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  1. Great poll, thanks +1! Just wondering, did the respondents feel that they HAD to pick 3 selections on which ships were good for competitive play? Or perhaps the questions changed from which ships are the strongest (thus indicating a rank system of all ships, even if only 1 or 2 boats are viable), to which ships are viable for competitive play. As an example, while you could play a Stalingrad in comp play, I doubt any top 100 clan would use a Stalingrad over Moskva if both are available. This changed dramatically after the captain skill rework as balance changes, the meta changed.
  2. Glamorboy

    Clan Battles Season 17

    A) is a laughable response. If this is supposed to be a competitive mode, you won't be very competitive without. It would be like taking T9's in a T10 CB season...
  3. Glamorboy

    People quitting the game

    Feb-Mar 2019 - server population around 13.5k, going down to 12k in Aug. Starts climbing up, May 2020 18k. Starts trending down since then, currently we are at about 12k. Numbers are different, but trends look the same on EU. 12k is 2/3 of 18K, thus a loss of 1/3 (rough estimate..) I'm not suggesting CV's and Subs are the only two issues. In fact, there is quite the list of times that WG did not listen to the majority of their player base.
  4. Glamorboy

    People quitting the game

    Interesting stats, thanks! You can certainly see the steady decline after the CV rework (Feb 2019), and taking almost a year to regain those losses. You can also see population trending down over the last couple years. Almost 1/3 of the players lost in the last two years. We are pretty much where we were after the CV rework. It's almost like when the vast majority of players complained after the CV's, or after the sub's... they might have actually been on to something..
  5. Glamorboy

    how super CV's troll the CV rework.

    @El2aZeR could probably explain this better. The old RTS CV was not invulnerable. It could easily be de-planed (lose all capacity to function) by a superior CV player who used their fighters better. Or if you screwed up and went near an AA Cruiser with DFAA. Unless you were the very top of the skill food chain, this was always a possibility. CV's now, especially the super CV's have no issues or worries. They don't/can't run out of planes or be effectively de-planed. (I guess maybe, maybe the bottom 10% of CV drivers could be somewhat deplaned?) There are two limits to the amount of damage and kills to the super CV's. Just two limits. 1. Running out of targets, 2. Time, when the game ends early. It is almost a co-op game for a super CV driver. A rat race to out nuke the other super CV. No concern or issues with AA. No thoughts of target selection. Very little thought of plane rotation. As I said, El2azer might explain better, but in the hands of any somewhat capable CV player (like PR below average or even bad and higher) you really are not concerned at all about the other 11 ships affecting your gameplay at all. You just hope your game or targets don't run out before 200k and probably a couple kills.
  6. Glamorboy

    how super CV's troll the CV rework.

    One of the issues with the old RTS CV's, was that in the hands of the very elite players, there was such a drastic effect on the game. These players could dominate like no other ship. Now with the addition of super CV's, we have surpassed even those absurd levels. As far as little to no experience, I played the Eagle for 1 game. Just 1. I'm a good player, but hadn't played CV's in awhile before that match (only play them before they are needed in Clan Battles). So no experience in that boat, with some considerable rust showing. I actually missed a bunch of runs getting used to some of the jets, etc. As you can see.. stupidly high levels of dmg, influence, etc. Thanks for posting those comparisons! As you can see and point out, super CV's are outperforming the pre-rework CV's. So if we re-worked the CV's to bring their game influence down, are we not back in the same place? (or worse). Even the Nakhimov was surpassing some of the old RTS CV influence and numbers, and CV's are worse. +20K damage (in the hands of the average player) is not an insignificant increase. Especially if its 20% higher than the CV's they thought they needed a re-work due to their influence!!!
  7. Glamorboy

    Just a shame...

    I said what I said. So you choose option 3 I see.
  8. Remember how some of the objectives of the CV re-work (oh so long ago) was to try to limit the effectiveness of CV's and their game influence? They did succeed in that more people can play these ships, and that before, and enemy CV or AA boat could shut them down. Now anyone can play them and average stupid crazy high levels of game influence with little to no experience!! (and without having any ship or player actually effect their gameplay and game influence!) Attached is a couple pictures of the USA and the Hak pre rework. Try to guess which one is which. *hint, the even deeper shades of purple belong to the new ship..
  9. Glamorboy

    Just a shame...

