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  1. Who have you seen in game

    Missed the point of my response completely. 1/10 Apply yourself.
  2. Who have you seen in game

    Mate you insulted a good DM player who was going to die fighting a BB. Acted like an idiot and gloated about kill stealing said DM. Then I proceeded to kill you because you stopped in smoke. Our DM had barely any plane kills and your CV died to an Asashio. You made mistakes and dont want to admit that which is fine. Just dont go blaming people for your mistakes and bad play.
  3. Every single major USN CV nerf has been because of midway. I have no idea why the devs have such a hard on for the ship and hating it. But as of right now, there is no point in playing Midway compared to Hakuryu.
  4. WG absolutely hates USN CVs. They aren't allowed to be better than their counterpart.
  5. "Thats nice dear." Really? Look, Puli won the NA KOTS and is one of the best players on the server. He literally is one of the best sources for KOTS standards and what works. He gave a blunt and honest answer that wasn't nice but its intention was give an actual in depth reasoning as to how and why he wouldn't be selected. Vague "its not in the stats shown" will not get you onto a KOTS team, let alone one that has a dream at being competitive.
  6. You should check my signature.
  7. Pulicat did it out of altruism for him to improve himself and see his flaws. He literally won the last KOTS on NA. After seeing the OP's attitude, why would anyone want him on their team?
  8. Look guys, Pulicat is one of the best players on the server and he was trying to help by being honest. Deriding him for giving you the truth is one of the dumbest things you can do. You cannot ignore reality and consequences.
  9. File a ticket? That would be quite frustrating.
  10. It actually used to be like this. They removed it because of potatos.
  11. clan wars new idea(supremacy)

    If there aren't enough CV players to go around, that might mean you have to actually learn how to play them.
  12. They aren't the brightest bulbs.