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  1. Somewhere between 7.1 and 4km you will regret this decision.
  2. Glamorboy

    Karma may not matter, but sometimes it feels so right

    I thought we were supposed to treat karma as a consumable. After I get to 30+ I have free license to tell idiots to STHU when they bark at me. When I dip back down into the low 20's, I generally feel better.
  3. Glamorboy

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    What I saw in CB season, was that a lot of Gale and Squall teams ran a BB. Hurricane and Typhoon ran a CV (specifically the Hak). Storm was a mix, but generally leaned towards the Hak as well. A bad team with a BB would beat a bad team with a CV, but a good team with a BB would lose to a good team with a CV. I whole heartily agree that CV's shouldn't be in CB's. But I doubt a boycott would work because the majority of teams and players are in Squall and Gale and didn't take a CV anyways. As a leader of a clan that played 1000+ games in the season, (perhaps the most of all clans), I will bring this up, not sure how it will go.
  4. For point #1, I have never understand why this mechanic is in the game for boats or planes. Why does a boat know they are detected when they themselves cannot detect anyone? So I agree, but in the sense that it should leave the game for everyone, not just planes. For point #3, I have always thought that Rocket planes should go entirely. Yes it is tougher to kill DD's by torps or bombs, but not impossible. But it makes it tough enough that CV's will start focusing on what they should be focusing on which is bigger capital ships. In a game mechanic of rock, paper, scissors, (or infantry, cavalry, artillery) etc. the CV carries all 3.
  5. Glamorboy

    Sub Rental Removed...now what?

    lol, +1 to both of you, love it!
  6. I don't agree with a bunch of what the OP says (killing the player base, etc) BUT! If they really wanted more even distribution across the tiers they would reduce MM to +/- 1. I love some of the lower tiers, but I don't want to play against +2 tiers, so I don't. I'm not whining about it, I just don't do it. I hate the idea of the RB because of it. So I play mostly TX. The whole idea of +/- 2 tiers is to force players to try to keep grinding and playing so they can be top tier and not have to deal with it. So they (WG) really shouldn't bemoan when players don't want to play tiers other than T10.
  7. Glamorboy

    Make secondaries awesome!

    Not sure you understand what I'm saying. If you used to hit 8 shells out of 100 at 8km, but now hit only 4-6 shells out of 100 at 8km, and 2 shells out of 100 at 12km, it is still the same amount of damage. (again im throwing simple numbers out here as it seems some peeps dont understand. The area of the circle etc comes into play but I'm being simplistic purposely.) If you average 15k damage now, you tweak the hit % so even though your guns are firing at 15km, you still average the SAME damage.
  8. Glamorboy

    Rocket Planes out of control

    Part of this doesn't make sense. (put in bold) If a CV is overpowered (which I agree they are), then a good CV driver will have a greater effect on Win Rate, and a bad CV driver will have a worse WR then his other ships. Playing an OP class that allows a bad player to survive longer would increase their average damage, average kills, average PR, but would lower their average WR.
  9. Glamorboy

    Make secondaries awesome!

    lol, +1, yeah sometimes I shake my head on how utterly horrid a secondary shot is. If they kept the hit% the same, but at least closed the circle up so that shots only miss by a couple km's, it would make me feel better as well. There are some truly awful shots that happen. As for your second sentence, that's basically what I want. I want my secondaries blazing away all the time even though they will basically be fireworks. Because fireworks is better than no fireworks.
  10. Glamorboy

    Make secondaries awesome!

    Again, not trying to increase the power or upset the balance of BB's. I am suggesting you keep the average damage of secondaries the same by reducing the hit % of guns, but increase the range dramatically. So if at 5km, a secondary hits with 20% accuracy, maybe it is reduced to 15%, at 10km they hit at 5%, maybe is reduced to 3%, but at 15km they have a 1%. (I'm just throwing numbers at the board here, someone with a spreadsheet will know what the actual numbers are)
  11. What BB driver doesn't love having all this secondaries blazing away? 12km secondaries on ALL BB's should be standard (or more if you captain/module spec that way). Balance it by making them hit less (I'm not suggesting BB's need to be more powerful). From the Monty to the Conq, and obviously make the GKF the best, I just want to see these guns hammering away. WG, make it so!
  12. Glamorboy

    Training Room limits

    Last night I was saddened to discover that they limit the number of CV's in training rooms to 3. I get normally this probably wouldn't be an issue, but I was going to attempt to organize a Battle of Midway scenario for my clan mates. It's the training room, who cares if there are 4 or 5 or 8 CV's per side. Why does WG limit us so?
  13. Some good advice here. Main theme is cap when you know you can safely. Capping is meant as a sign that your team can control that area. If you can't cap safely you have no business going in there. Typically I skirt the 2km just inside a cruisers radar range and be in a position to turn and run if he uses it. 12km radar means I am generally safer from the enemy ships. It's harder to hit a DD sailing away from you and weaving at 10-12km then it is at 8-10km (if I'm facing USN radar). So my ability to survive goes up slightly, but I acknowledge my effectiveness goes down slightly as being an extra 2km away means my torps are slightly less likely to hit, sometimes a ship may get concealment, etc. Being caught in radar should never be a surprise death sentence. You see the radar ships before they see you. Be in a position to escape and if you go inside that radar range, always be prepared to use that escape plan. Hope all this helps
  14. Glamorboy

    Rocket Planes out of control

    I think the reason for rocket planes is more so because with only one striking drop at a time it became very hard for a cv to hit a dd with torps. - Yes it would be, but why does it need to be easy? A Shima is going to have a very tough time killing a Des Moines 1v1, a Des Moines is going to have a very tough time killing a Kremlin 1v1, but a CV can excel at killing the Shima (rockets), DM (AP bombs), and Kremlin (torps). That is fair? Both torps and bombs are not too easy to land on dd's so cv's needed something to protect themselves vs a rushing dd. especially with all the gunboats in the game today. - Isn't this is what team work is about? Careful positioning, putting some cruisers between you and the DD. Look at the Sub implementation, only some boats will have ASW, the others will rely on those boats to protect them. The DD who runs all the around the map to hunt the enemy CV is generally a waste anyways. And if he runs up the middle your team only has themselves to blame. The rocket plane is an effective counter measure. However it's a little too effective. - Or just use your torps (if IJN) or DB's if USN. This is exactly the type of efficiency they should have, hard, but not impossible.
  15. Glamorboy

    Rocket Planes out of control

    I think this post took a U-turn on the first page. I'm not defending CV's, just pointing out that most people really don't know how to frustrate CV's and extend their own lifetime to mitigate the enemies (usually) best weapon. In a game of rock paper scissors, (BB>CA>DD>BB) the rockets allow the CV to have the best tool to handle all 3 classes, and they don't need to. The idea that CV players get mad at the suggestion they may have to use torps or dive bombers on DD's, and that would make their life hard, is laughable. They don't need to excel at killing all types of ships. As a part time CV player, I encourage the removal of rockets from the game.