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  1. Funnily enough, CV divisions in early CV MM punished people who did this. Taihos would be matched against Hakuryu and Midway. Unfortunately, so would Langley's being matched against Midway. It happened enough that tweaked it some more.. The problem is hard forced CV MM which overrides normal MM rules, allowing the CV to be the anchor, instead of just treating it as the highest tier ship in the div and matching like that.
  2. Old islands of ice needs to be returned.
  3. Alot of them are playing Clam Wars. They find it "fun." I usually stick around t7. Tier 10 is far too cancerous with AA power creep and the fact that potatoes are so bad that I often cannot carry hard enough.
  4. Yes Finally Got Me A Kraken

  5. Sudden Citadel is Now Recruiting

    Doesnt help that you arent looking for them or recruiting them
  6. Sudden Citadel is Now Recruiting

    While I wish you the best of luck, if you aren't going to do KOTS. That actually limits your potential member pool.
  7. The OP specifically stated that he was angled against 3 BBs in his DM.
  8. Turns out that a ship with DFAA on cooldown and being angled against THREE other ships, is vulnerable to AP bombs! WoW! Teamwork is overpowered! Next you might claim that you should be immune to carriers, and god forbid you fight a counter.
  9. Man I am glad I dont do clan wars. If there were CVs, a clan with members like this wouldnt make it out of squall league or whatever.
  10. Italian aircraft carriers

    As much as I would adore the sight of Italian carriers. WG fails with CVs at every point so badly that I don't want them working on it
  11. Who have you seen in game

    Missed the point of my response completely. 1/10 Apply yourself.