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  1. As per WG's head balance dev. "Nope." They are dismissive and think you are too stupid for anything other than the current iteration of AA.
  2. Anumati

    Trial by combat

    1v1 me as well.
  3. "They're not sending their best."
  4. You bring a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink.
  5. Do you have a mental blockage? No, this is entirely WG's doing.
  6. You expect them to think things through at this point?
  7. @NoZoupForYou Maybe they will get it right in 8.6? Players will not be happy until CVs cannot hurt them anymore. People who listened to them shot themselves in the foot. I hate to be negative, but this was all predicted and WG still can't see see the forest for the trees. AA is too strong, planes are made of paper and we have captains that think they should be immune to a class with no effort. Thanks @Notser , your wooster video was enlightening of how much you want AA to be overbuffed. This is acceptable? Glad I uninstalled weeks ago.
  8. "Nah" --- Edit: CVs got nerfed and alot of your points are just factually wrong. You got the rework everyone was begging for, just let it happen.
  9. Anumati

    CV line balans...

    Use TBs to hit Hak. Yeah I know, having only 1 way to hurt it while it has massive amounts of AA ontop of masses of fighters.
  10. Anumati

    Another carrier thread...

    Because if you stopped and read what people are saying. Its affecting more than just carrier players.
  11. Really the only thing you can do is just scream at the developers to fix it. Scream loud and hard and then just stop playing.
  12. Anumati

    is this a joke?

    DON'T YOU HAVE A PHONE!? Try WoWs blitz for the new iPhone and Android or the true WoWs™ experience. ./sarcasm
  13. Yeah thats one of my gripes. Jesus christ and the lord in heaven above what have they done to CV damage. I didn't think they would put it out to live this badly.
  14. Anumati

    Give WG some time on the CV rework.

    They have had over 2 years to make a CV rework. They rushed this out in less than 5 months with 3 barely playable TST client things. A PTS which didn't simulate a high AA environment and tweaking that doesn't fix anything.
  15. No, less impact for now.