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  1. @PulicatLol of course its you writing a book that will be ignored by the devs. But I'm just gonna point out that alot of your problems with carriers lay solely on the feet of WG refusing to actually fix them since alpha. If they copied Steel Ocean, made AA actually player controlled and didn't hamstring CV players with terrible mechanics, the game would be better for everyone. Also skill based MM cant exist in a game like WoWs where their entire game is designed around RNG and randoms. There is a mile long list of things WG could have done and didn't do. But that doesn't matter anymore really. Rumor mill states that this rework was put out due to a head exec ordering it. I imagine after it, said exec won't have a head. We should play Vermintide sometime after 8.0 on steam together. The first week or so will be a hand basket of crazy.
  2. Anumati

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    I'm sure your genius outpaces us all.
  3. Anumati

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    Sorry mate, not happening. I wish it wasn't, but its the way its going to be due to a WG exec demanding it. You only really have to worry about t8 and t10 CVs though. t4 CVs are terrible and t6 ones are okayish. Enjoy it while you can, soon there will probably be 2-3 Midways per game on opening day.
  4. Anumati

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    Nothing is stopping this from happening? What? You thought DDs would be able to get their cake and eat it too? No, you got BB AP changed, now here is the counter.
  5. Anumati

    Logic and the CV rework

    Uhh dude. 55k is absolutely terrible damage.
  6. Then he blames everyone except himself.
  7. Except you can though. You just don't know how to.
  8. Just gonna point out that while AA should be stronger than it is on the PTS. It will never be overpowered like it is now.
  9. WG has specifically stated they want to push out the rework and get premium CVs back into the shop.
  10. Bad players blame CV players because they don't want to accept that they made mistakes.
  11. Anumati

    WoWS Dev Blog: New CV Gameplay Coming With 0.8.0

    300-330 knot DD with no way to stop or kill it.
  12. Anumati

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    People are getting the rework they asked for. Anyone who thinks its a nerf to CVs like Midway are going to learn really quick what it can do in the right hands.
  13. Oh yeah its hilarious playing Midway. Every single CV sucks except for t10, and the t10 CVs are blatantly overpowered. Some of the planes easy capable of breaking the sound barrier with how fast they can go. Nothing is changing with the rework. T10 CVs will be king even more now, bad players will get farmed, DDs will get blapped and everyone will whine about CVs. Oh except there are 2-3 Midways per side again.