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  1. Yep that's right. This game is all about the DD. Its funny how a DD can destroy with all its Torp. But then a full heat solvo on them can't destroy them. At least i never had one. Its also amazing that you can't see them 4k away. I must be blind.
  2. FrozenFinger


    Just want to again thank you war gamin gfor the wonderful matchmaking I experienced again today. Nothing but 6 losses in a row.
  3. FrozenFinger


    Is war gaming working on the matchmaking or are they not?? This was a very close match.
  4. FrozenFinger

    Update 0.7.9 - General Performance and Feedback

    Yeah, Can you please turn down the fire power of Destroyers. I just love how a Destroyer can run you down and keep shooting heat at you and take 3/4 of your health away before you get 2 shot off on him.
  5. FrozenFinger

    Matchmaking update

    Like to know when war gaming is going to give me a win. just went 0 for 7. O wait i don't pay. i play for free. that's why. sry my bad.
  6. FrozenFinger

    Can't win

    yeah but whats the point. put them on its a lose. leave mm off its a win.
  7. FrozenFinger

    Can't win

    [edited] it....just did 2 more battles 0 for 7. going to bed.
  8. FrozenFinger

    Can't win

    And this is why i don't pay to play. Can't win just did 5 battles. So sick and tiered of putting on camo, special flags after each battle. Whats the use in using them when they go away the next battle. Can't win why aply that stuff. Don't no just frastrated. I see i toppic on why i hate this game. But can't find it.