible, and address the lack of players by bringing in cross server MM games. If they combine all the players world wide it would certainly extend the life of the game by a couple years imo.
  5. Glamorboy

    Is This For Real !!!

    So my question, that I don't understand is what is this other thing? I gather you feel it is bad, but I question why? Your Q: Why is it fair? A: often times games like WG (and WG included) offer free mechanics that take more time, and monetary mechanics that reduce (or eliminate) the time. Fair is subjective, I'll leave that individuals to decide for themselves, however, from premium time, premium ships, doubloon to FXP conversion, crates, etc. this only another example of their monetization strategy from day 1. In fact, it is such a core concept of this game, this is what leads me to question what your issue is.
  6. Glamorboy

    Is This For Real !!!

    It's quite possible that people haven't spent much time at all grinding tech tree lines. Buy doubloons, buy free XP, buy a tech tree ship. This seems to bypass some steps but the result is the same, money turns into tech tree ship. I hope these ships do not have something special to them. Power creep is real, and it hurts the game. Are you upset because you want the camo? Camo is useless now, so help me out on the issue? The only issue I see, is that there are people in this world willing to fork over actual dollars for this.
  7. Glamorboy

    21st Clan Battles Season "Cachalot

    The ship restrictions is a hot confusing mess. It takes far less time to figure out effective line-ups from the hot mess, then to balance the game competitively with the hot mess of OP & hybrid ships. So such will be life.
  8. This has nothing to do with the discussion. Please stay on topic
  9. Glamorboy

    Yeah ok , I've seen enough to know.

    The fix to this is obviously more standard battles. The spreadsheet will show game length as just as long as before. Or they could address fundamental game issues. Guess which route WG went with.
  10. Seems like one issue to me. WG. They simply go against the wishes/desires of the majority of the playerbase. Whether it's subs, economy re-work, CV feedback, etc.
  11. Glamorboy

    Clan Battles: Cachalot Season

    Where you end up from the last season will dictate where you start this season. Typhoon clans start in Squall 1 I think, whereas many other clans will start in Squall 2 or 3. This way a normal squall clan will start at Squall 3 99 and not have to face o7 right off the bat. However, if you ended up higher, your first few games might be against tougher opponents. The first week a lot of clans are clumped together though. After a week the better clans are in Gale or even into Storm. So, if you find the matchups pretty tough and unfair, I'd suggest take the first week off.
  12. Just wanted to say I really appreciate the effort! Was just talking to a clan mate yesterday, the number of random games played in a month would seem to me as the best indicator of the health of this game and the reception of new mechanics (both positive and negative). I don't think this data gets the traction it deserves.
  13. Glamorboy

    Guns not shooting

    It happened to me yesterday. I was attempting to put my ASW planes onto a sub. When it wouldn't work, (nor would my guns fire), I clicked on the minimap and the ASW/guns worked again. Needless to say, I missed my opportunity to cause damage to the sub...
  14. Glamorboy

    The 1%ers and CV/Subs

    So you wouldn't want people with in-depth knowledge and ability with the game, inputting game design. It's an opinion I guess. Everyone is entitled to one...
  15. Just in a match. Main Battery would not shoot. Should probably look into that.. Force restarting the game made the guns work again. Not ideal.