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  1. @NoZoupForYou For once I'm gonna agree with you. Personally I have no dog in this fight, I'm terrible at IJN DDs and have no urge to play them. On the other hand I've been at the mercy of a good IJN DD player so I can understand where they are coming from when people scream about walls of cancer. As it stands IJN DDs are pretty bad overall. Asashio is a step in the right direction I agree, but the limited target selection is bad and is what ruins AP DBs on USN CVs. Ontop of a t10 CV using t8 weaponry.. FFS WG. They could probably code it so that cruisers take maybe 1/4 or 1/5 of the stated DWT torpedo damage per hit. So they could "tank" the torp hits easier than a BB. Might make it more viable to run DWT This could be the buff IJN DDs need to be honest. They are simply too easy to negate or out perform otherwise with other ships. Also it means that the average player might start defaulting to hydro now instead of DFAA. ;) So I guess that is a dog in the fight. Release her with some tweaks and force people to take hydro or vigilance. No more AA builds with no downsides. Make IJN DDs great again.
  2. Never give up. Fight like a cornered Tiger whenever the odds are stacked against you. Die standing and make them work for a victory. Also make sure to bring div mates. Those games can still be won if your 3 man div plays correctly.
  3. You missed the point of what he was saying completely if you think that's what he was equating to. Read and try again.
  4. T5 CVs Should Not See T6 CVs

    WG's stated reason: "Its okay because you have a t6 CV on your team too." Its a dumb thing and shouldn't happen. I was playing Indy last night to seal club and in the midst of bullying t8s, I came across the occasional t5 CV dragged against me. Its just a 1 sided slaughter and shouldn't even exist. In fact double CV matches should be removed period, not just at t8 and above.
  5. I like how no one really counters the arguments Pulicat puts forth.
  6. how does one have 24% WR?

    Turns out forced CV MM is a bad thing. Who would have guessed.
  7. Try not to use AP bombs. Not because they aren't reliable, quite the opposite. Use HE bombs and learn to stack DoTs. AP bombs rely on MM being nice to you and for the most part you should focus on supporting your team whenever possible. But if you must know. T7-9 KM BB French cruisers USN t10 CA RU t10 CA 15k+ On Hindenburg if you aim for the right spot 30k+ On mino if you aim for the right spot. Edit. Oh yeah Roma. Thats about it. Everything else will do practically almost no damage or maybe 10-15k on BBs. Meanwhile on HE bombs you can hit everything, if not unreliably while starting fires and breaking their back.
  8. I finally did it!

    Congratulations. One should always focus on improving themselves.
  9. Thank you for having reading comprehension. You get a gold star.
  10. AP or HE bomb on midway?

    Midway still can easily beat a 2/3/3 Hak in the air. The nerf to its fighters didnt solve the issue of Hakuryu having no extra strike power to counter the fact that Midway has equal or better fighters still along with good strike power. Hakuryu is limited by its hangar. It has t10 plane HP/speed. But smaller squadrons means that AA is stronger against it. Its TBs are reliable but the HE DBs are chip damage and only used for fire. Unlike USN which does damage and cause massive amounts of fies. The problem lies with 4/2/2 Hakuryu being able to wipe the floor with Midway and WG making this balance change because 2/3/3 loses to Midway. So knowing WG, what happened was some dev played Hakuryu on RU and lost to Midway and this change was pushed through quick enough.
  11. Uh huh. Well you absorbed nothing and understood nothing. Continuing here solves nothing.
  12. You are missing the point completely. You and your team pointed that he was bad. It does not matter if he bad or not. Your team did nothing to act as a team and try to win. Infact they did everything but try to win. There are 11 other people per team besides the CV at t10. If none of you act like there is a CV in game, it does not matter what level the CV players are. You are going to lose.