    Team support in random, at any point in time in this game, does NOT actually exist. Prior to the introduction of super CV's and subs, players could play any ship/class, and their skill would largely determine their success rate. Today's random meta is dominated by superships, CV's, subs, that often have a unicum on one team, and some dude with 14 total games trying out a T10 sub (even better when they could try out the super CV's..). Sure, that problem has always existed, but the crazy, and I mean crazy off the wall, game influence and potential of super CV's/subs makes most other players muted and irrelevant. The FDR seemed broken and OP in randoms. So they nerfed it. And then they released the Nakhimov which is far worse. Then they released two super CV's, which took a big ole dump on the Nak and the entire playerbase. Remember when the CV re-work just happened, and the Hak was stupid OP and 500K+ games happened, and the game population went nuts? Well, now its only 450K+.. and it seems like these ships are in every dang game... So that leaves three choices for the good players. Play these OP ships that ruin the game and exasperate the problems, be PO'd and leave the game, or be the punching bag with little to zero recourse. FUN & ENGAGING!
  10. I mean, good job, its a heck of a job getting 11 kills for sure. But there was 1 human player on the other team and 11 bots. This was basically a co-op game. In fact, better than a co-op game because at least then you're in a race against the other humans on your team. The other human player got 8 kills.. so with the state of bots these days, it basically boiled down to which human kill who and got the reward to kill a few more remaining bots.
  11. Glamorboy

    So…the Delny is a mystery to me.

    +10% speed on the Delny, better armor, and extra heal, +10% health. The Delny has some advantages over the Groz. Sure the Groz does have better DPM (a little less than +20%), better concealment, but it does trade survivability. If you are using it as an open water gun boat, +health, armor, speed, +1km range is better than the DPM increase, and concealment goes out the window when you are firing. As far as comparing to the Kleber, well, there is a reason it has been banned from KotS, Clan Battles, etc. It is a good boat. But again, even it trades a lot of survivability. Of course, it has crazy stupid levels of burst damage (which makes it banned..), but I believe the Marceau has far better DPM. In the right hands, and in the right division (or clan battle/kots team) the Kleber can do things other DD's can't.
  12. Glamorboy

    So…the Delny is a mystery to me.

    You are trading a lot for the 2 extra barrels on the Khab. 2km+ on the main gun range, and your torps are almost useless. They are pretty similar, but having useful torpedoes and that extra main gun range which really lets you engage any ship.. I'd take the Delny
  13. Glamorboy

    So…the Delny is a mystery to me.

    The Delny is a fantastic gun boat at T10 (imo). It's playstyle should be similar to the Marceau/Khab but has some advantages/disadvantages. Compared to the Marceau, the Marceau's guns are a little better. They fire slightly faster, two more barrels, which is going to mean about 33% more DPM. Marceau is also slightly faster (better speed boost), a little better concealment, better torp angles. However, the Delny will be a lot more survivable. More HP, and 4 heals means a lot. Her torps also have an extra 1km range with slightly more damage and less reaction time. Her bullets are also slightly faster and less lofty. They play very similar though, a lot of open water gun boating. Speed and maneuverability is roughly the same. Concealment is similar and doesn't matter a lot since you will be gun boating anyways. The extra 1km range on the torps does actually help a fair bit on being able to get torps on target without having to get too close to so they can hit you can. (Ideally you are launching them at 12km and they are sailing towards them). Basically it boils down to the trade of better guns or better survivability. Competitively I would pick the Delny. Living longer means so much.
  14. Glamorboy

    Win rate

    It'll take just over 400 games (410ish) to hit 50% WR IF you are playing at a 60% WR skill level. Truly, it doesn't, nor shouldn't matter how long it takes. The end result will take care of itself when you take care of getting to an elite level. Take care of the pennies and the dollars take care of themselves!! I believe I responded to you on some tips on how to get better after analyzing you stats. Map positioning, main gun accuracy were things to really work on. Des Moines will prove invaluable in learning marksmanship. You get 6 broadsides for every 1 a BB would shoot. Map positioning was even more important. Nothing teaches map positioning like a DD. Too many people have no clue how to play a good DD though. Take the time to read some guides or watch some videos. Always be playing in/around the cap, and always focus on surviving. It's truly a tough task but if you can master that, it really applies to the other classes. Keep in mind though, surviving is ALWAYS job #1. Job #2 is cap control, denial, and playing on the edge.
  15. Glamorboy

    Actually effective AA?

    by wise CV do you mean experienced and capable? In which case, a wise CV simply dodges your flak, laughs as he loses a couple planes due to continuous damage, still get his full strike in, and cycle his planes so he never runs out. If you spec for AA, you are spec'd for failure.