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  1. While I will gladly enjoy any CV rework and give feedback. You've completely altered how carriers work to the point of me probably wanting a full refund in USD. I don't want or need any WG funny money. I will get my refund if this is a failure.
  2. Anumati

    AP Bombs are WAY too OP...

    BB player complains that DBs can hurt him. Is fine with 1 shotting cruisers and DDs off the map. Smells like hypocrisy.
  3. CV population will spike; Then drop like a rock, maybe a little higher than what it is now, then slowly level off over time. Turns out people might not want to play a super dumbed down version on WoWp. They can fix the RTS, they just didn't try.
  4. Anumati

    Worcerster a little OP

    Its flat out OP. Don't try to say otherwise.
  5. Anumati

    3month Hiatus from CV opinion

    The playerbase is terrible on average and expects you to wipe them after they finish in the bathroom and then wash their hands for them. This is partially why I have such a disdain for them compared to your wondering. You want AA reworked so it doesn't instantly delete your planes on the approach? The amount of players whining and complaining will engulf the server like a tidal wave of salt. People cry out for a CV rework thinking that its going to magically stop them from being bombed yet understand nothing. WG won't actually fix the problems you have presented.
  6. You are quite late to the party bruv. Did you miss the part with the Big E debacle and Graf Zep problems.
  7. Anumati

    The T8-T10 elephant in the room

    While I may normally disagree with you, this is something I've told others who scoffed at me but don't seem to get it. The firepower outpaces the defense far too much. Irionically in this regard, CVs only get tougher, their firepower doesn't increase all that much in comparison to the straight jumps ships get. If you want to actually fix t10, you would literally have to rework the entire damage system and or hard nerf literally everything in some form or another.
  8. They aren't effective enough. No t9/t10 BB is afraid of AP bombs. They may take 20k at most with 14 of 14 bomb hits, but really, 2 HE squadrons could hit for 5-20k and start 2-3 fires, doing more damage and knocking out AA mounts for the TBs. AP bombs are too effective on cruisers, while not effective enough on BBs. They should be doing 70-80k unironically on a t10 BB on a perfect bombing run, otherwise they aren't worth it and you can get more mileage with HE bombers when hitting BBs. Personally I run AP bombs to bully cruisers while using TBs for BBs. I also run in nothing but t10 fishing divisions with CVs, so my opinion is biased, but I feel that I have a good grasp on this.
  9. Funnily enough, CV divisions in early CV MM punished people who did this. Taihos would be matched against Hakuryu and Midway. Unfortunately, so would Langley's being matched against Midway. It happened enough that tweaked it some more.. The problem is hard forced CV MM which overrides normal MM rules, allowing the CV to be the anchor, instead of just treating it as the highest tier ship in the div and matching like that.
  10. Anumati

    Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Very informative review mouse.
  11. Anumati

    Make all maps available to high tiers

    Old islands of ice needs to be returned.
  12. Alot of them are playing Clam Wars. They find it "fun." I usually stick around t7. Tier 10 is far too cancerous with AA power creep and the fact that potatoes are so bad that I often cannot carry hard enough.
  13. Anumati

    Yes Finally Got Me A Kraken